Salvatore Ferragamo men’s shoes are rated as one of the most luxury goods that men in the world want. The reason why the brand is fascinating is that once a certain product is stained with the color of the stars, its value must be rising. For hand -made shoes for Salvatore Ferragamo’s superb skills, it must have a long history of history.

If you buy a single product from the centennial shoes -making skills Salvatore Ferragamo, you don’t need to think about it. Men’s shoes must be the first choice. Salvatore Ferragamo’s ordering leather shoes series Tramezza started at the end of 2004 at the Florence Store in Florence, New York and Tokyo, and Hong Kong stores recently introduced this series. A total of 8 leather shoes appeared this time. The main ises of lace -up leather shoes and LOAFER clothing shoes. There are also soft leather flat shoes, sneakers and short leather boots. Human hand sewing shoe process is expensive as the top men’s leather shoes series, which is extremely particular about the details of the upper materials, shoe materials and handmade shoe handmade. The upper materials are made of high -quality French calfskin. The leather body passes through the printing, grinding, coloring and combing brushes to create different colors and textures; in addition, there are precious materials such as crocodile leather, ostrich leather Essence Shoes? Materials are the key factor of a pair of comfortable leather shoes. The brand refers to the production process of soldiers’ shoes of the British War to improve the durability, waterproofness and flexibility of leather shoes.

Shoes using a unique Stitch Welting man hand suture the edge method. It takes a few hours to sew the upper leather directly to the edge of the inner bottom, combining the soles firmly to make the effect of invisible seam edges. The entire sole component is synthesized by three layers of leather, with a thickness of 12mm. Add a layer of natural leather pads between the soles and the inside of the shoe, so that the shoe has a higher breathability and waterproof degree of waterproof. In addition, the steel pads are embedded between the soles and the upper to support the parts of the feet. Make each pair of shoes more resistant and comfortable.

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Five major reasons for defeat

1. The history of nearly 100 years

In 1923, he opened a “Hollywood Boot Shop” at Salvatore Ferragamo, which marked the beginning of his career as a “shoemaker of star royal” by the local media.

2. High -end handmade shoes

Tramezza series leather shoes actually refers to a traditional technique of a men’s high -end handmade shoe technology. There are nine “Tramezza pull -side shoes” to choose from. At the same time, they can be matched according to personal preferences with different colors, styles, materials, and accessories. Essence So far, there have been 77 different combinations.

3. Super flexibility and anti -deformation ability

Based on different types of foot type and form a unique and suitable performance through the natural heat of the human body. Each shoe in the series has outstanding flexibility and resistance to deformation, wear -resistant and waterproof, and durable.

4. Precision production process

Tramezza men’s shoes series have four styles and four natural hand dye colors for choice. The production process of each pair of leather shoes contains 260 precision handmade processes and takes more than three weeks to complete.

5. Big coffee movie star love

He has been loved by Mary Pickford, Rudolf, Valenti-No, John Barrymore Jr., Douglas Fairbanks and other famous celebrities. Its exquisite handmade custom shoes.

price comparison

1. Salvatore Ferragamo Ship

Ship and shoes series: spring and summer series

Ingredient: cowhide

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Official website reference price: ¥ 5,200.00

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Domestic e -commerce network discount reference price: ¥ 3699

2. Salvatore Ferragamo leather shoes

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Lands and shoes series: spring and summer series

Ingredient: 100% leather material

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Official website reference price: ¥ 7,200.00

Domestic e -commerce network discount reference price: ¥ 5500


Salvatore Ferragamo portrait

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From 1912 -14 -year -old Salvatore Ferragamo went to the United States to meet a brotherhood who worked in a large -scale shoe factory in Boston. Modern machines and workflows are fascinated by Salvatore, but he also sees the limitations of quality. At the age of 20, he went to Santa Barbara, California, and fought with another brotherhood and opened a shoe shop there.

1923 -When the film industry moved Hollywood, Salvatore Ferragamo also fought with the army. In 1923, he opened a “Hollywood Boot Shop”, which marked the beginning of his career as a career as a “shoemaker of the star royal” by the local media.

1929 -The crisis in Italy quickly arrived, and the incident suddenly interrupted the connection with the US market, and the company was forced to close. However, Ferragamo did not die because of this, but instead turned his energy to the domestic market. By 1936, his business situation was smooth, which was enough to start two workshops and a shop under Palazzo Spini Feroni, Via Tornabuoni. At that time, the Italian was in Economic sanctions under the rule of Musreini, and Ferragamo, the same period, launched some of his most well -known and most imitated inventions, such as the tough but lightweight cork “wedge”. Softwood, wood, metal lines, coconut, felt and glass -like resin are creatively used by Ferragamo to replace the leather and steel industry restrictions on the list of innovative materials.

