On April 21, 2022, Xiaomi Group held a new Xiaomi CIVI 1S new product launch conference, officially released Xiaomi smart home screen 10. “Xiaomi Smart Home Screen” is a new category specially created by Xiaomi for the family. The first product Xiaomi Smart Home Screen 10 is a high -end flagship product designed for the whole house smart user.

Xiaomi smart home screen 10

Using the new MIUI Home system, the 10.1-inch large screen realizes the intelligent central control of the whole house; Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and infrared equipment control methods can also be controlled; Real -time screens, remote housekeeping, and camera physical baffle protection privacy; in addition, on the basis of listening, watching, children’s learning, etc., add the Michael Mickey function to support double K songs to create a private KTV of the family Essence

Today, the number of Xiaomi AIOT platform connection devices has reached 434 million, and users with more than 4 smart devices have exceeded 10 million. The advent of Xiaomi Smart Home Screen 10 can help users intelligently manage home appliances and achieve easy control.

The pre -sale will be opened after the press conference on the afternoon of April 21. On April 27th, the full channel will be officially launched at 10 am. The pre -sale price is 949 yuan. It is recommended that the retail price is 999 yuan.

小米智能家庭屏 10 发布!支持红外遥控、远程看家、双人K歌

Smart central control large screen design, one screen controls the whole house equipment

In terms of appearance, Xiaomi smart home screen 10 is carefully designed, like a technology artwork in the home. 10.1 -inch high -definition large screen, metal bracket, weaving cloth art, simple integrated design, adapting to different home styles. The screen elevation angle has no regulation, and the adjustment range is 90 ° -120 ° to ensure comfortable elevation angle, and it is also convenient for users to touch operation.

At the system level, the Xiaomi smart home screen 10 is equipped with the latest MIUI Home system. The first screen is the central control interface of the smart home. The whole house is displayed according to the scene and room type. Lighting, environment, socket switches, monitoring, curtains, and housework, the whole house equipment is regulated, and the whole family can easily use it.

At the same time, it also supports diversified control methods, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and infrared. Powerful equipment compatibility, support Mijia and hundreds of third -party IoT platforms and device access, and easily control 3000+ smart devices. The built -in infrared remote control can also make 6000+ traditional home appliances intelligent.

Xiaomi Smart Home Screen 10 provides a wealth of equipment linkage experience. It supports home screens, mobile phones, and TV cross -device video calls. It gives 1,000 minutes of free online calling for 1,000 minutes per month, and adds face tracking function. When the video calls, the characters will automatically keep the screen comfortable position. Remote housekeeping functions, which is convenient for users to check home situations when they are outside. Financial -level security chips and camera physical baffle guarantee data and privacy security.

小米智能家庭屏 10 发布!支持红外遥控、远程看家、双人K歌

The family entertainment learning screen is a small TV, KTV, and a baby artifact

Not only is it a large -house smart central control screen, but Xiaomi Smart Home Screen 10 is also a “artifact” for entertainment and accompanying children. It connects Eight Video platforms such as iQiyi, Youku, Tencent Video, Mango TV, Bilibili, Douyin, Kuaishou, Migu Video, etc., and massive resources such as film and television variety shows, short videos, and TV live broadcasts can be broadcast. High -performance, large storage, and smoother viewing.

The three -dimensional dual speakers, equipped with 3 bass enhanced units, listening to hundreds of millions of audio content such as music, radio, and sound books. Through Xiaomi Miao broadcast, you can achieve mobile phone audio relay to speaker playback, or actively send to the speaker, and actively send up to 8 speakers to play simultaneously in the state. Connecting Mijia K song microphone, it can also support double K songs to create a family private KTV at any time.

小米智能家庭屏 10 发布!支持红外遥控、远程看家、双人K歌

The 10 screen of Xiaomi smart home screen has been certified by Rhein low blue light eye protection to provide exclusive children’s models. When the user manually opens the function, it can automatically identify the child’s face and open the children’s mode, which includes children’s exclusive desktop, child voice reply, and massive high -quality children’s content. Anti -addiction, content filtering, application locks and other software functions, scientific and healthy accompanied children to grow.

Xiaomi smart home screen 10