The weather is getting colder, and the question that friends ask the most is how long factions overcome how to match it? So today I recommend a few simple and practical ones to overcome the combination of pants. Most of the long -style factions overcome the loose style, so we should use the trouser legs with pants to be narrower to make the overall look coordinated.

1. Long style overcome+high bomb gauze tight pants

The length of the long style overcomes the length of the knee. For this kind of clothes that only expose the calf part, it is a perfect solution with tight pants. The waist tight faction overcomes the perfect sense of vision with the close -fitting tight pants. This looks tall and stylish.

2. Long style overcomes+holes and jeans

The long -style faction overcomes the classic popular pants jeans to be perfectly matched. Both items are strongly highlighting the personality, which can greatly enhance your own charm.

3. Long style overcome+beam sports pants

The laziness and casual sense of beam sports pants are perfectly matched with Pai overcoming, creating a relaxed and sporty atmosphere.


4. Long style overcome+leggings

No matter what color of the color, it can be matched with black leggings.


You like it in autumn and winter. Do you like these combinations above? If you like it, please continue to pay attention. The stars will bring you more temperament beauty!

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How to match the long style? -The trousers