I knew it was installed in 2 houses. It was not a small kitchen, but was wasted in these places in the kitchen.

The kitchen is a very important place for each household. However, as the house prices continue to grow, the area of ​​the kitchen is getting smaller and smaller, and there are more things placed in the kitchen. How can the kitchen play a big role?

This requires us to make good use of every humble space in the kitchen ~ As long as we use these spaces, the kitchen seems to be different immediately, it will become well and doubled visually ~

Having said so much, I believe that everyone must ask, where the kitchen can be used, there is no inconspicuous small space! In fact, there are really these small spaces in the kitchen. Let ’s take a look with Sister Fun below ~

The first is the space on the wall

Because vertical space is a very important place for storage, this space must be used well. We can hang some kitchen utensils with holes on the wall.


This kind of storage follows one principle that “can not let it lie down.” Using the vertical space of the wall, there are a lot of things that can be placed ~


There are some corners in the kitchen that can be used. It also needs to use vertical space, such as placing a multi -layer corner storage rack, so that we can help us clean up some seasonings, bottles and cans. It is very saving place, and it looks very well -organized ~


Also, we often put the refrigerator in the kitchen. The space around this large piece must be used well. For example, install a hanging frame on the side of the refrigerator to help us put some plastic wraps and other things. This is not only provinced, but we will use it to be more convenient ~

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