Summary of content: In 2016, the National Unified Examination Registration and Examination Outline of the Certified Public Accountants have been released (View Shiner | View Examination Outline). According to the registration of the registration, some changes have been changed in the registration and examination in 2016. For these changes, China Accounting Online School School For you detailed interpretation and analysis for you.

1. The registration time has changed for a day in advance

The time for registration issued by the China Note Association is slightly different from the announcement of the announcement on December 10, 2015. Both the registration start and the deadline have been advanced for one day. The time is from March 31st to April 29th, and the specific procedures are arranged. Candidates are requested to read the registration chapter carefully. Be sure Complete all registration procedures, unprepared printed certifications, and cannot take the exam smoothly.

Second, the photo collection of the first registration personnel

For the first time, the applicant shall upload a photo of 1 -inch crown -free documents in the last year in the online newspaper system. Candidates should prepare a 1 -inch crown -free certificate photo (electronic version) that meets the requirements in advance, and upload it to the online registration system when filling in the registration information. Registration staff who cannot upload photos can hold the original ID card during the registration period to the designated place of the province, autonomous region, and municipality of the province, autonomous region, and municipality (referred to as the Provincial Note Association) (see the registration information in the provinces in the online reporting system) Essence

Third, the time of payment changes

1. Old candidates can pay after filling in the information.

2. The first registration personnel (excluding fresh graduates) pay the fee after the qualification review is successful. Those who fail to pass the qualification review do not meet the registration conditions and cannot pay the fee.

3. The applicants for fresh graduates pay the fee after the information is submitted.


4. The payment is completed as the registration process. After the registration procedure is completed, the applications and related information cannot be changed, and the registration fee will not be refunded.

In addition, the applicants for fresh graduates are reminded that the procedure is to pay the fee first and then qualify for review. Therefore, there is a situation where the fee has been paid but the qualification review cannot be passed and the examination fee cannot be returned. The applicants for fresh graduates are requested to carefully evaluate their registration qualifications in advance and register carefully.

The deadline for pay is 20:00 on April 29.

Fourth, the European examination area open online payment

Candidates for European examination areas pay the examination fee for examinations and can pay directly through the online payment platform on the registration system, which is more convenient.

Fifth, cancel the paper and pen test of specific scope applicants

The Second Meeting of the Certified Public Accountants Examination Committee of the Ministry of Finance has decided to cancel the paper and pen test method of specific scope applicants since 2016. The above -mentioned decision has clearly notified the candidates in the 2014 and 2015 Exam Registration. That is, all the tests have been taken from 2016.

In addition, candidates should be reminded that the online registration system is relatively congested at the first three days before the beginning of the registration and the end of the end of the end. It is recommended that the majority of applicants arrange the registration time reasonably and try to start the peak of the registration. Finally, I wish the candidates from Guangda in the 2016 Certified Public Accountant Exam to achieve their ideal results, and their dreams come true!