Hello, Jimei, presumably everyone is now

Already successful in summer

, I bought a lot of clothes!


I will give you one after another not long ago

Recommended sling

, Skirt or something, but many babies still feel that they can’t wear it,

Not good -looking

, This guy is giving me a big deal ~

But what can I do? In addition to petting you

There is no other way

, To say the most versatile in summer, everyone can wear it,

That must be short sleeves


, But the short -sleeved style is still a bit single!

So today I


, I found a lot of good -looking tops for everyone, absolutely

The versatile and good -looking,

Favorite sisters hurry up!

I like this when I get older

Pink pink and tender clothes


, With short skirts and plaid skirts, they are particularly girls,

Two twist braids

It is said that you are a high school student!

figure 1

It is also pink, which is more than the previous one

A little more elegant

, It’s a temperament girl’s hanging, V -line lapel design


The neck is longer

, The straps of the hem are also very unique, paired with skirts and pants

It’s all absolutely!

figure 2

Although this one is not so everyday,

But very film

, The color is clear and the color is very strong, wearing it in summer

It’s really fairy!

image 3

Compared with ordinary dolls, I prefer

This color color

, Blue -green collar plus the collar of lemon yellow, really

Very eye -catching

, No other decoration is enough to be eye -catching!

Figure 4


Navy style top,

Although the design is relatively sweet, the color matching is cool, and it is also sweet.

Must -choose!

Figure 5

Sisters who like retro wearing can take a look

Checked top

This piece of color is very good, not the color of the soil,

The overall is very clear,

Suitable for retro wearing!

Image 6

The blue shirt wind is also

Unchanged classic


Moreover, the stripes are also very simple and generous, whether we wear skirts or wide -leg pants

Nothing will make a mistake,

Sisters who want to be more ingenious can add a lace suspender, even more!

Figure 7

The sisters of the office workers want a little bit about the workplace

It’s just serious

You can choose this one, whether it is embroidered or the design is generous and simple, and

High -end color

It is also good -looking with suit pants!

Figure 8

The hot girl wore this drawing line design

Short T,

Whether it is paired with high waist pants or short skirts


It’s super suitable,

You can also adjust the length of your clothes by yourself, convenient!

Figure 9

The folds polo collar small shirt me


It is also recommended,

The design of this middle zipper can be adjusted at will, and Budi puts the waist and

Collarbone is exposed

, Usually pull it, but

Upper half fat

Don’t choose the sisters!

Figure 10

Chiffon shirt summer


There must be one, wearing with jeans alone is proper

Sister Korean


, With a camisole and a denim skirt

Another style,

Very worth!

Figure 11


Sisters who usually take the retro route,

Buy this kind of flower shirt

The above pattern is relatively low.

Very young and beautiful!

Figure 12

Gradient short -sleeved ball

Kangkang ~


It is also the ocean in summer, and the love ribbon on it is also very special. With a short skirt, you are a beautiful girl!

Figure 13


The cute girl is always sure

Don’t wear a baby collar


The top, but this one is still a bit different, her doll collar is

Dual -layer lace

It doesn’t look so thick, and the pattern is super cute!

Figure 14

And this one, the doll pads up

There are pearl beads,

Each one of the buttons is different shapes and materials, and this kind of compact idea is also me


I like it more!

Figure 15

Hong Kong flavored sweater color is very good, not to mention retro


Still very gentle

, Wearing a small skirt is also a sweet lady ~

Figure 16

The last match is really endless, light pink shirt and bean green vest,

Add a two -color tie


The vitality is fresh again, love and love ~

Figure 17

The above is what I recommend to everyone

Summer look good