For those who often travel or like to travel, disposable underwear is really a must -have artifact. If you wear it, you will lose it. You are not afraid that the underwear will not dry or dry it.

Next, I recommend 8 disposable underwear suitable for travel, independent sterile packaging, safe and comfortable.



Freego | Fourth -generation pure cotton disposable underwear


FREEGO is the leader of the disposable underwear industry. He has 16 years of production and development experience. He has the first self -employed factory certified by the three major quality management systems in the industry.

Although FREEGO’s disposable underwear has been upgraded to the fifth -generation, the fourth generation is still the most cost -effective one in the brand. It uses combed cotton, strong elasticity, good ductility, and closeness to ordinary cotton underwear. The most important thing is that it is sterilized by the medical grade EO. Each panties have independent and exquisite plastic packaging to ensure the use of sterile safety.

This size is very complete, family travel can be satisfied, and men have triangle and horn to choose from. Such quality is only 3.6 yuan, and the tourism travel is very cost -effective. The single person is only 25 yuan a week. Throw it after wearing it without washing.


Bei’an Shi Rong | Pure cotton disposable underwear


Bei’an is the first brand in China to make disposable underwear. The disposable underwear produced in 1995 became the award -winning product of the Second National Medical Expo.

There are two main materials for Beyan’s panties -pure cotton and plant fibers, both of which are packed with ethylene oxide sterilization and medical dialysis paper. Medical dialysis paper packaging is the highest packaging of disposable underwear, and it is also commonly used in medical equipment to ensure that there is no residue after sterilization.

In addition to the common white and pink, women’s underwear also has color five -piece outfit, with a maximum size of 3xl, which can meet the large size of 180 catties, and pregnant mothers can also wear them. Men’s underwear has triangle and flat -angle, and the maximum size is 6XL. The price of a single bar is 3.8-4.8 yuan, which is a little more expensive than FreeGO, but the security is absolutely guaranteed and the normal price of the first echelon.



All cotton era | Electronic beam sterilization disposable underwear


The cotton era is the same as Bei An. It is a company with a background of medical products. Its parent company is a benchmark company for Chinese medical dressing products.

The underwear of the cotton era is the material of the patented technology of stable medical treatment “all cotton and water spurs without woven fabrics”. It has the advantages of good skin care, non -irritating, and relatively soft texture. In terms of disinfection, it is different from the general use of EO sterilization of mainstream products. This use of electronic beam is sterilized. This technology is the main method of sterilizing the market in the market. Residual.

This panties are packaged independently in moisture -proof paper to avoid more hygienic moisture. The price of the single items on each platform ranges from 4.5-7 yuan, and the price is average, which is more suitable for those with sufficient budget.


Jie Liya | Disposable cotton underwear

Jeelia was established in 2003. Its towel products have occupied the first market for market sales for many years. It is a leading brand in the Chinese towel industry. Jieliya has the three major long velvet cotton production and research and development bases in Zhejiang, Xinjiang, and Hubei, which has strict control of raw materials.

Jieliya’s disposable underwear uses a combing cotton in the fabric material. This fabric can greatly reduce the residual cotton wool. The wearing experience is softer and comfortable, which is comparable to ordinary underwear. In addition, Jie Liya is also the same as Bei An on the packaging. He has chosen more secure EO sterilization special medical dialysis paper, which can not only remove residual EO gases, but also ensure the timeliness of sterile preservation.

However, the conventional medium waist style may not be suitable for maternal mothers, especially cesarean section. In terms of price, each price is between 4-5 yuan, and it has paved goods in the supermarket. It is convenient to buy.


纯 | Displicable cotton underwear



射 辐 嫚 嫚 嫚 radiation prevention pregnant women’s products, claiming to be a well -known brand in the British pregnancy and baby industry, registered in the UK, but their main production and sales markets are all in the country, closer to the true Chinese brand.

Tongxi’s disposable underwear has reached the standard standard A class A of the basic safety of textiles. After EO sterilization, both maternal or inflammatory patients can be used with confidence.

Although the size is designed for pregnant women, the overall specifications are small, and the minimum size is also suitable for women with ordinary figures. The price is less than 4 yuan, which can be purchased at the official flagship store of Tmall.



Wanning | Displicable cotton underwear


Wanning is the largest health and beauty product chain in Hong Kong. The number of stores and product sales exceed Watsons. Wanning’s disposable underwear chose Menyou Pai Non -Woven Products Co., Ltd. as a foundry, that is, the same factory as the brand FreeGO.


Wanning’s disposable underwear is selected from textile cotton. It has certain elasticity and breathability. The overall comfort is very close to ordinary underwear. The quality control is better and less dandruff and the ball. In terms of safety and hygiene, the EO sterilization method and independent fine plastic are used.

The advantage of this one is that it is convenient to buy and is suitable for emergency. If you suddenly need a business trip, you can immediately go to the nearby mall Wanning to buy this disposable underwear. However, the number is not large, and it is not suitable for large -scale people. Pay attention to the number of code when buying.


October Crystal | Disposal Cotton Underwear


October Crystal is its own brand in Zhejiang Shishuer Industrial Co., Ltd. It is the earliest brand in China that pays attention to postpartum health care. In 2013, it ranked among the best on multiple online channels. It was a dark horse in the mother and baby industry.

In October, Ms. Crystal Cotton Treasury panties were designed for maternal mothers. There are multiple codes to choose from. Normal ladies can also wear them with a maximum of 180 pounds. This underwear is made of pure cotton as the material, and is characterized by “double layer of the crotch”. It is not easy to leak on postpartum exposure and sanitary napkins applicable to menstruation.

Because it is a unified mid -waist design, it is not suitable for mothers who have a cesarean section. It is recommended to use the postpartum recovery period. The quality performance of this October crystals is very cost -effective, with an average price of 3 yuan.


Chu Chu | Disposal sterilization underwear



The main categories of Zichu’s products are products to be produced, baby washing, wet towels, baby beds, baby feeding and skin care series. In 2018, it was among the Taobao Double 1.1 billion yuan club brand. The sales of one -time underwear online have always been the leader of the sheep.


There are two models of Muchu Cotton Ms. Underwear -conventional models and cloud soft models. The raw materials of Yunrou models are cotton with high cotton. The texture is softer and breathable. Elasticity, more comfortable to wear. The price of Yunrou and conventional models is almost the same, sometimes cheaper, so Yunrou is preferred.


The number of Zichu is relatively complete, but considering that there are evaluations that Zichu’s legs and pants waist are not proportional, it is recommended to buy a small number of pieces to try it to see if the legs are suitable for the waist.