As the saying goes, “bags” cure all diseases. Most women like bags very much. They are not in a good mood to buy bags in exchange for a good mood. If you feel good, you will buy bags and reward themselves. But in fact, for women around 40 years old, the more bags are, the better. Choose less and fine bags to truly become a weapon to help us.


So in summer, which bags are more suitable for us? Don’t worry, this time I will share 3 bags for everyone. It is recommended that women around 40 years old. Do n’t buy too much in summer bags. How can these 3 bags look good? Let ’s take a look!

1. Straw bag

When people reach middle age, we must pay attention to the quality of the bag, not the quantity, but at the same time, we must understand that the quality of the bag is not equal to high price, but high value.

The value of the bag is reflected in its practicality. Only a bag can only start with the versatile practical and elegant. In summer, the straw bag is definitely worth starting. This type of bag can not only set out a romantic and elegant summer atmosphere, but also make your shape more natural and generous.

It can also be strengthened, and the grass compilation is very cost -effective, the price is not expensive, everyone can afford it, and it has super practicality. It looks good with pants and skirts.

And the straw bag takes into account the beauty and practical value, and you can put a lot of things when you go out in summer, such as paper towels, mobile phones or parasols. If you pursue the sense of atmosphere, you can use straw to pack dry flowers to decorate and beautify.

However, don’t ignore the clothing matching. The bags and clothing are always complementary. Only with simple and elegant can the bag can strengthen the style of dressing.

In the summer, it is recommended that 40 -year -old women with shirts, T -shirts, short -sleeved grandma shirts with long skirts, or shirts, T -shirts, short -sleeved grandma shirts with high -waisted straight jeans, high -waisted slightly raw jeans or high -waisted wide legs trousers.


These combinations are very simple and durable, exuding elegant and stylish French style, with straw bags, which is more romantic and unique as a whole.

Second, handbag


The straw bag generally focuses on the summer atmosphere of romantic and natural, and it is more suitable for out of the street, travel and vacation.

If you want to have a bag that can be competent for daily and workplace, you may wish to choose a handbag. The color of the handbag is best to choose black, white or earth color.


These colors of handbags are relatively classic and versatile, and they will not make mistakes with skirts.


However, in summer, the most recommended is light and gentle light -colored handbags, such as beige, apricot, and creamy white.

The light -colored handbag is more gentle and soothing than the dark color model. It is a visual look at the generous look. It echoed the top of the shirt, underwear or shoes, and it can also strengthen the high -level sense of dress.

The handbag is made of leather material, which is relatively simple and formal. In terms of matching, you can try to use it with a long skirt or dress to enhance the formal sense of the shape. Great no sense of atmosphere.

With leather shoes, it further enhances the texture.

Third, chain bag


In addition to the straw bag and handbag, the chain bag is also suitable for 40 -year -old women.

The main feature of the chain bag is the design of a metal bag. Compared with conventional bags, these bags can also enhance the gloss of the overall shape while taking into account the practicality and aesthetics.


Use it with a skirt or pants in summer to easily make your shape more modern and fashionable.

In particular, some middle -aged women who like dark clothing should not miss the chain bag. It can be a small square bag of the above chain or a chain crossbody bag.


For example, when wearing a black skirt, black dress or black wide -leg pants, it is paired with chain bags. Modern fashion is not dull and easy to be fashionable.

In addition to the black chain bag, a 40 -year -old woman can also choose a white chain bag, which is elegant and delicate as a whole. That’s it for the bags shared by a 40 -year -old woman this time. In summer, we should not buy too many bags. There is enough to have the above 3 bags above. It is elegant and advanced!

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