Previously, some friends who were concerned about fashion asked, “How to wear British style?” As a person who has lived in London for a year, I think I am still qualified to give everyone some reference suggestions.

Britain is a very attractive country. It has a long history, beautiful and ancient architecture, and the cultural heritage of nobles. “The head of British fashion is naturally the object of everyone’s imitation.

There are many elements of “British style”, such as: floral dress, plaid pattern clothes, color combinations based on blue and red 2 colors, hats, gloves …

Today I will share with you a artifact to create a British style: checkered trousers.


1) Brown checkered trousers wear


Brown is the main color of autumn, the color of fallen leaves, this brown checkered trousers with a short black one -word collar top, and white high heels. The whole shape is simple and generous, youthful and stylish. Highlights.

2) Yellow and blue plaid pants wear

This yellow and blue plaid pants are wide -leg pants version. Wide -leg pants are relatively not easy to match, but everyone remember that the principle of “upper and lower wide” is not wrong. The wide -leg pants itself is itself. Very loose, if the top is loose, it will appear bloated, so this tight V -collar white sweater is very suitable. White and blue are also a good color combination. Generally speaking, wide -leg pants with high heel shoes more suitable.

3) Dark brown plaid pants wear


This loose version of the checkered pants is also dark brown. The top is paired with a light brown wave dot shirt. It belongs to the shades of the same color system. The belt and handbag selected black at the same time, and the color of the whole shape is also very harmonious.

4) Red lattice pants wear


The red and blue lattice pattern should be the classic representative of “British style”. The T -shirts and coats of the top are red, the overall feeling is very strong, the shoes and handbags are brown, and the brown with red is also very harmonious.

5) Red lattice pants wear

The pattern of this red plaid pants is relatively large. The color block is larger. The top chose BM air short black T. The jacket is also black but also has a red plaid for embellishment, echoing up and down, plus black Martin boots, the entire shape, the entire shape Very punk and avant -garde.


6) Light gray checkered pants wear

This light gray checkered cropped pants are very beautiful. The top is a tight short black T -shirt, revealing the navel and waist, which is very fashionable and sexy. With black pointed half boots, the whole shape is very simple, sexy, and fashionable.


7) Light gray checkered suit suit

Light gray with white is the best choice, so I chose a white checkerboard turtleneck sweater. The shoes chose white Martin boots. Red, these details are worth learning.

8) Gray grid suit suit

The picture above introduces light gray+white is the best color combination, so the color of this set of plaid suits is darker, so it is more suitable with black. Wearing a suit jacket to form a mixed style, it is still unified in color, and it is worth learning.


9) Stroke waist nine -point pants wear

This checkered pants are very special. Not only do you have the treatment of the belt, but also the lotus leaf design on the side of the pocket 2. The top is also a lotus leaf design. The combination can also be recorded as a public announcement.

10) Green plaid suit suit


Green+white, which is a perfect color combination. This light green plaid suit suit with white T -shirt and white half boots is very beautiful. The handbags choose brown and echo the yellow in the clothes checkered color. Have you learned?

11) Gray checkered trousers wear

Black and white gray three -color combination, absolutely stylish classic colors, and nude short coats on the outside, can be recorded as standard wearing publicity, PS: The pants are also applied to jeans.


12) Fine checkered trousers wear


This fine -grained trousers with black tights and black leather trench coats are very cool. The metal buckle of golden shoes and belts echoed. The pink handbags have a brightening effect. It is very practical in autumn.

Well, today’s British fashion “checkered trousers” series will be shared here for everyone. I hope that everyone can share the essence of fashion wearing according to each issue of wearing, thereby forming their own style.


PS: I am an angel to see the world. A literary girl who loves fashion and loves to share. Welcome everyone to pay attention to me and let us be beautiful together.