In the award ceremony of the 52 Gentle WeChat Queen Awards held on September 3, there was not much speech by the Queen of Weishang, but she raised her hands to reveal the focus and persistence. She was Du Wanyi, the founder of Qitai Weishang.

Today, Weishang reporter Nini was honored to interview the Queen Weishang Queen at the China WeChat Expo.

Today Weishang Reporter: Can you introduce yourself?

Du Wanyi: I am the co -founder of Qitai Weishang and the founder of the V1 team. After 15 years in the industry, I was fortunate to help dozens of startups to achieve impressive results at the same time.

In 2013, I invested in the work of micro -business and established Qitai Weishang.

In 2015, I established the V1 team to produce my own cosmetics brand.

Amended e -commerce Co., Ltd. mobile e -commerce partner:

Main business: Correct the comprehensive fruit and vegetable enzymes of Placberry, correct the candy of macaosin tablets, modify the leaflet pinoptes, modify the konjac dietary meal for solid drinks, correct the soft glue of the deer tire clam and grape Chip candy

Today WeChat reporter: Why do you participate in the selection of the top 52 WeChat queen?

Du Wanyi: After learning that there was a China WeChat Expo in September this year, I was prepared early and yearn for participation. Because I think this selection is an affirmation for women we are pursuing a career. At the same time, I hope to take this opportunity to become friends with more big coffees and exchange mobile Internet business together!

Every micro -business has a queen dream.

This is a recognition of myself, and it is also an recognition of my team’s efforts.

When I learned that the 52 Queen of WeChat Queen, I discussed with my team’s friends to discuss whether to participate, and my friends were more excited than me, and I encouraged me to register.

In the next period of time, they were proud of me and promoted me to participate in the event of the top 52 WeChat queen, and they paid votes everywhere. The last message of the circle of friends in the evening was the first piece of information they saw. Tickets.


I am very moved. Become a micro -business queen, not only my own business, but the whole team!

I can’t let them down, I must be selected as the top 52 WeChat queen!

Today’s Weishang Reporter: What are the moments that make you unforgettable in this event?


Du Wanyi: First of all, the people around me and my V1 team knew that I participated in the top 52 of the national WeChat, and enthusiastically supported me. I was really moved. Thank you here.

Standing on the stage this time I am not President Du, not a lecturer, I am the founder of the V1 team, the top 52 of the Queen of Weishang! I am proud of my identity!

In addition to the honor of this selection, the most precious thing I have gained is these friends. I really thanks to the organizer of the Queen of WeChat 52, and thank you brother Yong.

Today Weishang Reporter: What changes do you have before and after this event?


Du Wanyi: During the entire process of participating in the meeting, the team included company members, and a lot of friends who knew me were news about current affairs. Everyone sent me congratulations and felt that I was even greater.

My vision of mobile e -commerce has been broader, and I have learned more about more friends. These will help my future career!

Today WeChat reporter: Talk about the two people who impressed you the most in the top 52.

Du Wanyi: The most impressive, the founder of V Bus Gang, she is an all -round woman. She is first -class and very good in team management, planning or training. Praise

Another one is Amy Li Yan. The first impression she gave me was the 20 -year -old goddess. It was very young and beautiful, but in fact she was one year younger than me! And whether it was a product or a brand, it was very big and very big. A woman who is expressive.

Today’s Weishang Reporter: Will you still participate in the top 52 of the 52 WeChat queen next year?

Du Wanyi: Of course, to participate, this is a good platform. Here I have gained a lot of precious things. I hope we can gather with more big coffee every year!


Today’s Weishang reporter: Tell me about your suggestions for the selection of the Queen of the top 52!

Du Wanyi: I hope to meet more big coffees in our WeChat Queen 52 activities in the future! I also hope that our WeChat will be better and better. At the same time, I hope that our top 52 will have the opportunity to gather together, communicate more and promote each other!


Today’s Weishang reporter: Thank you for taking the time to teach the interview during your busy schedule.

The 52 Queen of WeChat was initiated by Brother Yong in June 2015. With the image of cartoon characters, the first deputy micro -business female founder of the micro -business industry, the founder of the micro -merchant, attracted many founders of the micro -business team to join the event.

The awards ceremony of the top 52 WeChat Queen Awards has attracted the attention of Guangdong TV, Guangzhou TV, and Southern TV Station and other TV stations to this event and reported on -site. And the big coffee forwarded through WeChat, which caused more than one million forwarding and attention.