If you are tired of dress and want to change the style, then the intellectual and temperamental dress will definitely make you earn enough to return. The arrival of the retro trend this year, the flared pants have once again entered the tens of thousands of households, becoming a fashion Dalang One of the concave tools of people, stars, bloggers, if you do n’t have a good shirt in your closet, Xiaobian will choose for you, whether you are paired with jeans or flared pants to become the probability of street shooting experts. It will be a step closer.

NO.1) Queen shirt

If your face is not perfect, then use a lapel shirt to modify it. If you have a beautiful swan neck, then use a lapel shirt to set off the perfect. It is sexy, slim and thin. Although the summer is hot, the lapel shirt is a popular spot.


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¥ 199.00

YEP2016 Xia Xinpin Korean version of BF Paper Paper Wind Loose suit Shirt Seven -point Sleeve Chiffon Shirt Female

宝 199.00 Taobao View details


I like a chiffon shirt, along the handmade corners, full of design, versatile colors, look more refreshing and loose in summer, and it is a trendy model of leisure and laziness.

¥ 158.00

La Charian Japanese fresh chiffon mid -length thin shirt small overturn sunscreen cardigan female light blue D0027

宝 158.00 Taobao View details

This is a shirt that can be worn as a dress and can be used as a sunscreen cardigan. The fresh and elegant light blue, giving a gentle ladylike style, loose and silhouette, more literary and fresh a feeling of.


¥ 138.00

Spring new 2016 women’s sweet lapel bat sleeve short front and back long single -breasted shirt top

淘 138.00 Taobao View details

衣身流苏设计,增加立体感和潮流时尚感,蝙蝠短袖,双臂摆动的围度运动自由舒服、前短后长设计,大方而稳重,宽松版型,不挑身材,宽松但不肥大, Casual fashion shirt.

¥ 369.00

Korean version of summer cotton loose versatile large -size medium long short sleeve thin woman casual white shirt dress

淘 369.00 Taobao View details

The big -back design allows the sexy upgrade of the white shirt, which can also be thinner, and the charming sense of turning around can be used as a dress design, which can easily wear thousands of styles.

NO.2) V -neck shirt

In the summer, the makeup of the shirt is still indispensable. It can be used as a sunscreen, which is also a concave -shaped weapon. Then I believe that with the leadership of these trendy women and major stars, preparing such a V -neck shirt will definitely let you make you. The doubling of the aura will also change the flatness of others to look at you. Almost all the lower clothes, including strap pants, back skirts, can be worn.

¥ 1199.00


MO & CO. Pure color V -neck ribbon mulberry silk shirt MOCO seven -point sleeve real silk top female ma162sht61

淘 1199.00 Taobao View details

The ribbon of the neckline is the representative design details of the retro style in the 1970s, and it is also an elegant French style that interprets the elegant and elegant style. Put the V -neck and the ribbon on a smooth real silk shirt design, making the intellectual shirt full of femininity, bringing out a slightly bumpy bruise Lazy sexy charm.


¥ 359.00

Hallye 2016 Hanfan’s new bow nodular banded bubble sleeve lanterns V -neck white shirt Short models thin women


淘 359.00 Taobao View details

TA’s method of wearing is like a cherry girl’s kimono. There is no buttons and no color disk. It is just two white bands at the front placket. Sweet, fluffy lantern sleeves are the gospel of slightly fat girls. With TA fast and Kirin arm say BYE-BYE.

¥ 499.00

2016 summer new shirt V -neck shirt two -piece Korean loose top two -piece set of shirt female Han Fan

淘 499.00 Taobao View details


The fashionable and sexy V -neck perfectly shows the beautiful neck curve. The cuffs can be used to change the shape at will, the loose and silhouette, refuse to bloated, can also cover the flesh and thin, and the upper body is very casual.

¥ 298.00

Spring and summer new national style women’s clothing Jingjing celebrities, exquisite embroidery, loose white chiffon shirt

淘 298.00 Taobao View details

The more loose clothes, there is not much restriction on the figure. The entire clothes are embroidered and embroidered, and the thin band is tied. It is full of national style. The famous family style.

NO.3) Polarized jeans


From the low -key wear, the patch to the current big hole from the beginning, “the terrible failure” has not faded from the popular stage. The street shooting stars have wore porn jeans, becoming a must -have item for concave shapes.

¥ 278.00

Luojia Europe 2016 Women’s New Fashion Hot Silver Cave for Old Washing Jeans Small Pants SW

淘 278.00 Taobao View details


Heavy workers hot silver pattern, cool, instantly brings out the sense of moisture, piercing holes, making old water washing, showing the self -confidence of American women, a slightly white -sharing bull cloth, small foot slimming pants, full -style.


¥ 268.00

[Daily special offer] Spring and summer loose and fashionable large size, thin and thin holes, nine -point Haron denim pants female student tide

淘 268.00 Taobao View details

The slim -fitting version, tighten the fat on the legs, perfectly show the slender long long legs, washed and white, and looked very refreshing. It is very suitable for summer wear, eight -centtage trouser legs, exposed a slender ankle, visually magical power Grow up.

¥ 588.00

Mama 玛 2016 new grinding hair, cave jeans, female fashion tide brand seagu, summer white slim casual pants

淘 588.00 Taobao View details

The colorful and interesting embroidered decorative pants are instantly filled with the style of the streets of Europe and the United States. The five -point design makes the small legs look more slender, tailoring of self -cultivation, lifting hips and waist, which is more slim.

¥ 299.00

Fairy pocket p running away from poems in summer, women European and American versatile printed light -colored ripped jeans nine -point pants female

淘 299.00 Taobao View details

The shallow color is very comfortable to look at, the hair must be worn, the tide is full, the printing pattern, the color is bright, the eye -catching design, the fashion avant -garde, and the upper body has a fresh and refined feeling.

NO.4) denim flared pants

Denim flared pants, freely exuding casual and comfortable and fashionable signals, showing a unique personality charm, reflecting the unruly style, ingenious tailoring design, the effect of flared pants, covering the excess calf In the role of modification, the small foot pants are more legs and long, and it is definitely a mix and match item that fashion women should not be missed this season.

¥ 498.00


European Station 2016 Summer Retro Make Old Foot Speed ​​Masterpiece Denims Female Nurgee Pants Micro Fan trousers 2043

淘 498.00 Taobao View details

This is a split -sized denim flared pants with a split -footed pants. It is like a fresh flower, which is slightly blooming, exposing white calfs, super personality and style, and fitted by the fit.

¥ 258.00

Summer new women’s porn jeans women’s nine -point pants slimming thin leg pants micro -flared pants long pants children


淘 258.00 Taobao View details

Jiupian flared jeans, with straight legs, tall, versatile slim, good hip wrapping, thin visual, capable and simple style, you will not be guilty at all, length and thickness, you can also be used as spring, summer, autumn and winter. Four seasons pants.

¥ 339.00

Meihui European Spring / Summer New Star Washing Cowboy Micro -La Various Nickle Women

淘 339.00 Taobao View details

This is a very unique flared pants, full of elasticity, free movement behind the upper body, with special craftsmanship, visually pulling the line, and can maintain the slender effect of the legs. The version is exquisite and beautiful, and it is worth having.

¥ 127.00


Green Family 366 spring and summer new Korean version of the fashionable solid color, thin slim -fit jeans flared pants pants female

宝 127.00 Taobao View details

Fashionable people love to make old wool jeans, fixed waist design, placket zipper buttons, multi -pocket design, trousers to grind the cat beard, the fabric is comfortable to wear, and the upper body is very temperament.

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