Recently, some netizens asked what to do if Beijing Hyundai IX35 battery failure? I will answer the owner, and this situation may have the following three reasons.


The first reason: battery problem

The battery of IIX35 can provide a power supply for the starting motor and ignition system, and provide a stable DC power supply for the vehicle electrical appliances to ensure that the electronic circuit and DC lighting system of the car can be powered normally when parking. Test.


Solution: Replace the battery


At present, the first and second -generation batteries have exceeded the warranty period, and they need to be replaced at their own expense. Take the Heze Hyundai 4S store as an example: to replace the battery hourly cost+spare parts cost of about 700 yuan. There may be differences in different regions.

The second reason: generator problem

When the generator is generated normally, in addition to the power supply equipment, it also charges the battery to compensate the battery consumption at the time of startup. When a generator fails, it will not be able to charge the battery, and the battery failure code will occur.

Solution: Replace the generator

The generator enjoys the manufacturer for three or 100,000 kilometers of warranty. The first and second -generation IX35 has already issued a quality guarantee period. It is necessary to replace the generator at their own expense. Take the Heze Hyundai 4S store as an example: to replace the working hours of the generator+spare parts cost of about 900 yuan, There may be differences in different regions.

The third reason: the problem of leakage of the electronic equipment of the vehicle

Normally, the battery of the IX35 will not fail. After the vehicle is turned off, if the vehicle electronic equipment has a leakage, the battery will always consume the battery, which will cause the battery to fail.

Solution: Check the vehicle electronic equipment

You can use the exclusion method to check the vehicle electronic equipment. Generally, the driving recorder or GPS modified in general will cause the vehicle leakage. If it is these two reasons, it is necessary to remove it directly.

The above is the three solutions to Beijing Hyundai IX35 battery failure for netizens’ reference.