When a company like Apple and Google cut off 3.5mm headset jacks, the user must have to pay more for this. Master Dynamic’s newly launched rotation cable allows us to know more clearly how much it costs to bid farewell to the old interface: USB-C-3.5mm rotor price is $ 49, while the price of Apple Lightning-3.5mm rotor is the price is the price. $ 69.

It doesn’t mean that these transit cables are meaningless -if you use a pair of wired headphones with switching interfaces, then don’t worry about adaptation. However, its price is between $ 49 and $ 69, which is too high.


In contrast, Master Dynamic’s conventional 3.5mm-3.5mm rotation cable is also equipped with the same high-end design, materials, and built-in remote control and microphones, priced at $ 29. Compared with the company’s new USB-C and Lightning rotation, it is still very cost-effective.


There are many different specifications and production requirements for the USB-C rotary joint, and Apple has recently allowed some companies to make 3.5mm-lightning rotary cables, which makes choosing a rotor to choose them.

At the same time, Master Dynamic is doing promotional activities. From today to April 29th, the transfer lines of USB-C and Lightning have been reduced to $ 25 and $ 34.50, respectively.