PPS thin film characteristics, broad development prospects

PPS is widely used in automotive, electronics, machinery, chemical, pharmaceutical, light industry, military industry, aerospace, 5G communication and other fields. It is the most widely used special engineering plastics.

But do you know the PPS film? my country’s PPS thin film research has started late, but in recent years, with the rise of some domestic PPS manufacturers, they are committed to the production, modification and PPS subsequent product development of PPS. Now, the PPS film, as an emerging industry, is booming in China. So what are the characteristics and functions of the PPS film? The editor of Na Pan Xincai will take you to see.

PPS membrane

PPS membrane characteristics


1. Thermal performance

One of the biggest features of PPS membrane is its heat resistance, especially under high humidity and high stress. PPS is a hydrolyzed polymer. Therefore, there is no difference between the high temperature degradation speed of the PPS membrane in the neutral and dry air in the presence of water. The heat -resistant temperature index of its electrical characteristics can reach 200 ° C, which belongs to F insulation material. The PPS membrane has the highest flame retardability without additives. The PPS membrane with more than 25m is identified as the UL94 V0 -level material.

2. Mechanical characteristics

The stretch strength of the PPS membrane, the number of Yang’s mold is close to the PET membrane. The processing performance is as good as PET, but the PPS membrane can still maintain higher mechanical strength and sufficient deflection at low temperature (liquid nitrogen temperature is -196 ° C). Yu’s insulation material related to superconducting. When it is suspended for a long time, its creep becomes below 1/2 of PET. In addition, PPS’s moisture absorption is much lower than the PET film.

3. Chemical performance

Except for impregnation in concentrated sulfuric acid and thick nitrate, its strength will hardly decrease. At room temperature, no organic solvents can dissolve it. In special solvents such as 2-chlorine, bignyl ether, it must be dissolved above 200 ° C. Its medicinal resistance is second only to polytetrafluoroethylene. Water has a small impact on the PPS membrane, and its hygroscopic and expansion coefficients are one more magnitude smaller than the PET membrane. As a magnetic recording medium, photographic base film materials related to the image, this size stability is very suitable.

PPS material

4. Electrical performance

The PPS membrane has high -frequency electrical characteristics. The dielectric constant is very stable in the wide temperature and frequency range. The medium loss angle is cut to small to match the polypropylene. As a capacitor’s centriperpower, its electrical capacity and temperature frequency are less dependent, and can obtain low -loss capacitors.

In the insulation material, the PPS membrane is less than the PET membrane due to temperature. At high temperature, the volume resistance of the PPS membrane is reduced very small, and its insulation damage strength is lower than PET at room temperature. When it is higher than 120 ° C, the insulation strength of the PPS membrane is higher than PET, and it is suitable for the insulation material such as a motor transformer.

5. Other performance

The surface tension of the PPS membrane is 39d/cm, which is slightly lower than PET (43-45D/cm). Even so, it is applicable to coating processing. When the membrane layer pressure uses a bonding agent, the surface should be increased through electromotive treatment to increase the surface tension to reach 58D/cm.

The surface roughness and friction coefficient of the PPS membrane can be adjusted according to the purpose. PPS membrane has high durability for R rays and neutron rays. It is one of the few organic membranes that can be used for atomic reactors and nuclear clusters.


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