Unconsciously, Hu Bayan moved to 2 years old with his short legs.

So the dress evaluation was on the agenda.

Before the evaluation, please meditate with me:

“Dresses are just disposable products”

“Buy it just for good -looking! There is a sense of ritual! No need to wear it!”

Do well

It is normal to buy only once

After the psychological construction, we officially embarked on the happy journey of choosing a dress. (Who can tell me why the good -looking women’s dress is as many as stars! Men’s dresses are always three -piece of shirt neckline back pants.)

Combined with the recommended+TB sales this time, a total of 10 dresses were selected for evaluation. Here you swear at the lights, all are real purchases, real people try on, without advertising implantation.

Next-238 yuan

¥ i8o8y7jprhj ¥

Today’s only brand dress with a positive eight classics.


Next male baby dress is from the Internet, and is recommended by the screen on the little red book.

I selected the most home purchase shops on TB to buy and purchase, and the price is also well -deserved in the boy’s dress.

The 1.5-2 years old is recommended by the official size.

At the age of 80,000, I bought this imitation version. The feel of genuine products is much more comfortable than the imitation version.



In terms of style, this dress is not picky, it is very suitable for celebration. With a small crown, it feels like a little prince. The pants are relatively short, and a little pumpkin style is wrapped in the inside. It will not be exaggerated and can show slender legs.

The material feel is the best in 5 men’s gowns.


The trousers on the right are particularly easy to fall, suitable for the quiet babies, otherwise the movement will fall to collapse. The design of the fart clothing+pants is very hot, and the eighty thousand light is sweaty. Because it is too hot, it is not everyday,

If you do the psychological preparation of your birthday for a year, you will not lose it.

Tags are written on

The fabric is 100%cotton.

The tie is used for adhesion design, which is very convenient to adjust. The pants are very thin and soft, but


Super sticky hair!

I just hugged the cat, just relying on the move of the express delivery, I left many cat hair on this pants, and I still see traces even if I cleaned it up.


Ruoqi children’s clothing-219 yuan

¥ d6yfy7jpmc5 ¥


This small skirt was recommended on the recommended purchase on Xiaohongshu. This shop also has many beautiful princess skirts.

This small skirt is made of heavy work and can also be customized.


Choose according to daily size and purchase 80 yards.


The moment this skirt came out, I wanted to marvel at it,

Too luxurious! Intersection Intersection

In addition to the headdress, it is also equipped with a pearl necklace, a proper luxurious noble woman. The whole body is lace+gauze skirt, which is very dreamy. The big bow behind the waist is the finishing touch and can be disassembled. The skirt is very, very fluffy, and the work materials are very good!

This design+workmanship, selling more than 200 makes people feel really value!

It’s so grand, and I don’t have a little bit of daily life. If there are little girls wearing it to play with sand, I will help her mother to beat her! Heavy work causes it

It is more suitable for babies to wear more meat

The long body is thin, and it will feel a little suppressed by clothes.


The skirt is a very light champagne, the material is

Polyester fiber is 70%, cotton is 30%. There are 6 floors in the gauze skirt,

The outermost layer is a bit of hard lace. The middle two layers of yarn and two layers of satin are cotton, so it will not be uncomfortable to wear, but it will definitely be hot.

Wenbao children’s clothing -75 yuan

This shop is also planted on the little red book,

There are many small men’s babies’ good -looking dresses

Essence I only hate me last year I did not find this Baozang shop! This is not my favorite, but the other models are basically broken.


90 yards are missing, and 80 yards were purchased this time.


If this dress is not short of code!

The British style makes people shine in a collar+shirt+strap pants. The shallow tone of the upper deep and down makes it look dull at all, and it is also friendly to the baby black skin. I feel that 80,000 is set off a little bit! The whole design is so grand, it is also possible to wear it everyday.

Even if I was smaller, I still retained myself.


It is a little shorter that the strap is shorter, and it is very easy to fall. After putting down the strap, the look good is significantly reduced, and the clothes will be too short, and the pants cannot hold the clothes.

The shirt fabric is 100%cotton, 85.7%polyester fiber of pants, 14.3%cotton, and type A infant supplies.

The clothes feel good, but it should not be very breathable. The trousers feel very ordinary,


But in terms of appearance, love and love.

Also because of the 80 -yard lack of code, 73 yards were purchased.

This skirt is not dazzling at all in the 5 small skirts, but the real wear effect is excellent. If it is not a small code,

Almost stayed in a long way!

The feel is thin and comfortable,

Everyday, taking pictures, and party can be competent, and the real value is very high.


Wearing a small hat and feels like a Japanese cute baby, it is very weak and pity. It is like a Cinderella who is replaced. In terms of overall design, this little skirt is more suitable for a baby about one year old.

Skirt material is


Polyester fiber is 97.2%, amplymids 2.8%, and a lace mesh is 100%polyester fiber.

The inside material looks stiff, but the actual feel is okay, and the yarn feels soft and thin.

Be sure to praise the hat, and hate wearing a hat, she has worn it steadily for a long time. The hat is also a loose band, and I can’t get it in,

It is very suitable for wearing windy weather, and the shape will not be chaotic.

Colorful Duo-188 yuan

¥ nt00y7sqip3 ¥

This brand has been making children’s dressing dresses for many years. There are many various dresses and performance clothes in the store, mostly more suitable for Chinese University.

Choose according to daily size and purchase 90 yards.

