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Today is the weekend. How do you live? This issue of Da Fei wants to share a kind of stone bracelet. Many stone enthusiasts have such varieties in their hands: malachite. As the name suggests,


The malachite gets such a beautiful name from the green color of the peacock feathers, so can this stone be played? Will the price be expensive?

We are still the old rules, first the picture above and then explained: (Friends who like Wenwan, leave your attention, thank you!)

This is one of the stones popular on the market now: malachite, it


It is a copper carbonate mineral, which is a single oblique crystal system. The malachite uses special peacock green and typical strips as its identification characteristics. It is not easy to confuse with other gemstones. The varieties of malachite are ordinary malachite, malachite gemstone, malachite cat -eye stones, and green peacocks. Peacock gemstones are very rare malachite crystals.

When many new friends buy peacocks, they feel that it is a stone, and it must be very hard. You do n’t need to deliberately maintain it, then you are wrong.

The malachite is not durable, low in hardness, and cannot be kept well for a long time. So what should we do to keep the gloss, and even call it more moisturizing and bright? In fact, whether it is, the tree or the stones, the oil of the human body, whether it is on the hand, or the body, after years of accumulation, it is deliberately wrapped, and the surface forms a good chemical reaction. The brightness of the commission!

Speaking of this, you can understand it. Even if you are a stone, you need to keep the plate, so that you can keep its luster. As for the price, the peacock is basically a product of about 500. Of course It is also within a thousand yuan, this is also a lot of friends who like stones, there are reasons for the bracelets in their hands!


Well, this time the peacock is shared here. Thank you for your browsing. I am Da Fei. We will share it next time!