In summer, people are always looking forward to and imagined.


The summer in memory is a fan, the watermelon of ice, the melting ice cream, the house under the air conditioner, and the joy under the scorching sun.

Summer is always so beautiful.

However, summer is always suitable for your hat to block the hot sunlight and match comfortable clothes to spend this long summer.


1. Cotton wire knitted folding ruffled fisherman hat

Spring and Summer Korean Star Same as thin cotton wire knitted folding ruffled fisherman hat basin hood sun hat female hat

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The wide curled brim, lined with face shape, cotton thread knitted, lines circle, extending the charm of retro nation style. The dense holes are so breathable, and they are not worried that summer will be too boring. Pick up with you, just do it!

2. Embroidery cartoon pattern ice cake fisherman hat

Fisherman hat female Korean summer new embroidery cartoon pattern sunscreen sun hat ice cake cute hat

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Summer is the festival of ice cream. On the hot summer, the light pink brings a fresh feeling. Ice cream Ling Rongkou is even more happy. With a cute ice cream fisherman hat, put on T -shirts, denim shorts and small white shoes, isn’t it cool this summer?

3. Hip -hop hip -hop baseball cap

Matsu Street Dance Hip Hop Base Baseball Men’s Outdoor Small Suns, Street Tomatos Tomatos Sports Hip Hop

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Summer is a good season for showing figures, and it is also a good time to play coolness.

As soon as the black peaked hat was worn, Hiphop’s handsome trend came immediately. The bending hat is especially lined with face shape, and the face under the brim is so cool. The green hemp is against the green summer, and the loose T -shirt is packed, and the back is simply handsome!

4. Pure white light board retro sports cap

ZIY Korean version of baseball cap female pure white pure black light board basic retro sports cap cornary peaked cap

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Pure white hat, pure white you. White, always versatile. It can be paired with the tide’s Korean style, the cool European and American style, and the faint fresh wind. Confident, you are suitable for you!

5. Pure black flat top baseball cap


VISROCK Four Seasons Outdoor Baseball Hat Men’s Korean Version Chao Ping Ding Hat Female Leisure Army Hat Muck Duck Tongue

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The classic black makes the flat -top peaked hat more thick and powerful, and it can’t hide the domineering of black. You can match leisure, you can also match handsome. If you want to become handsome and neutral, you can try this ~

6. Shading Big Eaves Cute Fisherman Hat


Aiyu Korean version of summer travel letter sunscreen hats, basin hat, sun hat, big eaves fisherman hat lady


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Sometimes the fisherman’s hat can also give people a sense of security, covering the entire head, covering the sun, making the sun in the summer no longer so dazzling. The color matching of Mi Bai and Tibetan green, with a color transition, the geometric triangle makes the hat more balanced, adding a sense of layering to the hat.

7, cotton khaki -color fisherman hat


Eight Astrology | Sun He is afraid of sun! Cotton shade hat fisherman hat black/khaki


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If you are short hair Girl, this hat is more suitable. The simple color, clean, simple. With a T -shirt and strap pants, you love you so clean and simple in summer.

8. Camouflage baseball cap

Yeezy Season hat Men’s military sunscreen camouflage baseball cap Men and women hip hip hip -hop shading caps spring and autumn

Don’t be too handsome, a strong camouflage style, brings casual and style. Do you dare to match the camouflage? Like Song Zhongji, the skills of the sister -in -law went up!


9. British flat -eave straw hat

Men and women’s sun hats in summer Korean version of British flat -eaves little hat, sunshade jazz, bowl bow hat

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Have you worn straw hats, have you worn literary straw hats? This British flat -eave little hat is suitable for mature you, retro you. The brim of the slightly tilled cap is beautiful and cute. The smooth ribbon forms a black bow, and the hair under the hat flutter with the wind.

10. Candy -colored wild hip hopping along skateboarding

South Korea Ulzzang Light Plate Pure Baseball Candy Color Void Hip Hip Ping along skateboard hat men and women couples

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Candy hip -hop flat hat, solid color versatile. It can be fresh, exercise, on the street, or leisure. Black domineering, white and clean, red and beautiful, hidden deep. Different colors and different styles, wait for you to choose!

Facing the hat, there are still difficulty choices ~ As long as you wear it, you can wear it! In summer, there is a hat, give your head a stable protection ~ The space above your head can also be so colorful ~ In summer, pick the hat that is suitable for you, and play!

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