Under the market where various types of prices rose and house prices soared, vacuum compressed products quietly became popular in the market. The degree of compression made consumers a bit incredible. It used the atmospheric pressure to compress it It isolates the external air to save about 78%of the space, and has the effects of dustproof, mildew, moisture -proof, and insect -proof. However, as the market profit space of vacuum compression products continues to increase, how can our consumers find real -price products in a variety of vacuum compressed products?

Vacuum compressed bag type

Based on the exhaust method, it is divided into three categories of exhaust type: use an external air pump, such as an air pump or a vacuum cleaner to perform exhaust.

Rolling pressure: This type of compressed bag is generally small, and the gas is discharged by pressing the compressed bag with hand roll.

Siter type: Generally, it is lyric, and the gas is discharged through heavy objects. Based on the bag and use function, it is divided into seven types of plane three seals: the three sides of the bag body can be opened and one -side can open the chain, and the exhaust is exhausted by external exhaust.

「真空压缩袋知识百科」真空压缩袋使用方法 真空压缩袋几丝的好

Hanging type: Combining traditional plane three -type aspiration valve combined with hooks to become a compressed bag that can be hung up.

Three -dimensional: add an extra layer of expanded film at the bottom of the traditional plane three -seal. The appearance of the previous pure plane and large area has become a storage tool that can conform to space design and can stack multiple layers.

Rolling type: Generally, the gas is discharged by pressing the pressure of the bag with hand roll. Suitable for useless exhausting tools

Siter type: Generally, it is lyric, and the gas is discharged through heavy objects. It is suitable for use when it is not exhausting tools.

Compressed storage box: Combined with the non -woven fabric storage box, it can protect the weakness of the compressed bag that is easily scratched by leakage.

Dual use: combined with the plane three -type and rolled pressure operation method, suitable for general household use and outing.

Vacuum compressed bag specification size

How many silk for vacuum compression bags is good

The thickness of the vacuum compression bag is represented by “silk”, 1 wire = 0.01mm. The thickness of the general vacuum compressed bag is from 6-11, and the larger the number of “silk”, the thicker the bag is proved.

6-8 wire

Relatively thin, it will be scrapped in one or two years.

9-13 wire

Moderate thickness. The bags that are neither too thick are too hard and crispy. It will not be scrapped in a year or two because the bag is too thin.

「真空压缩袋知识百科」真空压缩袋使用方法 真空压缩袋几丝的好

14-16 silk

Too hard and crispy. And the price is relatively expensive, unreasonable, and not recommended to buy.

How to use the vacuum compression bag

1. Put in clothing

Put the drying clothes cotton quilts into the shape that is convenient for storage. Try to put it in the bag as much as possible, at least a few centimeters from the seal zipper.

2. Check whether the seal is clean

Check whether the zipper seal is cleaned before pulling up the zipper, whether there are small fibers or dust, and wipe it clean if there is a rag with water.

3. exhaust

Put on a sliding piece, press the sliding film zipper with your hand, and gently pull it to the other end. When it is pulled to two -thirds, squeeze the clothes or quilts and roll it. After the most air is discharged, Quickly pull the rest of the third of the slice.

4. Confirm the sealing

Press the sliding film on the zipper several times with your hand to ensure that the zipper is really sealed.

5. Use the manual pump to pump the air

Open the gas mouth, pin the air pump at the air mouth, and pull the piston to pull the air.

6. Use a vacuum cleaner to pump the breath

Open the gas mouth cover, take the vacuum cleaner’s straw to the gas mouth, and turn on the vacuum cleaner to quickly pump the air to compress.

Vacuum compressed bag purchase skills

Look at the material


There are two composite materials: PET+PE and PA+PE. In terms of cost, PA is higher than PET, technical indicators are different, and quality is better. In appearance, the product of PA materials is softer than PET products.

Depend on thickness

Thickness affects price

This is the reason why the price difference is relatively large. Generally speaking, there are three main types in the market, 0.06mm, 0.08mm, and 0.10mm. For home use, the most suitable is 0.08mm.


Don’t leak and do not

The most critical point is the basic purpose of our buying this product, which is to keep vacuum. Just don’t have the phenomenon of leakage. If there is a leak, then this product is useless!

Look at the brand

Brand representative quality

Consumers choose a vacuum compressed bag, and the brand is also a key consideration. In most cases, brands are equal to quality.