The gentle temperament is what many women want to have,

After having a gentle temperament,

His image will also give people a very soft feeling. Although there is no strong aura, it can create an elegant atmosphere.

Want to make your image softer,

It can be said that it can be said to be very important,

Because there are many clothing that can show gentle temperament, not everyone can understand the true meaning of wearing.

Therefore, some women choose to wear it in line with their own image.

Not to mention improving the gentle temperament, let’s take a look at how the gentle temperament should be improved by wearing.

Drawing on the gentle dressing of female stars

Tang Yixin’s gentle dressing

Gentle sense of wear often requires specific dressing skills to use it properly.

It is difficult for ordinary people to understand the true meaning of wearing,

So you need to learn from the appearance of some female stars.

Many female stars will combine their own experience,

Go to find a clothing match that can improve the gentle temperament, so they still have their own uniqueness in fashion.

Speaking of female star Tang Yixin, I believe that many people should know her, right?


Tang Yixin is not only a powerful actor, but also

At the same time, it is also a fashionista in terms of wearing. Tang Yixin’s style of dress is very valuable.

Wear clothes with gentle temperament,

Not only full of ladylike temperament, but also very age reduction

Then, friends may wish to learn from the editor to learn these tenderness and feelings of Tang Yixin. I believe that everyone can find the style that suits them.

Tang Yixin’s light makeup looks so gentle. She wore a white skirt and fairy fluttering, low -key and ladylike. Seeing Tang Yixin’s white skirt super lady, she copied directly.


Tang Yixin’s gentle dressing shape

White suspender lantern sleeve chiffon long skirt

If you want to create a gentleness, you can do it with a chiffon dress to do it.

And it is recommended to choose a chiffon dress, because the chiffon material itself is very thin,

But wearing it on the body will show a full sense of ladylike, and then with long skirts, it will not only tender, but also enhance elegance.

Chiffon long skirt is recommended to choose white style,

White is a very simple and clean color

If you combine with chiffon material, you can create an elegant and gentle temperament, and make your image more pure.

The white chiffon long skirt can also be selected in daily life

This style of dressing can make their image more picky, and women with fair skin can choose appropriately.

Pay attention to the tailoring of the white chiffon long skirt. From the tailoring of the upper body,

It is recommended to use the design of love to show your exquisite collarbone and neck lines

, And you can use the design of a suspender to highlight your shoulder lines.


The design of the suspender can also be combined with the sleeve,

You only need to use the hollow design at the part of the arm and shoulder connection. The sleeves are recommended to choose the lantern sleeve.

Because the lantern sleeve is a slightly fluffy sleeve design,

Such a sleeve has a good modification effect on the lines of the arm

At the same time, it will also make the styling slightly sweet and gentle.

Other gentle senses wearing styles

Rose pink and gray stitching tube top skirt

Gentle wear can actually be achieved through color,

If you say you prefer that colorful color,

Then it needs to be combined with some soft colors to make your image more harmonious.

Then it is very suitable to use light gray to match rose pink.

The light gray light and low -key combination of rose pink can make women’s temperament charming and ladylike.

The overall modeling is recommended to choose a tube top dress,

Combining rose pink with satin material


It is made into upper body, and the lower body skirt is made of gray gauze, which not only forms splicing color, but also has a stitching design.


Orange -red knitted sweater+black trousers

Use a sweater to match your own words, you can also make your image more gentle.

Because the fabric of the knitted sweater is very soft


This soft fabric itself can create a soft ladylike temperament.

Knit sweater can be orange -red,

Orange -red knitted sweaters are not only gentle, but also have a sense of age reduction.

Because orange red is a brighter color, it will also make your complexion look fair.

Orange -red knitted sweater can be matched with forehead trousers

In daily life, such a matching method is relatively comfortable and casual, and it will be more low -key.


Blue and white striped ribbon shirt skirt

If you want to choose a combination of blue and white, if you want to choose a combination of blue and white,


It can make the temperament gentle, it is recommended to make the blue and white stitching into a stripe design

In this way, the overall shape will become much refreshing.

Blue and white striped shirt skirt can be added with a ribbon design,

Make the same color ribbon into a tie and belt shape,

It will make women’s overall temperament more elegant and agile.

Tang Yixin’s gentle dressing is very valuable, and she can make her slightly heroic face gentle, so everyone can learn to imitate it.