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一块玻璃的艺术之旅?OPPO Find X3拍照、存储、显示全链路10亿色首发

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一块玻璃的艺术之旅?OPPO Find X3拍照、存储、显示全链路10亿色首发

In the evening of March 11th, Smart West News, just OPPO released the OPPO Find X3 series of the first flagship and the tenth anniversary of the Find series in 2021, which is equipped with Sony custom IMX766 free curved super wide -angle lens. At the same time All -in -one glass technology, full of technology.

一块玻璃的艺术之旅?OPPO Find X3拍照、存储、显示全链路10亿色首发

The OPPO Find X3 series is equipped with a 10bit full -link color management system, which can achieve the global 10bit in multiple links in shooting, coding, storage, decoding, and displaying multiple links. Manufacturers who land on the ground.

一块玻璃的艺术之旅?OPPO Find X3拍照、存储、显示全链路10亿色首发

It is worth mentioning that the new OPPO’s press conference is presented in the form of offline theater watching, and the visual effect of naked eye 3D is added. This is also the first mobile phone conference in the industry to use on -site movie viewing.

OPPO’s Find series has always been the latest OPPO’s latest black technology collection, such as the OPPO Find X series lifting camera, a true full screen, and the 2K 120Hz AMOLED screen of the OPPO Find X2 series, all of which are the first launch of the industry.

Find series (Zhidongxi Drawing)

一块玻璃的艺术之旅?OPPO Find X3拍照、存储、显示全链路10亿色首发

OPPO Find X3 series has three colors: black, fog blue, and white white, and there is also a plain model. Yuan.

The starting price of the PRO version has reached the 5500 yuan gear. It is also seen that the positioning of OPPO Find X3 Pro is the top flagship. The price / performance ratio is not the main consideration.

一块玻璃的艺术之旅?OPPO Find X3拍照、存储、显示全链路10亿色首发

In addition to mobile phones, OPPO also released the new OPPO Enco X real wireless active noise reduction headset, and continued to jointly adjust with Dynaudio.

一块玻璃的艺术之旅?OPPO Find X3拍照、存储、显示全链路10亿色首发

1. A glass of art? 2000 control points are only one curve

一块玻璃的艺术之旅?OPPO Find X3拍照、存储、显示全链路10亿色首发

The new feature of the OPPO Find X3 series this time is the unique fuselage back lens module design.

一块玻璃的艺术之旅?OPPO Find X3拍照、存储、显示全链路10亿色首发

This time OPPO “official spoiler” the design of the back of the Find X3 series of fisheyes before the press conference. It can also be seen that OPPO is full of confidence in this design.

一块玻璃的艺术之旅?OPPO Find X3拍照、存储、显示全链路10亿色首发

OPPO Find X3 series body Back uses glass material backplane. The most prominent is the lens module “integrates into one” with the fuselage backplane. The module and the back panel are not connected. Just like a small flat mountain, slowly “raised” from the back panel, as if there was an object pushed up a cover.

OPPO claims that they can adjust the curve of the back cover through more than 2,000 control points, and make the glass hot bending through the thermal forging process.

一块玻璃的艺术之旅?OPPO Find X3拍照、存储、显示全链路10亿色首发

In the end, OPPO carried the “OC0” curved glass coating on the surface of the back panel, thereby achieving the glaze black and a more gentle feel.

With glass to make such a design, its craftsmanship is very high. Bai Lang, the product manager of OPPO, once frankly said, “We are the rhythm of wearing ourselves.”

In fact, the main design of the smartphone design is to look at the design of the lens module, because the screen is already a basically the same punch full screen, and the lens module of the back panel has become the highest recognition part.

Since paying attention to craftsmanship and texture, the demand for grip is indispensable. Under the premise of performance and image stacking “luxury”, the body thickness of OPPO Find X3 is controlled at 8.26mm, and the weight is controlled at 193g. It should Speaking of both function and experience.

Second, the first show of free curved lens, 60 times the “microscope”, how shock is the 1 billion color?