Pink shirt

Color difference

The seller’s map is light powder, and the real thing is the pink that is the kind of waiter in the bar. Thinking about it, such a dress is not suitable for birthdays, which is more suitable for being a flower girl.

Buying this male baby dress was originally just for the order. With the women’s dress with the same shop, the picture is beautiful and the next second is to get married (although it is beautiful, but a moment when the two babies grin together).

In terms of size, the shirt is more than N, but the waist circumference of the pants is very small, and the baby with a large belly is particularly unfriendly. It is basically unable to wear a set of chicken ribs. Although the material is written

Polyester fiber 50% cotton 50%,

But the shirt feels very hard, and the material of the vest and pants is also average. It is said that it will also get the ball.

With the price of nearly two hundred, it is not worth buying.

Colorful Duo-318 yuan

¥ IV3DY7SJ2N4 ¥

The audience is the most expensive, this suit is definitely unrealistic, but ~~

My wife is too good -looking! Intersection Intersection

Let’s hurt the mother who fancy this one first:


This skirt stays long!

The seller said it was pink, but it should actually be a more generous champagne color. Very very gorgeous, the only little dress that can be with Ruoqi’s PK, wearing it is a little princess! Lying in front of the window, the sun came in, there was a taste of not eating fireworks. Although this picture will be broken soon, it is also a little dream of a numbness.

Without the headgear, it is necessary to make extra matching for babies of Xiaoyue.

The fabric is 100%polyester fiber and 90%cotton 10%polyester fiber.


The outer Ou Gen yarn feels smooth and comfortable. The inner layer is cotton, and it will be a little more comfortable to wear than Ruoqi. The skirt is the most fluffy in all. Originally thought that it should be more than Ruoqi’s set, but there was only 4 layers in the actual number, which means that there should be no set of heat.

Lagura Beibei Garden-49 yuan

This shop belongs to the TB explosion series, and the price of clothes is relatively low.

This dress is strict, not a dress,

I bought it purely because I was tired of the style of the shirt strap pants.

After the measurement, the style is good -looking, the material is thin and breathable, and the pattern of the pull -up pants can be seen. It will not be hot when wearing it in summer. It is also very comfortable to use it as a home service.

The material on the tag is written

100% cotton,


The feel is very soft and comfortable. The price of less than 50 can not only be worn at the age of the month, but also can be worn everyday.

The practicality and cost -effectiveness are high, and it is recommended to start with Xiaoyue.


Laga Babe Garden-75 yuan

By purchased by daily size, it was purchased 80 yards this time.

The splicing design of the lace+gauze skirt can also ensure beautiful style at the same time as a little fairy. The donated crown is elastic, and it is very good to wear. It is solemn, but it is more daily. It will not be hot to wear outside in summer.

Although the hats are good -looking, they are unwilling to wear them. It may be that two are so solemn in the previous interviewing, so although this one is also fairy, as a dress, it is quite ordinary and has not moved.

PS: But moved me! Obviously not ordinary! Is my lack of dresses? What I am missing is a female goose!

80%polyester fiber of the fabric is 20%cotton and 90%cotton 10%polyester fiber.

The fabric is very soft and comfortable, including the most inner lined cotton,

It feels the best in all dresses!

Pig Wheat Du-126 yuan


Chen Chen’s mother’s man’s gown, who originally wanted to start, suddenly got off the shelves, so she used this as a substitute.

This shop also belongs to the TB explosion series.

This is the imitation version of NEXT.

After I took it out, everyone asked me one after another, why did you take out the first one -_- ||

Although it is an imitation version, it still has dignity! The difference is that it is a little blue, and the pants are longer! In addition, NEXT’s suspender is very powerful. Although this suspender has a trend, it still insists on it!


Overall, it is still photogenic (after all, it is basically not different from NEXT),

I don’t care much about the mothers of the positive imitation.

Although the material is written

100% cotton, Class A,

But the feel is not good, and the quality is poor. As soon as I took it out to put it on, the button on the neckline dropped! The tie loves the hair very much. I do n’t know where I have a circle of hair after taking the photo. It is very easy to leave stains. 80,000 can only hold the corn on the chest for a while. There is a light yellow juice on the clothes!

Little Pig Wheat-145 yuan

The most meaningful set of Grandpa, tried to persuade himself to stay. The seller said that this color is pink, and the big roses on it are beautiful, and it is not the kind of fabric that looks hard at a glance, and it feels OK. It can be solemn or daily. It will not be hot in summer, and the real wear is relatively high.

For my dense phobia, this dress is not in line with my aesthetics.

Looking at it is beautiful, although I can’t buy it, it does not hinder the mother who likes this kind of model.

The material on the tag is

The fabric is 100%polyester fiber and 100%cotton.

The fabric feels average, and there is no contribution.

Say 5 cents of 毛

After writing this review, I found that the slag technology really did not shoot the beauty of the female baby’s dress!

Please take a look at the details of the women’s dress!

(Here is an ending of a whole game, why isn’t it a daughter! Ask the sky and ask the earth!)

As for the male dress … there is no sense of surprise [indifferent face].

I swear! I will never check the dresses again next year.

The next issue is

Baby sandals topic

Everyone has a good sandals, and find me a fan report with graphic and text!












Tags are written on

Choose according to daily size and purchase 80 yards.

Wenbao children’s clothing -75 yuan


Skirt material is

Skirt material is

Choose according to daily size and purchase 90 yards.

Choose according to daily size and purchase 90 yards.

By purchased by daily size, it was purchased 80 yards this time.