The higher requirements of the product characteristics and new functions of the adhesive band in the medical, electronic and electrical industries will promote the in -depth development of the domestic adhesive belt industry.

The same effect of foam glue is also not small. The adhesive materials used in the TV include sponge, rubber, glass, etc., which are usually solid double -sided tape.

In addition to the protective film, glass fiber rubber paper, PCB board code, and fuselage film on TV, the barcode label and advertising stickers of the outer packaging box are inseparable from the use of adhesive bands. In 2010, the domestic foam double -sided tape market was 5.5 million yuan, and by 2012, the data rose to 10 million yuan, almost doubled.

The development of electronic products such as television and mobile phones will largely pull the needs of upstream adhesive bands to a large extent. Domestic companies should prepare early to seize this business opportunity.

The main purpose of bubble double -sided glue

The foam double -sided glue is based on paper, cloth, film, foam, etc., and then coat the adhesive evenly on the surface of the above substrates. The three parts of isolation paper (lyric membrane). Depending on the substrate, some substrates need to be treated before applying glue.

Bubble double -sided tape is classified as water -based double -sided tape, oily double -sided tape, hot -melt rubber double -sided tape, embroidered double -sided tape, and several categories of double -sided tape.

The adhesion of water -based double -sided glue is weak, and the adhesion of the oily double -sided glue is strong. The hot -melt double -sided glue is mainly used in stickers, stationery, and office. Oily double -sided glue is mainly used in high sticky aspects such as leather goods, pearl cotton, seated cotton, and shoe products. The embroidery double -sided glue is mainly used in computer embroidery. The post tape is mainly used for printing and positioning.


Foam glue is mainly used for the use of substrates on the surface of the substrate on the surface of the substrate on the surface of the substrate.

The main influencing factor of bubble double -sided adhesive elasticity

Bubble double -sided glue has special viscosity, and produces viscosity under external force, so as to realize close contact with the adhesive object, and the surface of the sticky object is wet and infiltrated. With × 10×10m, adhesion is formed. From this we can see that the adhesive has two elements in its adhesion: the adhesive and external force of the adhesive.

The viscosity of foam double -sided glue is mainly related to the variety and formula of the elastic body of the adhesive. It is the main and internal element. The external force includes the use environment (temperature, humidity), paste method and paste size of the use of foam double -sided glue, the use of the foam double -sided glue , The material of the sticky object and its surface cleanliness, surface shape, etc. are external influencing factors. Here we only discuss the effects of temperature and humidity on the use of foam double -sided glue.

1. The effect of temperature

The viscosity of foam double -sided glue is mainly produced by adhesives. The adhesive (refers to the adhesive that has been made into double -sided glue, and the same below) is a semi -flow body. There is an irregular molecular movement (that is, the Brown movement) in the interior. To strengthen, it is easy to moisturize and penetrate the sticky objects, and the viscosity is better. At the same time, the temperature is rising. When the temperature is high, the double -sided dual -sided adhesive reasons. However, when the temperature is higher than a certain limit, the force between the adhesive molecules decreases too much, and the molecules are likely to lose “restraint”, which will cause “high temperature flow glue” phenomenon. Conversely, the temperature decreases, the adhesive molecules obtain the external energy reduction, the adhesive molecular Brown movement weakens, the “restraint” of the adhesive is enhanced, and the activity of the adhesive molecular molecularity is reduced when the temperature is reduced. The force of force is reduced, and the double -sided adhesiveness of the foam decreases; when the temperature decreases to the glass -based temperature of the adhesive, the foam double -sided glue will lose stickiness. This is the phenomenon of “low temperature loss”.

In addition, the temperature rises and the thermal degeneration of the adhesive can also be understood as glue melting. At the same time, the increase in temperature will accelerate the aging of the adhesive and reduce the viscosity of the foam double -sided glue.

2. The effect of humidity


The suitable humidity used for double -sided glue of foam is about 55%~ 80%RH, and when it is more than 80%(such as the rainy season), the foam double -sided glue (especially water glue) contains a small amount of solvents or water. The stickiness of the adhesive band will also adsorb the surface of the sticky object to form a weak quality interface, which reduces the viscosity effect of foam double -sided glue. When the relative humidity is less than 55%(such as dry and cold in winter), the adhesive and the adhesion are too dry, which causes obstacles to the moisturizing and penetration process of the adhesive; the humidity is reduced, the dust concentration in the air will increase, and the weak quality interface will be easily produced when pasteting. It affects the adhesive to exert its stickiness. Therefore, regardless of whether the humidity is too high or too low, the adhesive will be reduced.

The main features of the weather in autumn and winter are the dry air and the temperature decreases significantly. From the analysis of the previous description, we know that the use of foam gum this season will feel that the viscosity is decreased and it is difficult to paste. It needs to work hard at the same time to overcome the adverse effects of seasonal changes on the use of foam double -sided glue.

1. The factory should adjust the formula of adhesive adhesives in a timely manner according to seasonal changes. This is an active measure.

2. Understand the adverse effects of seasonal changes on the use of foam double -sided glue, make timely publicity and explanations to customers, and assist customers to improve the environmental conditions of production and storage. Poor double -sided glue to play its performance effect normally.