In terms of taking pictures, the OPPO Find X3 series adopts the “Double Main Case” solution for the first time. Both main cameras use Sony custom IMX766 50 million pixel sensors. The size of the sensor is 1/1.56 inches, which supports full -pixel omnidirectional focusing. And both main cameras support 10bit photos and video shooting.

OPPO Find X3 uses a Sony’s exclusive custom IMX766 free curved lens this time in the ultra -wide angle. It can significantly weaken the distortion effect of the edge of the photo from the physical level, while improving edge image quality. It is said that this is also the first free curved lens that can be bought in the industry.

Earlier, a free curved lens was used on the Huawei Mate40 Pro+Super Cup, but due to supply problems, Huawei Mate40 Pro+has not released the spot supply.

If the supply of the OPPO Find X3 series is relatively stable, then this is indeed the first mobile phone that can be easily exposed to a free curved lens.

Another wide -angle main camera also uses the same IMX766 sensor, and supports OIS optical image stabilization. The telephoto uses a 13 -megapixel lens to support up to 20 times the zoom. The front is equipped with a 32 -megapixel lens.

一块玻璃的艺术之旅?OPPO Find X3拍照、存储、显示全链路10亿色首发

What’s more interesting is that OPPO Find X3 also adds a macro -macro lens that supports 60 times large -magnaloring, which is also a “microscope” by OPPO. It can provide a very unique shooting perspective and can also perform FHD video recording.

On -site OPPO showed a few “microscope” shooting pictures, and the effect was still shocking.

OPPO released the “Full Link Color Management System” that supports global 10Bit pictures and video shooting and editors at the Future Science and Technology Conference last November. In order to further strengthen the performance of mobile phones for color, this OPPO Find X3 series was launched this this. The set system.

一块玻璃的艺术之旅?OPPO Find X3拍照、存储、显示全链路10亿色首发

Compared with the traditional 8bit, the color performance can be more delicate than the traditional 8bit, and the color transition is more natural. The reflective part in the picture has fewer mixed colors. In addition, the main camera of OPPO Find X3 supports 10bit-raw+formats, which is convenient for professionals to perform later processing.

一块玻璃的艺术之旅?OPPO Find X3拍照、存储、显示全链路10亿色首发

In terms of video shooting, OPPO launched a stack Dol-HDR multiple exposure technology, and the video quality has been further improved.

In addition, OPPO and Zhejiang University jointly launched the AI ​​color adjustment function, and the mobile phone will intelligently optimize the portrait of portraits for the characteristics of shooting scenes. It is worth mentioning that OPPO cooperated with Director Jiang Wen to launch different film filters.

This AI coloring function can also be applied to the application of albums. Users can import pictures and videos they have taken before and edit color.

Bai Lang said that shooting must not only pay attention to the parameters, but also pay attention to the true color performance.

OPPO full -link color management system can achieve global 10bit in shooting, coding, storage, decoding, and displaying multiple links. OPPO is also the first manufacturer to launch the technology in the Android camp and realize the landing on the mobile phone.

一块玻璃的艺术之旅?OPPO Find X3拍照、存储、显示全链路10亿色首发

Third, Samsung LTPO screen first apple, 5Hz-120Hz intelligent adjustment

High -quality, breakthrough screen has become one of its core features since the OPPO Find X series. This time on the OPPO Find X3 series, OPPO uses Samsung’s latest E4 screen material and uses the LTPO AMOLED screen to support the intelligent refresh rate adjustment from 5Hz-120Hz.

LTPO is Samsung’s latest AMOLED screen technology. It was launched by Samsung flagship S21 and will be used in the new Apple iPhone in the second half of this year. This time, OPPO is also the first external use of Samsung’s technology. Thanks to this, the power consumption of this screen was reduced by 46%, and the battery life was extended for 43 minutes.

一块玻璃的艺术之旅?OPPO Find X3拍照、存储、显示全链路10亿色首发

In addition to the 6.7 -inch AMOLED screen, in addition to opening 2K resolution and 120Hz refresh rate, it also supports native 10bit display.

Finally, in terms of display, OPPO is mainly working hard in hardware tuning and color gamut mapping. OPPO admits that this is more accurate to increase the process of each mobile phone by 26 seconds, but they think it is worth it.

