At 7 pm on May 12, the opening ceremony of the 2022 undergraduate graduates of the School of Fine Arts of Chongqing Normal University held the opening ceremony and costume dynamic show. Chen Zhijun, deputy secretary of the party committee of Chongqing Normal University, and leaders and guests from various brothers colleges attended the event.


The exhibition of this work is based on the theme of “Qunqing”, and the graduation design highlights the combination of traditional culture and modern life. The exhibition works involve five design majors including the environmental design, visual communication, product design, clothing and clothing design, clothing design and engineering of the Academy of Fine Arts, and have two art majors including painting and art (normal). A total of 7 theme modules.

Professor Luo Xiaohuan, the deputy dean of the Academy of Fine Arts, said in his opening speech: “Qunqing” is a name, the common title of the 2022 undergraduate students of the Academy of Fine Arts; The students used bright and deep blue, accumulated thick accumulation, and opened thin hair.


At the enlightenment, Liu Qingquan, secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Fine Arts, announced the decision to commend the outstanding graduation work. Among them, “The Last Commendation”, “Bimo”, “Unbounded. Common. Health -Future Smart Public Rental Housing Landscape Design”, “Chongqing Guangyang Island Ecological Landscape Enhancement Design”, “Urban Oasis -City Oasis – 21 graduates such as Landscape Interactive Park have been rated as “Excellent Graduation Design of the 2022 Undergraduate Graduates of the School of Fine Arts of Chongqing Normal University”.


Professor Chen Zhijun, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Chongqing Normal University announced the opening of the exhibition and clothing dynamic show.


The work “Last Like”


Work “Bimo”

On the night of the opening ceremony, the wonderful clothing dynamic show was amazing. The catwalk is colorful, and the catwalks are vitality, showing the fruitful results of the design of the graduation design of Normal University.

Behind each gorgeous clothing, there is a profound connotation. Graduates from the two majors of clothing and clothing design, clothing design and engineering focus on the “local culture in the Southwest”. Through the design of clothing, it reshapes the ancient Shu culture of Sanxingdui. Inherited the deep cultural genes of Bayu, and realized the perfect combination of tradition, modern, classic and fashionable.

“Clothing Dynamic Show” scene


In the exhibition of other professional works, the visual communication majors focus on topics such as red cultural and creative, rural revitalization, and traditional cultural inheritance and innovation.

The product design specialty focuses on the selection of topics and socialization of the city’s elderly, and adheres to the combination of design and output.

Graduates of environmental design focus on the theme of the relationship between man and nature, green design, and healthy design, focusing on the transformation of the urban and rural living environment, and work design is committed to improving the quality of urban quality and the beautification of the living environment of residents.


In the art majors, graduates focus on the relationship between man and nature, and through the review of the macro and micro -world, it forms a beautiful cognition and interpretation.


Fuck oil painting work “Dragon”

Woodcut print work “Chongqing”

It is reported that the exhibition of this work is a exploration and innovation made by undergraduate education in the education concept of “curriculum ideology and political politics”. While continuously improving the humanistic literacy of students, the college adheres to the principles of service and the only path, allows openness and practical thinking to take root in students’ design thinking, and make substantial creations for social development.

The graduation exhibition will last until May 20.

Author: Dong Hao Picture: The Academy of Fine Arts of the University of Heavy Normal University