Washing machine usually opens or covers the cover? What should I do if the drainage pipe is overflowing? There are really many people doing wrong

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In such a fast -paced era, everyone’s life is full, so some things can be thrown out if they can “throw out”. It is precisely because of such a concept that in a market sense, the development of smart home appliances has also been promoted. Like a dishwasher, it is a typical example of “liberating hands”.

With the increase of everyone’s entertainment, the cleaning of clothing becomes frequent. At this time, if you still use hand -washing in the past, it will not only make people very irritable, but also compress our time and energy. Therefore, the “washing machine”, the smart home appliance, has gradually become an essential electrical appliance for home.


Although every household has a washing machine, many people’s use of this more common appliances is wrong. For example, the following errors are common.


1. Wash the socks, underwear and ordinary clothes


Everyone wants to be “worry -free and labor -efficient”, so many people in life will directly stuff the socks, underwear and other ordinary clothes into the washing machine. This approach is really worry -free and labor -saving, but it is undeniable that all kinds of bacteria will be full of underwear and socks. Therefore, this approach seems to be enthusiastic and effort, but it is “unwise.”

The most correct way is to wash the clothes and pants and other clothes, while underwear and socks need to be washed separately. If you really do n’t want to wash it by hand, you can go to the market to choose some clean small appliances that specialize in cleaning underwear and socks.


2. After washing the clothes for a long time before drying


After the washing machine was washed, it was still a closed space. At this time, the moisture inside is relatively heavy. As the home appliance experts say, the water in the washing machine will inevitably have bacteria breeding. If the clothes are not taken out for a long time, it will become a breeding ground for bacteria.

So every time you wash your clothes with a washing machine, remember to take it out to dry in time. If you really forget to take it out, it is not recommended to dry it directly, it is best to rinse with water again.

3. After taking the clothes, cover it in hand

It is said that the author said at the beginning. After washing the clothes every time, is the cover of the washing machine, whether it is covered or opened? In fact, everyone has everyone’s opinion. Some think that if it is not covered, the inner tube of the washing machine will fall into the dust. Some think that if there is water stains on the tube wall in the washing machine, bacteria will definitely breed.

In fact, the most correct way is to open the cover after taking the clothes every time. Wait for the past two or three hours, when the barrel in the washing machine has no water stains, cover the lid. Or just leave the lid of the washing machine a little gap. This can not only evaporate the water stain in the inner tube and reduce the occurrence of bacterial breeding. It can avoid ash accumulation.

4. The laundry machine is not clean for a long time

The washing machine was cleaned by the washing machine, and the most afraid of is not clean for a long time. Because the internal washing machine cannot be directly contacted with the outside world, it is easy to become a breeding ground for bacteria. In fact, we can see whether we should be cleaned as long as we cut off the rubber ring of the washing machine. For a long time, the washing machine that does not clean it will produce black mold at the position of the rubber ring. If a similar situation occurs in this position, it means that the inside of the washing machine will be dirty.

Therefore, cleaning the washing machine regularly is a job that must be done. However, the cost of cleaning the washing machine on the market is not cheap, and it will be hundreds of hundreds of people at a time, which makes many people who love cleanly be reluctant. In fact, there are some supplies that specialize in cleaning washing machines in the market. For example, “Washing Machine Clean Bubble Timp”.

Washing machine cleaning the soak, its principle of cleaning the washing machine is to quickly decompose the stains in the washing machine through peroxidine and surfactant. And this thing is also very convenient to use. Throwing one or two foaming tablets in it, the water injection and transportation of the water for 3-5 minutes, then turn off the power supply to settle for 3 hours, and finally turn on the power supply according to the daily washing method.

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5. The drain pipe of the washing machine is directly inserted in the floor drain

Many people ignore the problem of floor leakage of the balcony washing machine when renovating. After we stayed, many people directly inserted the drainage pipe of the washing machine in the floor drain. If the floor drain uses ordinary models, when the water drainage of the washing machine is too large, the phenomenon of overflowing is prone to occur.


In addition to the severe overflow, sometimes the location of the washing machine drainage pipe is prone to odor. In fact, this is caused by consideration. The correct approach is to change the ordinary washing machine floor drain and directly replace the washing machine “dedicated floor drain”. No matter how large the water flows, there will be no overflow.