#What to wear today#




Striped element is a very very kind

Classic elements

As long as you are a person who knows fashion, you will use it

Striped element

To achieve your own fashion purposes, especially for some designers, new fashion fashion design will not only pin the hope in

Striped fashion

On the body.

It will also use striped elements to create different ones

trendy style

For most ordinary people, the style of striped elements has always been



In daily life, everyone likes to match striped shirts or striped jackets.

In addition to these items, it is also recommended that you choose the pants of striped elements, not only

Fashionable and watched

, Let the match achieve

Sigh and thin

In the point of view, for women who are not perfect for women, girls who are not tall, striped pants are simply their own savior.

You can make your body taller and well -proportioned, creating a different one

Fashionable charm,

So I advise everyone not to wear a striped shirt anymore, but choose the more popular striped trousers this year,

Lamous and age -reducing

Can make you wear

Easy to go.

What are the advantages of striped pants?

1. Change the original body ratio


The reason why striped pants are hot is because there are really too many advantages. The most practical advantage is that it can change a person’s

Body proportions,

If your figure proportions

Not tall


, But ordinary

Five -five -point body

Material, you can choose

Striped trousers

To change your style and figure.

Many people may think that striped pants make people feel very

A sense of distance

, That is, it will present

Exaggerated feeling,

But as long as the style is matched, it can show the unique one

Charm and gas field

, Your dress will reach

The point of thinness.


After all, striped elements can be visually viewed by one person

The proportion of the body is stretched,

This is why many people wear striped pants to do it

s reason.

2. Matching is more fashionable

Every kind of pants has its defects and advantages. The biggest advantage of striped pants is its own style design

Very novel

After all, striped elements are a kind of

Very popular elements.

So it is used on the pants, and naturally it can also create a unique one


If you choose wide -leg pants or small foot pants, you will not only expose your body defects.

It will also make the match look


It feels a bit too restrained, but with striped pants, the appearance looks like

More liberalization

It won’t make people feel

A sense of restraint.

If you want to improve yourself through the most common match



Then, it is recommended that you try more

In terms of style interpretation, the pants will present

The most fashionable side.

3. Classic style is not out of date

Pants with striped elements are very

Unique existence

It is better than the basic style straight pants, or some


, Look like

More atmospheric

And such pants and

Not easy to be out of date


Even now it is the 21st century.



The pants can still become the mainstream items, which can present a variety of different ones to everyone

fashion style

For some fashion workers,

The pants are definitely one


It can make the image and style more and more successful.

When you are still eager to try for the pants of striped elements, and want to present a different style, smart women have long created enough

Successful fashion style.


So I suggest everyone fashion

As soon as possible

This kind of pants will not make you regret it, but will feedback

More advantages

, Make your match differently


Maybe the previous style, you will only match the casual style, or simple style, the pants of striped elements can be created

Avant -garde

, Even the modern style, or on the table

International style.

As long as you have the ability to use this item, striped pants can be done

Classic is not out of date

, Even after more than ten years and twenty years, this kind of pants are still

It will be popular.

1. Sunglasses+suit striped set+white bottoming shirt


If you want the fashion of striped elements, help you create more


And more fashionable

Mixing effect

You can try a suit suit with a black sunglasses and

White bottoming shirt

, Make the overall style look more atmospheric, interpret high -level

Fashion effect.

This way of matching will not

The fashion is too complicated, but in one

Simple form appears


Just the right excavation of striped elements brought about


Sense of fashion

, Ultimately interpreted a more advanced style, I believe most people compare

Anti -striped element

It is because such fashion makes people feel very good

A little


It feels, but as long as your matching method is more pragmatic, I believe the final style will


More successful.

What style do you choose?

If you are a person who has an extremely pursuit of fashion, then striped elements can try a little

Complicated style

For example, with bright color striped pants, to use it

Green style is mainly


Through this kind of pants, with a printed suit, combined with one

White shirt

, Make the style look more

Artistic sense.

I believe that many people dare not try this way, but use the same color matching to build the relationship between items. I believe that your dress will become

It’s outstanding enough.

3. suit jacket+suit shirt+suit pants

Most people accept the style in different states, and some people will choose simple

Suit suit,

Some people only choose

More complex

The form of matching, in exchange for more

Fashionable results.

For example, choose a suit shirt to match


Then choose a suit striped pants, the whole fashion element is based on

Striped element -based

It will feel more likely

Fashionable atmosphere.

So the solid pants are out of date! This winter is popular with “striped pants”, and it can be worn by shorts

Long legs

If you let you choose

Striped pants

Striped element

Striped element

Striped element

Striped element

Sigh and thin

A sense of distance


What style do you choose?