When I hear the shirt, everyone’s first reaction always feels dull and boring. But in fact, this is not the correct way to open the shirt. In the eyes of the tide, the shirt can be said to have a hundred ways of wear. It can be strapd or waist, and the style is very easy to make you be beautiful.

Look at it at first glance


In this body, it was really beautiful. This ultra -short white shirt


Move with flash film

Long skirt, the fairy flutter is still very fashionable and dazzling. Avant -Guard and Advanced

Sexy and grabbing

It is alert to make people alert, it turns out that the shirt is no longer what we know ~

I do n’t have to worry about being worried about daily when wearing the event. The same is also short -cut, but the style is completely different. The strap design keeps the clothes loose, and it can also outline the slender waist well. Give people a slim and weak feeling, proper



The artifact of showing figure. The slender waist and long legs are refreshing and neat, and you don’t want to be the focus when you go out.


The way to wear well is also appropriate to use on a shirt. Twist your clothes directly


Get up and create a full -scale casual. With a wild leopard skirt, this body is more sexy. I can’t be vulgar,


Thief’s temperament

It’s right. There is a strong French elegance between the moves, which is suitable for vacation or picnic




Long shirt may not only be a coat,

Single wearing with shorts


It is also very stylish. Pingted collar plus the usual long style,


Very casual

Very generous. Only two buttons were buckled, and successfully broke the stereotype and boring of using the shirt as a skirt. The addition of super shorts and boots is also the finishing touch.

Cool and more fashionable

It’s right.


The femininity rich in one -sided off -shoulder is almost overflowing. Actually


Basic white shirts, but if you dress well, it will look too dull. And this shows a unilateral shoulder line, which can highlight the good figure

It will not be too abrupt and exaggerated.


Elegant temperament. Sexy and


The collision of temperament, let alone the boys who are fascinated by watching it, even the girls watched it.

Also exaggerate

Woolen cloth.

The cross -strap is naturally creating a sense of lines, lengthening the neck while pulling the waistline. White with silver -gray design is very simple and durable. The tailoring of the high split is also

Show body, and fully show the lines of the legs when walking. With fluorescent high -heeled shoes, it is very eye -catching



The sense of layers and details are available. Look at it from a distance, you know this person

Dressing skills

Absolutely extraordinary.

The collision between coconut milk and taro, really


The milk is too sweet.

The collision of similar color tones looks both rich and layered and harmonious. It is gentle and very friendly for yellow peel, and the whole person’s spirit will get up immediately. Walk


Feng Yufan



It is completely OK.

The white shirt with basic models can also be very brilliant. The addition of the hollow skirt, the aura was instantly exuded. The taste of retro hot girls is in place, and her legs are too long. With a fine heel, you can go directly to the street, and the comfort and daily sense are high.



It’s really not picky people. When you want to try a new style, you can rush boldly.

The striped shirt is never out of date, I believe there is no need to say more. The blue and white stripes and a slightly stiff version are actually very refreshing. The addition of gradient knitted skirts also makes classic striped shirts more avant -garde. The effect of modifying the thigh lines is a must, and the bird’s legs are easily owned.

The blue shirt will be more neutral and more serious, so it is very suitable for such a hollow skirt. The addition of the broken single items will not only make the blue shirt uncomfortable, but also

Highlighting the trendy personality, INS is full of wind.

It can be seen that the shirt is still pattern, whether it is style


The method is wearing method, in fact

Very changeable

fashionable. So don’t think that people are rigid and boring, and quickly learn to learn.