“What products can be sold in the 2020 season?”

“Which categories are growing?”

“What is the specific growth data?”

Near the peak season, the seller’s demand for good products and explosive models is even more urgent. According to the latest forecasts of market research institutions EMARKETER, the global epidemic forces more people to shop online. In 2020, US e -commerce sales are expected to jump by 18%to US $ 709.78 billion, accounting for 14.5%of the total US retail sales. Among them, the peripheral category of the “house economy” is the main force of the rise. In addition to the emergence of the “home economy”, which products have surged, and which products of various markets are best sold in the second half of 2020?

Export e -commerce sellers are here! From July 31st-August 1st, Hugo.com will hold the “2020 CCEE (Shenzhen) Hugo.com cross-border e-commerce selection conference and procurement festival” in the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. At that time, the collection of the Baijia Factory will be selected from the airborne selection conference, and will also bring millions of SKU to cover the full category to send high -quality sources and one -stop services to cross -border e -commerce sellers. Among them, there are many flexible supply with a order of less than 10 Chain factory.

According to relevant data, the products of cross -border e -commerce trends in 2020 are: toys and gaming, electronic products, cameras and photos, beauty and personal care, epidemic prevention materials, indoor fitness equipment, office equipment, shoe and clothing bags, family and family and family and family and family and family and family and family and family and family and family and family and family and family and family and family and family and family and family and family and family and family and family and family and family. Kitchen, family entertainment system, etc.

The categories covered by the exhibitors of the CCEE (Shenzhen) Selection Conference include shoe and clothing bags, consumer electronics, home supplies, beauty households, maternal and baby toys, auto parts hardware, sports outdoor … and more potential explosive models remain yet. The seller excavates.

In addition to the gathering of hundreds of traditional factories, dozens of well -known brands also take this express car to deploy the cross -border e -commerce supply chain market. For example, FUNLIFE of the main tile stickers, ground stickers, bedside boards, wallpapers, wallpaper and other products; “Mi Mi Mimi Bear” children’s clothing brand that focuses on the clothing and knitting field for more than 10 years; Watch brand Ruimas; Arctic Hunter, a well -known luggage brand in the country (Arctic Hunter); well -known sports glove Boodun; well -known textile brand BirdblRN (Blann) and so on.


Not much to say, how to choose hot sales products, what kind of outlet of the trend of categories, how to choose a “high cost -effective” product with high quality and low price, and how to make your products kill the siege into explosive products? The scene of the CCEE (Shenzhen) selection conference will be announced one by one!

(Text/Hugo.com Chen Lin)

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