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1. Reasons for purchase

人生路上,总该有双小白来陪你:White's boots工装靴开箱

After buying the first pair of life boots Chippewa 1901M25 in 2015, I have lost myself in the American retro mud pits and couldn’t extricate myself. The materials are thick, the design is simple, and the function and practicality emphasize. These American retro style consistent style is in line with my daily dressing concept. Therefore, the 8111 of the red -wing family was chopped, and the hot 875 was not chosen because the 875 was a little bit angry. The middle -aged uncle couldn’t control it.

In a blink of an eye, Chippewa and Red Wing have been in service for 4 years. After the initial grinding period, both pairs of shoes are already very comfortable and very comfortable. It is the highest shoe in the three seasons of the autumn and winter spring. According to their design concepts and life span, these two pairs of boots are more than 10 years of service. But people always like to look at Shu, who is boots and WESCO, and I have been tickling in their hearts. It happened to encounter a very good pair of Xiaobai, so I shot without hesitation.

人生路上,总该有双小白来陪你:White's boots工装靴开箱

If Carter Cat and Timberland Timberland are representatives of American -style production boots, then Red Wing and Chippewa can be regarded as representatives of American handmade workpieces. However, the sales volume and great reputation do not mean the best. Xiaobai White’s Boots and WESCO have more usefulness in terms of materials, boots, and materials. Can’t get around a hurdle. Of course, there are Alden, Jumian … waiting for us

人生路上,总该有双小白来陪你:White's boots工装靴开箱

2. About Xiaobai White’s Boots

From Baidu:

人生路上,总该有双小白来陪你:White's boots工装靴开箱

The century -old brand White’s Boots, also known as the King of Boots -the king of work boots, is often nicknamed “Xiaobai”. It is not large, but after a century -old structure and a tough appearance of the American style, coupled with the delicate handmade stitching, the century -old craftsman’s spirit is integrated into a pair of leather boots, accompanied by you to walk on the road.

Okay, let’s take a look at yourself. If you want to know more, you can go to their official website to see more

The biggest difference between Xiaobai and Red Wing and ChipPewa ​​is probably Xiaobai’s customization system.每一双小白都是可以定制的,从鞋型、鞋楦、皮革材质、皮革颜色、靴筒高度,到靴头样式、靴头支撑、鞋底、鞋跟、鞋孔五金,再到沿条、 The midsole, tirah ring, lining, etc. are not enough, it is really customized. There are a thousand Hamlet in the eyes of a thousand readers, and a thousand retro players also have a thousand small white boots. No two Harley is exactly the same. Similarly, there are two pairs of small white.

At present, Taobao sellers can provide customized services. You choose to configure them to help you customize. Of course, you can also customize it from the small Bai family by yourself. Customized cycle+international transportation time, it takes 3-4 months to get to hand (WESCO costs 5-6 months

), I have to say that it is a long process. Some domestic sellers also have some stocks in their hands. If you don’t want to wait, you can buy the spot directly. The price will be slightly higher. Of course, the style and size will not be selected. There is nothing to buy, fish and bear’s paw.

Fourth, boots configuration

My luck is probably good. When I am going to buy it, I just turn around on the Internet. I happen to see a pair of small white spots. I carefully compared all the configuration. It is the configuration I want. It is the perfect size. For work boots, the most difficult to control is the size, so there is no hesitation to place an order. On the third day after ordering, it receives the dreams that you want. Ha ha.

人生路上,总该有双小白来陪你:White's boots工装靴开箱

Configuration: (The differences in various configurations can be searched online, there are very comprehensive introduction posts, so I will not reprint it here)

人生路上,总该有双小白来陪你:White's boots工装靴开箱

Shoes 楦:

Smoke Jumper 55 Last, the characteristic of this 楦 is full of boots, slender palms, and it looks very hard and very hard -working.

Boot height:

人生路上,总该有双小白来陪你:White's boots工装靴开箱

6 inches. 6 -inch is the most common size, which is better to match. In addition, there are 5 -inch, 8 -inch, 10 -inch and other sizes.


Black Holvinpi +primary color Hallwinpi. Horween has a high oil content, thick but soft, and is friendly to the ankle. The effect of tea core after the old age is also great. However, Hallwin’s waterproof resistance is poor, and it is relatively easy to be scratched. If you care about durability and solidity, you can choose oil skin.

Leather lining:

Yes, brown lining. The leather lining helps the shoes to be qualitative, and it will be more beautiful in the later stage. It is a necessary choice.

人生路上,总该有双小白来陪你:White's boots工装靴开箱

Tira ring:

人生路上,总该有双小白来陪你:White's boots工装靴开箱

Yes, I personally feel that it will be more convenient to wear a Tira ring.


人生路上,总该有双小白来陪你:White's boots工装靴开箱

Have. This is a more commonly added option. One is to protect the toe, and the other is to look a bit more elegant.

人生路上,总该有双小白来陪你:White's boots工装靴开箱

Toe bracket:

人生路上,总该有双小白来陪你:White's boots工装靴开箱

One layer of bracket. The default is a layer of toe stent, and you can also choose no bracket, two -layer bracket, steel bracket, etc.

