The noise reduction headset is divided into two types: active noise reduction and passive noise reduction, but compared to the passive noise reduction headset of “blocking”, active noise reduction headphones have won more The favor of consumers. Especially students who often need to learn the environment only need to wear active noise reduction headphones to filter out most of the unreasonable noise of the outside world, and learning efficiency will be greatly improved.

In the past, active noise reduction functions were often owned by thousand -dollar flagship products such as Appleairpods Pro and BeatsStudiBuds, which made many shy students in the bags prohibited. However, as more and more brands enter the market, high cost -effective products come out, and active noise reduction headphones have gradually become the standard for young students. Among them, Realme, who dares to get over, even put the active noise reduction headset to the 200 yuan price segment through the “Vietnamese” products such as Budsair 2 Neo and True BudsAir 2. Below, let’s take a look at these two high -cost active noise reduction headphones.


True BUDSAIR 2 Neo

As “the most cost -effective active noise reduction headset”, the true Budsair 2NEO uses ANC feedback noise reduction technology, with a maximum noise reduction depth of 25DB; it also supports the transparent mode, the dual microphone calls the noise reduction function, regardless of whether the students are noisy is noisy. The playground is still a quiet self -study room. In addition, the true Budsair 2 Neo is equipped with the newly upgraded Realmer2 custom chip, which supports the new generation of Bluetooth 5.2 low -delay dual -pass technology. In the e -sports mode, the delay is as low as 88ms. Playing games can achieve smoother sound and painting synchronization.

Realme Buds Air 2 NEO

In terms of price, the original price of true Budsair 2 NEO was 249 yuan. Now the Jingdong coupon is 70 yuan and 50 yuan, and it can be easily available at 199 yuan. Most of the students have no pressure.

True Budsair2

True BUDSAIR2 uses the latest generation of R2 smart noise reduction chips, which has the characteristics of accurate noise reduction, low power consumption, and connection stability. Support active noise reduction function, maximum noise reduction depth of 25DB. It is worth mentioning that the true self -wearing detection, transparent mode, and double microphone calls for intelligent wearing detection, transparent mode, and dual microphone can also achieve better noise reduction effects and meet multiple scene noise reduction needs. At the same time, the sound quality has also achieved a comprehensive upgrade. It is equipped with a 10mm large -circle unit, and the flagship headset -like diamond -like diamond film, and there is also a separate dynamic bass enhancement model, which is suitable for students with high requirements for sound quality.

In terms of price, the original price of true BudsAIR2 was 299 yuan, and it can also receive a value coupon of 50 yuan, which can be available at 249 yuan.

For the Student Party, at the moment when the rapid development of active noise reduction headphones, the more affordable products are the king. Get the flagship auditory enjoyment at the least price. True Budsair 2 Neo, True Budsair 2 and other high -cost products are worth the first choice for entry of noise reduction headphones.