Gucci Beauty launched the Vernis à ONGLES nail polish series this year. The new nail polish series presents ten colors comparable to rainbow colors. Based on Alessandro Michele’s favorite color, nail polish is rich in texture, which can last for four days for wear -resistant and long -lasting, maintaining high gloss color. The bright and extremely shiny nail polish can smooth the surface and flaws of the surface of the nails smooth, and at the same time provide a protective layer for high -efficiency and capacity for the surface of the nails. Create an extremely bright and long -lasting nail polish makeup effect. For each layer of color, it can create a layer of smooth nails for nails, exuding different dazzling dazzling colors.

Gucci Beauty推出限量版美甲贴纸!人人都可轻松塑造Gucci Nail

Gucci Beauty launched a limited edition nail sticker series. In April 2021, the GUCCI ARIA series launch conference appeared for the first time. The stickers echo the lyrics to mention Gucci’s fashion exhibition soundtrack and pay tribute to the brand in a fun way. Just as music echo the brand standing in colorful and popular culture, the vivid image of the nail series praises the unique brand logo. The four designs have launched various colors and sizes, which can create endless creative combinations.