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Today, let’s talk about the ballet shoes that we are familiar with

It is said,


Ballet flat shoes have already existed for a long time,

The earliest can be recovered to the 16th century.


However, the initial ballet floor shoes were mostly used in the design of men’s shoes, and they were also called soft -bottomed shoes. It was quite popular in the Middle Ages. For so many years, this kind of shoe is still very clever.

There are 5 brands below:

Stuart weitzman


Although this fan’s Stuart Weitzman borrowed the basic style of ballet shoes, it added a 2-3 cm high heel design. In addition, the strap design from the instep to the ankle is also completely loyal to the prototype of ballet shoes.


2.Cole haan

The Cole Haan, founded in 1928, has some history, but was acquired by Nike in 1988, and later sold it again. At first, the brand only made men’s shoes, and then began to make women’s shoes, as well as clothing and accessories. In 2014, the brand cooperated with the ballet of New York to launch the New York city ballet shoes. Judging from the creativity of these advertisements, this series has grasped the essence of flat heels, which is the comfort wind.



Miumiu’s pair of ballet shoes are very interesting. They use a full -heel design, and the fans’ fabrics also look very small girls. But it seems that in order to move closer to ballet shoes, the details of the “straps” are added, but they did not use a very feminine ribbon design but used the cool black leather. It seems that this pair of jeans should not be a problem at all.


It is said that the founder of this Italian brand created this brand with inspiration to travel around the world. He likes to collect small objects in various places, ancient books and old -style clothing, so the entire brand of Etro is full of strong exotic style, Bohemia Style is a major feature. Therefore, its ballet flat shoes also use the embroidery factor, which is very fancy, but it also retains the elegance of “leisure stroll” of the straps and the parallel bottom. But if you look closely, it is so similar to ancient Chinese embroidered shoes. Seriously, the old Beijing cloth shoes really have this similar design, but it is a little more “stage style”, and the color is more red with more black.



Chloé is doing this ballet bottom shoes all year round. In 2010, the brand’s spring and summer catwalk, all models are wearing ballet shoes. Moreover, Chloé’s ballet shoes really look too similar to ballet shoes, and even retain the tip of the head. In addition, leather -style ballet flat shoes are handsome.


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