When it comes to the female star of “if there is a temperament, the years will never be defeated,” the female star

Who do you think of first? Everyone said that the first is Audrey Hepburn printed in Xiaonun’s mind.

Hepburn was beautiful and fashionable when she was young, especially her fashion dressing set off a wave of era, which caused countless people to imitate; and what made Xiao Run moved more

Hepburn looks like in his later years. At that time, even her body was dry and her face was covered with wrinkles.

, But her pure eyes and smiles are still so


Beauty and exciting, especially her old age, dignified and decent, especially suitable for middle -aged and elderly mothers to learn and learn from,

Everyone is wearing it, it is noble and classic.

1. Audrey Hepburn in his old age

(1) Character


Blue plaid thick woolen coat with checkered dress

, Hepburn this set of old age,


Elegant and high -level figure.

The coarse coat is warm on the body to keep the warmth and add elegance


The plaid element is particularly retro, and the blue is high -level, and the slim version has modified the slender waist of Hepben, which makes her look very feminine; the length of the long style is also suitable for her tall figure. Qi field.

In the coat,

Hepburn with a checkered slim dress, exposing a slender calf, thin and attracting eyeballs

; She is also paired with a light -colored checkered handbag for accessories to make the color “deeper and appropriate”, which is advanced and expensive.

Black coat with dark jeans

The intellectual elegance also has a scent of scent.

The short black coat is tall and thin, and it is thin and profitable.

Wool -based skin care and warmth, double -breasted design adds a sense of fashion of single items; Polo shirt inside adds the flavor of age reduction; lower body,

Hepburn with slim jeans to modify her slender legs, making her look particularly tall and temperamental.

She wore tea red glasses and printed silk scarves as accessories, adding a decorative feeling to wear, even if she was thin and thin, she was still very decent.

(2) sweater chapter

White coarse -line -made kravine sweater with small white pants

, Hepburn’s “white” wear,

Fresh and gentle and particularly advanced.

The coarse -wire sweater can add a sense of expansion on the body and modify Hepburn’s dry upper body.

It makes her look lazy and fashionable without losing femininity; high -necked elements are also particularly warm, and wearing it in autumn is particularly practical.

The lower body,

Hepburn with small white pants, echoing the color of the white sweater;

However, the “different materials of the same color” are mixed with the items of the same color, and they look particularly layered; Hepburn raised her hair high and exposed a beautiful bone phase, and the whole person was very delicate.


Mi -white turtleneck sweater in the suit of checkered fabric

Simple and dignified and elegant.

Light coffee plaid suit outer jacket is not outdated on the body.

The H version is neat and tolerant, and the small incense wind fabric adds the swelling feeling of the upper body;

The beige turtleneck sweater with fine dense materials inside is warm and gentle.

Hepburn in

The lower body is paired with small white pants, which belongs to the same color system as a whole.

And the suit is played in the whole set


Function; such a combination, whether it is a mother -in -law or daily travel, it looks good in autumn and winter.


(3) Skirts

Black floral dress with white lace lace shirt

Sweet age and French.

Black is a contraction color, wearing it on the body, give people a sense of seriousness,

However, with the “embellishment” of small white florals, it makes the single product look particularly young; plus this item is the X version, which perfectly modifies the advantages of Hepburn’s figure,

The characteristics of her upper body and thin lower body were covered.

She is in a dress

With lace lace shirt, it looks girls and playful


; Such a set of wear and her wool rolls, exquisite and noble.

Black big A -line dress with heavy earrings with heavy workers

Exquisite and dignified and decent.


The big A -line dress is worn on the body and plays the role of “gaining weight” visually

It makes Hepburn look very feminine; the classic black gives a elegant temperament; when Hepburn wears this dress, the slender calf belly is exposed, and it looks good.



Give the whole hair high, and it also gives a sense of exquisiteness.

It looks very charming; coupled with the earrings of heavy workers as an accessory to modify the face shape, it is advanced and expensive; such wearing, “carefully matching the simple match” is particularly good -looking.

(4) windbreaker chapter

Khaki trench coat with black trousers

, Hepburn in his later years, this trench coat,

With a strong French temperament.

The classic H version is versatile and out of date. Khaki is gentle and high -level on the body. The lapel design adds a sense of quantity of the body, which looks elegant and fashionable; when Hepburn wears this trench coat,

The buttons of the upper body are built up and used a belt beam to the waist to create a “X -version” look, the atmosphere is covered with meat.

Hepburn on the pants,

With loose and neat trousers, it looks very neat

At the same time, the loose pants legs can also cover the characteristics of dry legs and thinness,

Add full

; So that she is very stylish.

Second, how do middle -aged and elderly mothers who are thin and thin borrow from Hepburn’s wearing femininity and fashion?

1. Wear loose trousers or large skirts with long skirts

Many middle -aged and elderly mothers will become dry and dry in the elderly, especially the legs, which are like “bamboo pole legs”.

Like Hepburn, wearing umbrella skirts or trousers, such as swollen items.

This is because: the umbrella skirt on the big skirt can be wearing the body, which can show the slender waist and add femininity; and the loose trousers have a good feeling, which can also cover the leg defects. Essence



Middle -aged and elderly women such as umbrella skirts and trousers are suitable for “dry body and thin body”.

2. Wear pattern or coarse fabric

Hepburn herself belongs to H -shaped figure, and her upper body is very dry and not full, but in the autumn and winter, she especially likes to wear coats and sweaters.


If you look closely, you will find that her coat is thick and heavy on the fabric, most of which


Coarse fabric, wool fabric and Xiaoxiangfeng fabric. This is because these fabrics have their own expansion effects,

It can add a sense of quantity to the upper body, so as to achieve the visual effect of plump upper body.



Moms who are thin in the upper body

, Whether wearing a sweater or a coat, it can be

Choose a loose and swollen item.

3. The version should be combined

For mothers who are thin, we can work hard on the fabric, but

It is not too loose in the version, because the loose version is easy to give people a sense of somewhat

; Therefore, choosing a single -fitting version of the fit can make the figure look firm and spiritual.

4. Add a sense of fashion with the help of accessories


Moms with dry figures can also be like Hepburn,

Wear silk scarves, pearl necklaces and other items to add their own sense of fashion and elegance.

The addition of small accessories can make yourself look expensive; but what needs to be remembered is that wearing accessories must follow “

Simplicity “

At the same time, don’t be too exaggerated; if you wear exaggerated jewelry, you must be minimalist when you wear it, so that it will appear harmonious and balanced.


5. calmly accept what you are old

The reason why Hepburn feels so beautiful is not because of looks, but because of her kindness, calmness, and temperament. actually,

Looking at Hepburn’s old age alone is an old lady who is thin and wrinkled, but the smile she emitted from her heart is particularly infectious; she

When she raised her hair high and showed a wrinkled face, it felt so story.

Therefore, for middle -aged and elderly mothers, the same is true;

Fashion is sometimes not young or beautiful. I have experienced the appearance of the years and the story of the story.

; So, accepting your original appearance, you can always look very good.



Okay, friends! Regarding Hepburn’s old age and her matching skills, Xiao Run is shared here today! In Xiaoyun’s view, Hepburn’s later wear is particularly reference for middle -aged and elderly mothers; if you also like her temperament and clothing, you can selectively refer to and draw on.

“If there is a wind and bone, the years will never be undefeated.” I hope everyone can live as dignified, beautiful and elegant as Hepburn.

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, Hepburn this set of old age,

, Hepburn this set of old age,

, Hepburn this set of old age,

, Hepburn this set of old age,