At 8 pm on October 20th

Jingdong and Tmall pre -sale to the date,

Double 11 major promotion event


It has started half a month ~

Tell me loud,

Is your wallet okay?


Many friends are buying and buying,


It also means that he is about to be “squeezed” by Double 11!


Market currency, build buildings, receive coupons, make up full reduction …

Various new gameplay in the shopping festival is full of dazzling.

Don’t play with it, the wallet is injured;

Following playing, brain cell injury


Everyone shouted:

“Is there any class representative to help the focus!”

“Guiqiu to copy homework!”


Don’t worry, we have heard everyone’s voice,

The representative of the lesson is online ~

Can’t you use a single large voucher?

Who is multiple folding folding?

Come “What is worth buying,” we teach you




One -click purchase,


Let you spend a piece of price to buy a full set of products,

Low history of “absolute value”!

Not much to say, raise a chestnut

MUJI Gas sweater 5 pieces of more than 600


Have you ever seen such a price? Overlap multiple discounts, receive large coupons, you can do it!

The following clothes are covered

Inner coats, jackets and ties, tie, tie and other accessories

, I also carried socks, shops, shops

The original price is nearly nine hundred


However, after the precision calculation of the “strongest brain”, various coupons and platform full reduction rules are superimposed, as long as

More than three hundred


You can start!

How about it? Do you feel that your shopping experience is “open” at once?

Running shoes+jacket+sweater+pants, hard core sports suit

More than two hundred

You can take it home and dare to believe it? Let Aunt Zhang take you to keep on the edge of the single edge


The friends said: good out, more and more


G2000 shopping mall with the same down jacket with suit jackets, shirts, trousers

Just want

Six hundred


You can start in the first place, and there are several free matching schemes!


As long as the price of a jacket, 5 items are set home to go home ~ High, it is really high!

The value friends in the comment area can’t help but make a “Show” admiration!

Put a jacket and pocket, buy a full set of less than 300

, A single get fashion wear, it can be said that it is worth it!

The weather is getting colder, and it is time to eat meat to warm again.

Salmon, fish, lamb legs, lamb chops … After a meal, aquatic products, meat

As low as 4.5 %

,You heart it?

We also follow the preferential rules of the relevant category

Provide multiple solutions

From the dear friends to choose according to their own needs, quickly hit the “Aunt Zhang” on the public screen!

Valuate friends have said: After watching the Raiders, I want a larger refrigerator ~

You can also choose the following one who has a soft spot for beef and mutton, you can also choose the following


Heavy pure meat combination


Intersection Enjoy dual discounts, you can buy N meals for two hundred dollars ~

Do you want to have some fruits after eating meat? No problem, we found the hottest season for you


Ehime Orange

Combination with beef, enjoy good prices while also balanced with nutrition!


After talking about freshness, let’s take a look at the snack ~ Where is the cheese enthusiast? You like it





Intersection Children only make choices, and adults say they all want! Put an order according to the combination in the figure, which is several times cheaper than buying ~

Breakfast is to eat

Cake, chocolate



Intersection As long as 46.22 yuan, you can take these three foods home ~

Generally speaking, 30 yuan is only the price of a box of nuts, but using the “limit -order” operation, you can also get two boxes of Phoenix rolls and a pack of pickled bamboo shoots. When you buy it, you can earn it!


Such a price is worth a praise

Four box big -name milk+two bags of delicious ice powder, perfect COVER station discount, let you eat enough at a time!

See here,


How much do you give this “Extremely Making a Guide”?

Our purpose is:

Not only to make orders for the order,


And bring you the most worthy good thing to buy!

No need to burn the brain, don’t buy chicken ribs,


It is worth buying to save you time and effort and money ~

#Is double 11#