Several issues have been talked about the design direction of today’s big names, which is very fascinating, which tests the temperament and wearing skills of the spokespersons or ambassadors. Looking at the show photos, not only many designs make mortals understand, but also presented in the form that ordinary people do not understand. Like many fashion blockbusters, it seems to be caught in “

Can’t understand & strange and weird = advanced “


The strange circle.

Therefore, the stars attended the event to copy the catwalk and match. Throughout the recent activities, many star supermodels can’t carry the matching of the runway.

Is it right to look at the look? Supermodel Wu Xiaowen will also turn over, Zhou Xun can only barely digestion


Supermodels always have the skill of turning decay into magic. Many strange designs or styles that ordinary people can’t live in them can be established on them. For example, Xian Xiaowen is an example. She can always transform the design of some “monsters and monsters” into “ancient spirit and monster” and wear her own style.

But I did not expect that she couldn’t hold her look. For example, even if this set of Miumiu could not say that she was smart and cute, she could be ugly.

Purple Ayilian style bubble sleeve sweater with a white shirt inside, and the lower body is a diamond denim skirt and white tights. People are dizzy.

Even if this set of styles are refined+supermodel, I can’t praise it. The degree of SUI (SUI) in the lower body is exactly the same as that of children in kindergarten.

Dong Jie in the same field also copied the runway. The skirt is a typical MiMiu style, but the combination of copying the model of the lower body is also unspecified. It is useless except to keep warm.


I do n’t know if it ’s an appointment. The recent big names all love this luxurious and shiny autumn pants. Not only is it ugly, but also comes with the effect of visual expansion and looks short. People are confused.

Among the celebrities, Zhou Xun and Zhou’s temperament also belongs to the elf hanging, petite and slender, and the overall feeling is very agile. But when she encountered the design of the ugly goose, it was powerless.


Wearing Chanel 2022 Early Spring Series appearance in variety shows, the official website of this suit+leather skirt is


The price is still very Chanel, but the style of painting is puzzling. The fishing net shirt is equipped with a leather flowing skirt, as well as tacky fishing net socks and ugly boots. In contrast, it is much more refreshing than the model, but it is still cheap and tacky.

In the same way, this pink Chanel Zhou Xun is also barely digested. This pink suit is also a 2022 early spring series from Chanel.


Pink thick woolen coat+T -shirt+belt+short skirt for a total price of 150,000+,


But the last effect was cheap like ZARA, which was spoiled by the group mockery.

According to the homework, Qiu Tianyang surpassed the high score


Of course, there are also copying homework to wear the shape of the runway out of their own taste. For example, when wearing the famous and ugly and difficult LV, the stars of Daxiu were delayed by ugly clothes, but Yang Chao chose a set of pink look to wear an exclusive sweetness.


In the same way, Qiu Tian, ​​who frequently out of the red carpet shape, chose a set from MIUMIU, which was almost copied, removed the dross, that is, the matching of white socks. , But the effect is quite good, sharp and beautiful.

In fact, copying the catwalk is really a technical work. Under the premise of optional, try to choose the overall combination of refreshing Look, and then make adjustments according to your own style. Change.


In the autumn, the tube top base was added, and the white socks were removed. Yang Chao retained the matching thinking and changed the skirt.

Liu Wen is a master. She often has rarely turned over in the show. Because her personal style is very clear, simple and cool, so she will try to keep in this style when choosing a shape. Whether it is Chanel, Gucci, and the Parisian family, she can choose the one that suits her best, wear temperament, and wear a high -quality texture.

Therefore, it is not easy to be fashionable and beautiful to copy homework. Coupled with many brand activities, there is not much room for artists to choose from, so there will be some unsuitable, HOLD unable to turn over.


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