This Spring Festival 2020

In addition to care for Wuhan epidemic

Our ordinary people can do

疫情时期自己宅家做美味 有这些神器省心省力

That is to stay at home with your family.

Home isolation protection is not to give social

However, the time of the home is not a waste of time.

And family doing a delicious meal together

Diy drink with the children

Eat food, drink drinks, enjoy your own fun

Waiting for the weather to warm the sky, when the epidemic is dissipated, everyone will come out again to visit, about a meal, play!

Below is some kitchen appliances selected by the author, I believe that these products will be a good helper for cooking.

Integrated stove

As a must-have electrical product for the kitchen, the integrated cooktop is a kitchen appliance, saving space, saving, energy saving, low energy saving, energy saving Environmental protection is its advantages, I believe that the homes will be more convenient when they have a meal at home.

疫情时期自己宅家做美味 有这些神器省心省力

Martian X7 steam box integrated stove, new use micro gas kinetic principle, the smoke absorption rate is as high as 99.95%, even if the fried one hundred peppers are not afraid, the kitchen does not have to suffer from the cigarette. And Mars X7 steam box integrated stove also supports multi-threaded cooking, fried, fried, fried, cooked, steamed, two cooking patterns, and fully meets the cooking needs of a family.

Automatic cooking machine

Now there are many young people who don’t cook, including the author, when I learned that the kitchen appliances also “automatic fried vegetable machine” this category, I think this is really a lazy welfare for my kitchen black hole, the cooking machine is A new type of kitchen smart appliance is used to solve problems that will not cook.

疫情时期自己宅家做美味 有这些神器省心省力

This “rice” fully automatic fried breast lazy fool-style operation, satisfying the modern young people for the kitchen cooking demand, APP self-cultivation and intelligent operation, let the whole kitchen cooking is very simple, only need to be ready The ingredients and seasonings are placed in the ingredient box, and the remaining right will pay for it. It is OK. Why don’t you use “rice” automatic fried vegetable machine to do a gourmet.


The home breakfast at home can not be less, and the common sayings “One day is in the morning”, breakfast is a very important meal in the day, and it is critical to protecting human health, maintaining physical fitness, improving learning and working efficiency. Do not eat breakfast not only affect learning and work, but also cause some diseases, such as gallstones, gastritis, skin rough, hypotension and other symptoms.

When I saw this, I decided to give myself a child, I’m doing a nutritious breakfast, IAM-I5 broke the multi-function menu and hundreds of recipes, easily realize a one-button production free DIY, can meet each High quality production needs of food products, rice paste, soup porridge, etc., and the broken wall is excellent, and the taste is more delicate, which is a good helper for making a drink.


The problem of eating is to get it, what should I do if I don’t want to wash the dishes after I have finished food? At this time, you will miss a dishwasher. The dishwasher is definitely one of the necessary artifacts of the kitchen, washing vegetables, washwashes, this small matter is handed over to it. After using the dishwasher, you will find life so beautiful.

The Huardian JWD8-V7 dishwasher uses an embedded design to help you solve the problem of kitchen footprint. Washing the DP Double Dragon Roll Deep Washing Technology, the stereo nozzle sprayed, all-round cover rinsing range, 75 ° C high temperature water pressure strong flush heavy oil, definitely washing more clean than your hand wash.

After reading these products, you will definitely be your heart at home. After all, this convenient kitchen appliance doesn’t like it, and a good house is also a delicious meal. In addition, the author wants to say:

Wuhan Come on! Go China!

I believe we will spend the difficulties as soon as possible!