Leading the Chinese market

In 1960, George Romus, known as the most imaginative underwear design master in Italy, founded Reamus company, and created MRGOOD of health underwear brands in the fashion capital, becoming the pioneering leader of the Italian underwear revolution. Once the MRGOOD product came out, it won the widespread favor of consumers with exquisite design and comfortable dressing experience, and became the first brand of men’s underwear.


Compared to the women’s underwear brand, the concept of men’s underwear seems to stay in the “food and clothing” stage of shame. Not only is output below ladies underwear, but the brand establishment is still blank. With the rapid increase in white -collar men, middle -class men, and men’s acting men, men are high quality

Men’s underwear

The demand is gradually increasing, and the consumption of brand underwear has gradually become a trend.

In 2011, the Italian Rayamus International Holdings Group Co., Ltd. included the Chinese market in strategic focus, and the brand’s barren Chinese men’s underwear market ushered in the “pioneer”. After entering the Chinese market, MRGOOD has made new research and development of products based on the figure and physiological characteristics of Chinese men, and has continuously tried and improved, and strives to achieve the best dressing effect and comfort. In 2012, MRGOOD obtained a patented product of ZL 2012 30251584.1 technology. MRGOOD men’s health sexual panties were set with their bumps, split offices, smooth fabrics, high ventilation, and antibacterial functions. Leader of underwear reform.

Dedicated as a man’s brand

Throughout the Chinese underwear brand, men’s underwear is almost “grassless”. Even if there are, it is also a ride of ladies underwear brands on the “蹭”. By the way, there are few men’s underwear brands that are truly men’s underwear.

As a consumer product, the average person consumes 3 L2 per person per year. At present, there are 1.3 billion people in China, and male residents have reached about 700 million, of which 16 to 45 men account for about 65%of the total market population. The market potential is huge. On the one hand, it is huge market demand and brand demand, but on the other hand, it is the “one plate of loose sand” of the non -brand market. A huge contrast is formed between the two, and it also highlights the problem of the men’s underwear market in my country.

There is a big problem with big but not strong, more than gathered, without your own brand, without its own characteristics, there are certain problems from design to marketing to brands. The mritan men’s underwear brands have undoubtedly brought a strong motivation to the loose men’s underwear market, and became a man’s brand exclusive with unique design and excellent quality.

Improve brand loyalty with quality

Brand is an identification symbol, a spiritual symbol, and a value concept, and is the core manifestation of excellent quality. For enterprises, the process of establishing and developing brands is also a process of continuous innovation. With the power of innovation, the quality of the product can continuously improve, and the consumers are continuously recognized to make the brand development continuously.

MRGOOD men’s underwear uses the separated empty position design and top silk fabrics, which is unanimously favored by Chinese consumers with the innovative concept of men of 33.5 ° C. Comfortable, healthy, dry and breathable, washing resistance, and smooth elasticity. The dressing experience given by consumers is the greatest maintenance and praise of the brand.

With the continuous improvement of consumer cultural levels, income levels, and consumer concepts, consumers’ brand awareness has continued to increase, and well -known brands are also increasingly preferred. Today, the brand awareness is deeply rooted in people’s hearts, and enhancement of brand loyalty is the only way to create and maintain a strong brand. Victoriam’s attracted 500 million people around the world, and MRGOOD men’s underwear is also creating a miracle. Milgood has become the brand pioneer of my country’s men’s underwear market with quality and comfort to release brand connotation with health and comfort.