At present, major hospitals have been implemented or medical cards. While facilitating patients, they also bring more cards that cannot be universal to citizens.

At present, the state is also vigorously advocating the implementation of the “residential health card”. It integrates the functions of new rural compliance, medical institutions, and immune prevention certificates. It is a true “one card” in the true sense.

From the perspective of Jinan, the model of the hospital’s respective politics is still very common.


Jinan Central Hospital has now realized a direct registration of medical insurance cards and does not need to re -apply for the “one cartoon” of the hospital.

Qilu Hospital has also realized ID card registration, and does not need to apply for the “one cartoon” of the hospital.

Shandong Provincial Hospital still needs to apply for medical cards.


The Fifth People’s Hospital of Jinan City must spend a dollar for medical card medical treatment.

Although the storage card of Shandong Ophthalm Hospital does not charge a fee, it also needs to apply for a card first.


Medical Cartoon has the convenience of medical cards. Now major hospitals are engaged in informationization. The self -service card payment machine in the hospital saves a lot of labor and saves a lot of time for patients. The greatest convenience.

But similar, many patients can’t see the disease several times a year. Occasionally, they go to the hospital for a cold and fever, apply for a card, and re -make up the card when they go next time. Therefore, it is best to choose medical cards for patients. If it is only inquiry, it is not necessary to handle it.

And after watching the elderly and children at home after watching the illness, there are several “medical cards” from different hospitals in their hands. In addition Who is and which card is rich.

Now after many patients read the illness, the money of medical cards will not be completely collected, but there will be some left. Don’t look at the few medical cards of each patient, but the accumulation is accumulated, these precipitated funds are not a small fee.


Nowadays, in the general trend of informatization, the realization of a cartoon is just a matter of time. It is true that the convenience of the people can feel the convenience of informationization.