O1 picture quality engine can automatically optimize the video quality when users watch the mainstream video platform video.

Fourth, Snapdragon 888+ Snapdragon 870 dual flagship SOC, Oscar composer specifically compose a ringtone

Of course, as flagship mobile phones, Snapdragon 888, UFS 3.1, LPDDR5 and other hardware configurations are essential. But under the thin body, how does OPPO Find X3 solve the power consumption and fever of the Snapdragon 888?

The OPPO Find X3 series is equipped with 1800mm² VC liquid cooling plate. In order to maintain lightness, the hot board was treated with ultra -thin craftsmanship.

一块玻璃的艺术之旅?OPPO Find X3拍照、存储、显示全链路10亿色首发

This time, the OPPO Find X3 standard version uses the 7nm Snapdragon 870 in the processor. Due to the current production capacity of 5nm chips, the two versions can also use different processors to decentralize supply pressure to a certain extent.

一块玻璃的艺术之旅?OPPO Find X3拍照、存储、显示全链路10亿色首发

In terms of charging, the OPPO Find X3 series supports 65W wired charging, 30W wireless charging and wireless reverse charging. The battery capacity is 4500mAh. The 65W SuperVooc flash charge has become the basis for the OPPO series flagship.

一块玻璃的艺术之旅?OPPO Find X3拍照、存储、显示全链路10亿色首发

It is worth mentioning that in terms of system ringtones, OPPO deliberately invited the composer Hans Zimmer, the composer of “Star Cross” and “Dreaming Space” to create an exclusive ringtone music “Colorful Future” for the OPPO Find X3 series.

Zimmer (right)

Zimmer believes, “The ringtone of the mobile phone should not bring anxiety, and each ringing should be a warm call.”

ColorOS 11.2 is the UI operating system of the OPPO Find X3 series, which has been upgraded in transition animation and system fluency. In addition, OPPO also strengthened the connection function of the vehicle machine and cooperated with domestic electric vehicle manufacturers.

In terms of security and privacy, the OPPO Find X3 series is also doing its own full -link privacy protection, adding functions such as privacy substitutes, privacy safe, and application locks.

一块玻璃的艺术之旅?OPPO Find X3拍照、存储、显示全链路10亿色首发

In terms of smart home interconnection, OPPO Find X3 will automatically discover smart home products in the home and perform “one -click flashing”. Of course, these hardware devices need to join OPPO’s smart home ecology.

Conclusion: The craftsmanship is designed as the key to “uniqueness”, and the flagship Android war has just begun

OPPO’s positioning to the OPPO Find X3 series is the “color image flagship”. There is no doubt that from taking pictures, screen display to data storage full -link 10bit color management system is its core advantage and the launch of the Android camp.

OPPO’s current product line is also relatively clear. The Find series focuses on the latest technology landing, positioning top flagships, and Reno series mainly focuse The advantage runs through each series.

Nowadays, there is a more interesting phenomenon in the mobile phone industry. On the one hand, due to the convergence of screens, chips, storage and other aspects, each one cannot open the gap, and all manufacturers on the other side want to improve the uniqueness of their brand products through novel design. Sexual, and the design of the fuselage and design has become a major breakthrough.

一块玻璃的艺术之旅?OPPO Find X3拍照、存储、显示全链路10亿色首发

In January this year, OPPO smartphone shipments exceeded Huawei for the first time and became the first domestic. The achievement of the results is mainly due to the good market feedback of the new product of the RENO series. Its Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G and MediaTek 1000+ two 7nm chips are less affected by the chip shortage, so the inventory is relatively stable.

一块玻璃的艺术之旅?OPPO Find X3拍照、存储、显示全链路10亿色首发

In 2021, the smartphone TOP5 players will usher in a round of shuffling. Facing the step -by -step facing Xiaomi, vivo, and Samsung’s new flagship, the OPPO Find X3 series will help OPPO to support the Android high -end smartphone market. It is still not small challenge.

After the “cost -effective” model slaughter the mid -range market at the beginning of the year, the battle of the “real” flagship machine has just begun.