人生路上,总该有双小白来陪你:White's boots工装靴开箱

Shoes Hardware:

人生路上,总该有双小白来陪你:White's boots工装靴开箱

Silver hardware+fast buckle. Hardware has copper, nickel, black, brown, and can be according to aesthetic needs. However, it is strongly recommended to choose fast buckle, otherwise it will be troublesome when wearing shoes and shoe laces.

人生路上,总该有双小白来陪你:White's boots工装靴开箱


Single layer. You can choose a single layer or double -layer. Xiaobai’s single -layer midsole is already thicker. The double layer is too heavy, which is not suitable for daily wear.


人生路上,总该有双小白来陪你:White's boots工装靴开箱

The curve root standard is high. You can choose the curve and the vertical heel, which is a personal preference. The heel height can choose the standard height, drop 1/4 heel, drop 1/2 heel, and rise 1/4 heel. If you feel that the heel is too high, you can reduce heels, and the heel is generally rare.


人生路上,总该有双小白来陪你:White's boots工装靴开箱

Double row line along the strip. The default is the double -row line along the strip. If you want to show a little bit, you can also choose a single row of line along the strip.


430vibram. In addition, there are 430 half bottoms, leather, 700 half, Honey color outsole, 700 outsole, etc. You can choose according to your needs.

5. Open the box

Open the outer box, the box is quite satisfactory, and the quality of the box is softer. There are two plastic bags wrapped in, and there are no filling shoes in the shoes, but it is really not used.

人生路上,总该有双小白来陪你:White's boots工装靴开箱

A pair of leather laces, a pair of Putong shoelaces, and two spare tongue. This is the standard configuration of Xiaobai.

The front side diagram.

人生路上,总该有双小白来陪你:White's boots工装靴开箱

Xiaobai’s logo is also the dream of many people.

430vibram bottom

人生路上,总该有双小白来陪你:White's boots工装靴开箱

This is the Tira ring mentioned just now.

Looking at the height of the two boots is inconsistent. Yes, if you don’t read it, you are not consistent. The typical old beauty products are full of ingredients and the details are terrible. I have bought 4 pairs of red wings in total with my friends before, none of them are equivalent, all high and one low, I am used to it.

Little cards such as nursing guidelines.

The standard curve is my big love, and it is almost amazing.

Toecap, do you look a little bit more impatient?

Put on leather shoelaces and look at the effect. The side lines are awesome, which makes people love it.

The excess tongue in the packaging is pretended to be here, mainly to play the role of decoration and protecting the original tongue.

人生路上,总该有双小白来陪你:White's boots工装靴开箱

Come on the effect map of the foot, whether it is jeans, military pants, work pants, shorts, and shorts, it is very easy to match, and the formal dress is indispensable.

6. Simple comparison with red wing and chippewa

Because I have only one pair of each boot, I can only make a comparison simply. Please forgive me.

1. Shoe boxes and outer packaging: Chippewa’s most domineering, the box is big and hard, the design is also very beautiful, followed by Xiaobai, the worst is the red wing.

2. Attachment: Xiaobai is the most, the key is leather shoelaces. The red wing is the same as Chippewa, just a pair of laces.

人生路上,总该有双小白来陪你:White's boots工装靴开箱

3. Workman: Xiaobai and ChipPewa ​​are not much different. They are rough and the red wings are the most rough.

4. Material: This little white victory, from the thickness of the leather, the thickness of the bottom, the quality of the hardware, and the quality of the hardware, of course, the weight is a lot heavy. Red wings and Chippewa are basically the same, but the price of a pair of small white is enough to buy 2 pairs of red wings, so this is also the victory that it deserves, otherwise it is meaningless to spend money.

5. Shoe type: Although it is a tooling boots, ChipPewa ​​is a bit angry, a bit like a big boy. The red wing is more wild, like a prodigal son in his 30s who does not repair the border. He has the strength and strength but still lacks tempering. Xiaobai reveals a little bit of beauty in domineering, more like a middle -aged man who has gone through vicissitudes. It is elegant enough but people who can’t be underestimated at first glance.

6. Comfort: In fact, the work boots are not comfortable. Both the red wing and Chippewa take about a month to run out. It is very hard when I just get on the foot. The skin is very fitted, and now there should be no problem in running 10 kilometers. Xiaobai is the heaviest, but the top of the feet is zero. Although there is a heavy foot feeling, it is very comfortable to walk. This is the best thing to win. This is expected.

7. Quality: It ’s a tie, oh, these three pairs of just wore a pair for ten years and eight years, it is not a problem. At most, the soles are grinded to change the foundation.


人生路上,总该有双小白来陪你:White's boots工装靴开箱

Although Xiaobai is expensive, it is placed on the timeline of its 20 -year life. The cost is not much every year, and the older the boots, the more years of the years, and the more storytelling. With such a pair of shoes, you can rest assured that you can accompany you through thousands of mountains and rivers, walking over the years. Such a rare companionship is really not a matter of money.

If the end of the world escapes and leaves only a pair of shoes, that’s right, it must be Xiaobai.

人生路上,总该有双小白来陪你:White's boots工装靴开箱

Finally, turn a picture of other people’s small white old chemical pictures