Give the rope upstairs and send the next “fruit basket”

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Evening News (All media reporter Dong Zhenxia Correspondent Li Ming Zhang Qiang) In the past few days, the grid members of the Keyuan Street Office of Zhangdian District are particularly busy, rainy days, but they are busy dealing with various problems before they are busy. Happy. The storage room of a resident building in Nanxiu Lane, Ruiyuan Community entered the water. When the grid staff helped solve the problem, the residents upstairs sent a basket of fruits with a rope; After the long -term seepage of water, the residents sent the flag … When the grid members visited in the community, the “big things” that the residents were solved by the residents were remembered by the residents. Heart -warming gifts are the affectionate gratitude they sent. The city is civilized, the streets are warm, the tenderness in the city details, and the heart -warming story in the community is the most beautiful persistence of the city.

Give the rope upstairs and send a large “fruit basket”

During this period of continuous rain, there was a problem with an old residential building in Nanxiu Lane, Ruiyuan Community of Zhangdian District. Residents reported to the community that the drainage system in their buildings had problems. When it rained, the storage room was serious. After learning about the situation, the community grid member Cao Yiwei rushed to the scene to investigate and found that the design of the drainage pipe here was a bit unreasonable. “When the rainwater displacement is large, the water will flow into the storage room, which will cause the storage room to accumulate a large area of ​​water.” Cao Yiwei said that in the past few days, many storage rooms of residents’ homes have been soaked by rain due to continuous rain. The wall skin is also moldy. If you do not take effective measures immediately, there will be hidden safety hazards.

After reporting to the community, Cao Yiwei immediately contacted Lou Chang and the resident representatives to discuss the pipeline improvement and repair plan. Later, she started with the installer and enthusiastic residents. In less than half a day, she replaced the new drainage pipeline.

What made Cao Yiwei unexpected was that when they worked downstairs, a resident upstairs sent a basket of fruits and mineral water with a rope from home. The residents who sent the fruit said, “It’ s raining these days, I watched the grid clerk girl in the rain every day, and was very moved for everyone. I was not good. I couldn’t get off the building. I bought some fruits and water with a rope, which is also a heart. Thank you for the community staff who solve the problems for the people. “

The residents are given to a grid member who is enthusiastic about the people

The heart warm picture is not only sent to fruit. Recently, a resident sent a banner, thanks to the grid members of the Ruiyuan Community of Keiyuan Street Office for the people to help the people and help to solve various problems encountered by the residents.

During the interview, the reporter learned that it turned out that there was a water seepage problem in the walls of the residents of the residents of the No. 4 silver -collar international community in the Ruiyuan Community. For a long time, the property has not been able to find out the cause of water seepage. The problem has not been effectively resolved for a long time, residents have complained, and more and more contradictions with the property.

After understanding the situation, the community grid member Sun Jiazi actively visited the households. While soliciting clues, he coordinated and contacted professional maintenance personnel to find the cause of water seepage for residents. Professionals have repeatedly investigated the household investigation, and finally found the reason for the water seepage of the wall. Within a few days, the water seepage wall was repaired.

The residents said that sending a banner to the gangsters who are enthusiastic for the people also praise the warm -up service in this civilized detail.

Grid officer a new battery is a problem with the 80 -year -old elderly

When you encounter difficult things to find a grid staff for help, it has become the daily choice of the residents of Yingchunyuan Community of the Keiyuan Street Office. Ms. Yi, an 80 -year -old resident of Yingchun Garden community in the interview, said that the grid staff helped her solve the problem at home, and she was so happy. At noon that day, the old man suddenly discovered that the natural gas stove at home couldn’t get angry. “I called a lot of calls, those service calls were ‘computer prompts’, and I didn’t know how to operate.” The old man said that his wife was sick in bed and the children were not around. God.

When she was helpless, she suddenly remembered that there was a network officer contact card issued by the community at home, and then called to find the community grid staff Yu Chao. After Yu Chao took the old man’s help call, he immediately rushed over. At the old man’s house, Yu Chao first tried several solutions to the online solution. After finding that he could not solve the problem, he immediately inspected the gas stove. Finally, he thought that the battery was out of power, which caused the stove to ignite normally.

Yu Chao trot all the way to buy a new battery. Sure enough, after replacing the new battery to re -swipe the gas card, when igniting it again, blue flames were raised on the stove. Looking at Yu Chao with sweaty, Ms. Yi was distressed and moved. She couldn’t care about eating. The grid staff who solved the problem for herself made her sincerely want to say “child, thank you”.

During the interview, the reporter learned from the Political and Legal Committee of Zhangdian District that the Keiyuan Street Office was problem -oriented, starting from the details, based on the “compact grid” to comprehensively improve the effectiveness of people’s livelihood and service residents. In their work, they give full play to the role of the grid to solve the “small problems”, “small dispute” and “small appeal”, and set up a special community service group based on the grid team team to comprehensively improve the demands of the masses and residents. The response speed, strictly implement the responsibility of the grid division, so as to refine the service to people and quantify the job. It is required to find the needs in the grid, the service of the service in the grid, and the problem of solving the problem in the grid. Things make the grid the “Lianxin Bridge” for the community and residents.

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