Cotton clothing is one of the essential items for the cold and warm in winter. How does a thick and loose cotton jacket wear it? In fact, as long as you master the correct matching ideas, you can also wear cotton clothes to be capable and refreshing.

Boots are an essential item in winter matching. It is versatile and practical. Together with cotton clothes, it weaken the bloated feeling, and the overall dress style becomes capable.

In this set of gray cotton clothes, the lower body with refreshing and simple white trousers and black Martin boots shows unique handsomeness and personality. The whole person looks tall and thinner.

Many girls prefer long cotton jackets in winter. This orange hooded cotton jacket uses loose design and thick fabrics. It is easy to look bloated and temperamental on the body.

I cleverly use the tightly wearing skills of the outer pine to weaken the thickness of the cotton jacket. The combination of tight jeans and black boots, capable and neat, and particularly long legs.


For friends who have passed the winter in the north, if the fabric of the boots is too thin, it is obviously not able to meet the needs of warmth. At this time, choosing a warm and fashionable snow boots is particularly important.

The combination of snow boots and cotton clothing is quite common in daily life, which to the greatest extent to improve the warmth effect of the shape. The lower body is paired with white straight trousers, and the trousers have a vertical fabric to completely cover the boots, showing thin and long legs.

The short cotton jacket is not as procrastinating as long cotton clothes, and it is even lighter to the body, so at this time, it will not look rigid and bulky with snow boots on the feet, but gives a full sense of winter atmosphere.

The warm yellow cotton jacket puts on the body to set the human skin color to be particularly fair. With the white sweater inside, it seems that the whole person is more gentle. The lower body is the combination of gray casual pants and brown snow boots. The overall dress style is biased towards daily leisure style.

In winter, if you want to wear long cotton clothes to wear aesthetics, the first step is to choose a simple and durable cotton style. The fashion of the cotton clothing itself will greatly affect the aesthetics of wearing.

The fresh and resistant light cotton cotton jacket, put on the body to show the charm of gentleness and lady, and the retro checkered skirt is more elegant.


A classic and atmospheric jujube -red cotton jacket, which belongs to the type of design with a design sense, a large brown hair collar combined shirt H -shaped version, which has a good tolerance for the body. You can choose a multi -level match to add a sense of fashion.


For long -style cotton clothes in the basic color system, if you want to wear a sense of fashion, you need to make changes in color matching. Like the following group of LOOK, the satisfactory black cotton jacket is equipped with a bright green knitted cardigan.


Inner tight and outer loose, the overall shape is stylish and dazzling in terms of color and style, and it will not look too bloated to wear.

Compared with the previous cotton clothing, the color of the orange -red cotton jacket is brighter. This bright color cotton jacket sets off the skin’s skin color. At the same time Not so thick, so wearing it is not bloated.


These 16 sets of simple and practical cotton clothing demonstrations. In these daily liquid matching, we can learn both the correct matching skills and easily get rid of the bloated feeling brought by the cotton clothing in winter.