Fiamma Ferragamo is taken in the photo taken by David Lees

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1950 -The company’s employees reached 700, with 350 pairs of shoes a day, and once again achieved international success: Via Tornabuoni Store has become a basic midway stop station for many celebrities, such as Gulita Garbao, Sofia Roland, Anna Magnani, Both the Duke of Windsor and the Duke have shoes customized here.

1951 -Salvatore Ferragamo completed the first fashion performance. Nine years later, Salvatore died. His wife Wanda Miletti took over the business with six children and extended Ferragamo to men’s and women’s fashion, handbags, silk scarves, ties, perfume series, etc., and developed into a “DRESSED FROM Head to Foot” fashion brand.

Advertising poster at the time

1998 -Salvatore Ferragamo began to host the first World Youth Shoes Design and Selection Competition, encouraging young students who are interested in shoes design, and hoping to use this competition to encourage them to continue their efforts in the direction of design.

After 2000 -starting from the shoes used in the United States, the name of Ferragamo has been confused with the film industry. Ferragamo is keen to make shoes for stars around the world. From Marilyn Monroe, to designing shoes for the first Asian actress Zhang Ziyi and male star Liang Chaowei, Ferragamo’s name has been continuously flowing, and often leads the trend to expand enterprises to other regions, such as South Korea in the 1990s in South Korea When the economy was the lowest in the South Korean market; in 1994, the mainland was just open and entered China; and when the Asian financial turmoil in 1997, he became more bold in Malaysia.

The male stars who love Salvatore Ferraagamo

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The male star who loves Ferragamo shoes:

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1. Yao Ming

Yao Ming

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Giant “Yao Ming also personally experienced this special customized service. Tramezza shoes have exhausted the top traditional handmade shoe technology. Luxury materials, and the extraordinary elasticity created by unique crafts, the series of unparalleled shoe shape” “Memory characteristics” —— According to different types of foot types and the natural heat of the human body, a unique and suitable performance is formed. Each shoe in the series has outstanding flexibility and anti -deformation capabilities, wear resistance and waterproof, and long -lasting.

2. Zhang Hanyu

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Liu Ye

Liu Ye was specially customized with top Tramezza shoes. There is a unique silver brand logo on the special packaging of this special customized service. The specific quality guidelines of the ALCANTARA travel bag, special cleaning cloth and series of special “passports” in the box are the specific quality guidelines of the “Special Customized Series SPECIAL EDITION”.

3. Yu Wenle

Yu Wenle

Guests attending the opening wine club include Ferragama Salvatore Ferragamo Chairman Mr. Mr. Ferruccio Ferragamo and the famous movie star Yu Wenle. At the reception, Mr. Ferruccio Ferragamo gave Yu Wenle a special version of the special version of the blue hand -dyed crocodile leather shoes for him. This pair of leather shoes is specially customized in accordance with Yu Wenle’s personal style and requirements, and when its visiting brand is located in the headquarters of Florence, the Salvatore Ferragamo professional shoe craftsman of Ferragmu measures him size.

4. Su Youpeng

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Su Youpeng

Salvatore Ferragamo’s exquisite technical shoe masters held a new “Special Customized Sweet Shoes and Belt Special Edition” Tramezza Honesty Men’s Shoes Covering Code for the Studio. The event also invited the film and television star Mr. Su Youpeng to experience the brand customization service of the brand, and customized a pair of special series Special Edition “Tramezza shoe cover. On the same day, Su Youpeng was wearing the latest white suit suit of Salvatore Ferragamo. The eyes of the audience. The celebrities gathered at the scene, and nearly a hundred VIPs witnessed this fashion event together.

5. Zhao Youting

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Zhao Youting

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Salvatore Ferragamo specially tailored the top Tramezza shoes for Zhao Youting, and Salvatore Ferragamo launched a new hand -built new Tramezza men’s shoes series services. Choosing Tramezza Because it represents the brand’s superb craftsmanship, handicraft and leather processing technology, it also reflects the brand’s unique style tradition and the perfect fusion of top materials.

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6. Liang Chaowei

Liang Chaowei

Love Ferragamo suit male star:

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1. Allen Capeli

Allen Capeli

Alan Cappelli wore Salvatore Ferragamo Mi -white suit suit with dark blue lace Oxford shoes to attend the 2014 spring and summer men’s clothing show held in Milan, Italy.

2. Han Geng

Han Geng

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Han Geng was dressed in Salvatore Ferragamo suit and appeared at the Milan Fashion Week show, showing his gentleman’s temperament.