Hard alloy rotation is mainly driven by electric tools or pneumatic tools (can also be installed on the machine). The speed is generally 6000-40000 rpm. When using, the tool should be clamped and straightened. The cut direction should be moved even from right to left, and cutting cannot be cut back and forth. At the same time, do not use too much power to prevent dandruff. Please use protective glasses.

Because the rotation 锉 should be embedded in the grinding machine and manually control it during the operation; therefore, the pressure and feed speed of the knife depend on the working conditions and the experience and skills of the operator. Although skilled operators can control the pressure and feed speed within a reasonable range, what needs to be explained and emphasized here: First, to avoid excessive pressure when the speed of the grinding bed decreases, which will cause the knife to overheat and it is easy Turning blunt; second, make the tool as much as possible to contact the workpiece as possible, because more cutting blades can penetrate the inside of the workpiece, and the processing effect will become better; in the end, avoid the handle of the knife to touch the workpiece, because this will cause the knife to overheat the knife to overheat the knife. , Damage or even destruction of copper welding ting.

Replace or cut dull heads in time to prevent completely damaging. After the passivation, the cut head cuts slowly, so the pressure of the grinding machine must be increased to increase the speed, which will inevitably cause damage to the knife and grinding machine, and the cost is far greater than the cost of the dumplings after replacement or pointed passivation.

Lubricants can be used together during operation. The liquid wax lubricant and synthetic lubricant are more effective, and the lubricant can be dripped into the head regularly.