As the largest Internet fashion brand operation group in China, Hanyu Yishe has 70 brands including women’s and men’s clothing. Are the friends stunned? As a fashionable girl, you can always find your favorite style in its family.


Hanfeng Fast Fashion: HSTYLE


The HSTYLE (Handu Cloth), named after the name of the group, is the popular fashion women’s clothing brand. With the characteristics of “many styles, fast updates, and cost -effectiveness”, they are favored by girls. They are endorsed by the national goddess Quan Zhixian.


The HSTYLE’s series are from the hands of Korean young designers. They dare to boldly use the color and uniqueness of coloring and dedicated to styling, which is very suitable for our cool girls.

This fast fashion brand conveys a concept to girls, that is, dressing can be an interesting thing, and the matching makes them look more attractive.


Han Feng Sweet Girl: Nana Diary

Nanaday, as a Hanfeng Sweet Girl brand under the Handu Yishe Group, uses the elements of various girls to create a fairy -tale fantasy wardrobe for sweet girls.

In addition to the freshness and sweetness in the color matching, the NANADAY family is good at expressing youthful vitality with lace, ruffled edges and various printed elements.


The inspiration from the pink time machine, the colorful candy color, full of vitality! This series of T -shirts can meet the changing girls’ hearts of girls.

European and American Vigorous Girl: Nibban Poetry

Is it a girl -style circle powder that has been used by Handu clothing? Don’t worry, and Nibbuns with distinctive personality. In contrast European and American style.


Wearing Nibbuns’s beautiful clothes and out of PO Zhang Tu, all have the heroine in European and American movies.

Oriental retro style: Su Rat

Focus on the natural material of cotton and linen, and respect the “natural, free” lifestyle (Souline), which is a bit similar to the style of the Inman family, which is very suitable for literary fairy.

Naturally rustic design styles, most of the garments are mainly loose outlines, have no restraint on the body, emphasize comfort, and make the body and soul easier and comfortable.

The designer of the Suwa family also prefer embroidery. It is used in elegant and fresh colors, which is more literary and artistic.