How is the fat body defined now? In fact, many people will fall into a misunderstanding. Dressing a little bit fleshy, they will feel fat. To be honest, it is actually the principle of fitting without learning, especially the reasons for learning the skills of long -term and shortcoming.

And this error often appears on pear -shaped girls, especially when choosing the clothing of the lower body. Although it will not choose a tight style, the loose bottom is not selected to compare tightly, especially in the summer of all kinds of half bodies in the summer. Do you choose skirts? The following editors teach pear -shaped girls to choose a half skirt, and her legs are still ten pounds.

What is a pear -shaped girl?

The overall weight of the pear -shaped girl is not fat, and there is even a thin weight. The reason why the clothes are not good -looking are just because of the uneven distribution of the upper and lower bodies, so there will be 90 pounds in the upper body, and the lower body looks 120 120 Jack of vision. Especially the gap between the waist and the crotch exceeds 5cm or more, which is a typical pear -shaped figure.


Features of pear -shaped figures:

The cause of this pear -shaped body has a skeleton, and there are also sitting in the later period. In addition, the flaws of the legs are very obvious. There are usually two cases. The outside of the thigh is protruding, the outside of the calf is protruding, or a wide hip fat. In this way, we must pay special attention to the style and version.

Pirid girls come here: Teach you how to dress correctly

Girls with this figure are not without advantages. Grasp their advantages, cover the shortcomings, and make them wear a beautiful scenery.

√ Body advantages: slender waist

The waist of the pear -shaped girl is very thin. This advantage should be boldly displayed. You can use a short top to wear a navel dress to improve the waistline visual, and to make it more personalized.


× Body disadvantage: lower body obesity

For the problem of obesity of the lower body, learn to learn




When a single piece of clothes can not be able to modify the buttocks and crotch, then choose a jacket to superimply modify. The suit is an excellent item that the pear -shaped girl can consider. The waist ratio increases.

▲ Dress formula: V -shaped top+lower body short dress

For pear -shaped girls, the advantage of the upper body is very large, so the V -type collar top can outline the perfect curve. The lower body uses a short dress to be more advantageous than the long. Perfect, especially small girls, show high effects.

Pear -shaped girls wearing half skirts and learned to be so picky:





The advantages and disadvantages, and the way of dressing has a preliminary understanding, so how to wear a skirt that everyone loves this summer? Start from the material and style.

1. Material articles

× fabric hard material


When a pear -shaped girl chooses the skirt, the fabric is not optional, such as linen and cortex. This straight line cannot cover the shortcomings of the figure, but it will make it rigid, and the visual will extend vertically.


× knitted skirt

Knitted products have been hot in recent years. It is soft and elastic on the fabric, especially the temperamental beauty, and knitted skirts are even more popular. However, for pear -shaped girls, knitted skirts are absolutely necessary to wear, and it goes on the curve of the body, so all the obesity problems in the lower body will be highlighted. No matter how good the material is, it will also reduce the quality.

√ Ice silk material

Ice silk material is an excellent item for pear -shaped girls to cover meat. This material is thin and soft, and it will not change because of the shape, but it will not look like a rigid material with hard fabric materials. Especially in summer, the material of wearing ice is refreshing.

✓ satin material

The satin skirt is similar to the fabric of the ice silk skirt, but the gloss of the entire skirt is higher, so the high -level sense is more prosperous. In addition, the thinness is absolute, creating an elegant French romance. Even a white T -shirt can be matched with satin skirts, which can create the most graded dress. It is naturally lazy but beautiful.

2. Style design articles

Of course I know what kind of clothes I am suitable for, the design of the skirt itself is very important,

Especially the length and the version of the skirt are very critical


√ Applicable length: above the knee and the ankle above the calf belly


As long as the length is grasped in two types, the length of the skirt in the middle is the sign of the fat and shortness in the middle, or the short model is either long or long, which is best for leg modification.


The comparison of the two groups above can see the differences in skirts of different design of the same material, so when wearing a skirt,

The skirt design is not heavy, simple and smooth and popular

× lightning protection: straight skirt


The straight skirt is suitable for thin girls, but it will never be suitable for pear -shaped girls. Its straight lines cannot be modified



The part may become more bloated. Especially the crotch and hips are even more obese.

Solution: Soft, hard, medium fabric+line design

If the pear -shaped girl wants to wear a straight skirt, there are methods and strategies. Starting from the moderate fabrics of the hard and hard, because it is too soft, there is no straight skirt. It is too hard and exposed.


Cotton, denim

It will be all right. Add a strong line design to the skirt surface, extending the length, especially on the side of the skirt, weaken the protruding feeling of the hips and the crotch.

Recommended 1: Switch skirt

Stitching the skirt to increase the design of the entire skirt without worrying about being fat. The stitching of two materials can be used, or the stitching of different patterns can be used. Selecting needs to be determined according to its own style.


PS: Don’t half of the stitching, it’s best to present three -one points

The half of the stitching for the body is not obvious, and it is not fashionable. The difference between the two stitches and less, such as two -thirds of the plaid design plus one -third of the solid color design. T -shirt, create a college style.


Recommended 2: Irregular design half -body skirt

The irregular skirt refers to the length of the skirt. It can not only modify the problem of thick legs from the side, but also lengthen the leg line. Of course, the irregular design of this kind of skirt is recommended to use long skirts. If it is short, it will appear too exposed.

Recommended 3: split skirt

The best skirt with legs this year is not satin nor a short pleated skirt, but a split skirt, especially the middle -length split skirt, covering the flesh and thin legs. The length of the skirt just covers the calf belly, only the thinnest part is exposed. In addition, the split design increases the design of the skirt. It also has femininity in elegance, especially the side split on the side. Take it to make your crowd dazzling.

How to wear a skirt for pear -shaped girls, in summary, learn a few ways, and become long legs in seconds!