The eyes of the young people are very unique, and they can always choose a suitable good goods inadvertently. The cross -body bag is very suitable for young girls who go to work to work. I decorate the pocket mobile phone with their own products. The important thing is that it is fashionable and beautiful. The modification effect, these are very good, let’s take a look.

2016 autumn and winter new women’s bags Chao Deton Pillow Pills Bags Baldling Bags Retro Shoulder Crossbody Bag


The shape of this bag is particularly unique and is the shape of ancient pillows. Small drums, especially cute. There is also a decorative tassel belt on the band. The colors of the two tassels are also different. This looks particularly stylish. The shape of the strap is flat, which is very unique.


Fanhua Boxing / Original Korean Crossbody Bag Women’s Canvas Bag Shoulder Women Women’s Literary Women’s Bag


This bag is very large. The fabric is a canvas. It is very practical to take the class to get out of class. And there are two small pockets in front, you can put some small things. The way to speak is magnetic buckle, which is very convenient. It can be used by hand, shoulders, and oblique spans.


Yuyue original shoulder bag messenger bag denim bag wrap ladies all cotton cartoon casual chain dumb little square bag

This is a bag that looks very cute. The shape of the bag is rectangular, and the small body shape and suitable for small things are suitable for going out. The material of the bag is denim. It looks like it is very textured, and the cute kitten on the bag cooperates with the pure blue phase of the bag, which sets off the sweet and cute characteristics of the bag.

Concubes 2016 new fashion trend women’s bag round -shoulder bag cute small round bag messenger bag small bag

Seeing this bag, do you think it looks like a delicate drum? The reason why this feeling has a lot to do with its version. The cylindrical bag is relatively small, and this girly -filled bag is even more difficult to hit the bag with others. It’s just that the bag will be a bit small, only suitable for small things.


Bag 2016 new European and American embroidered flowers small square folding chain, shoulder mesengers bag retro lock women’s bag

This is a beautiful small bag that combines traditional embroidery and modern craftsmanship. It is also a rectangular shape. It will look very special. With the back method of dressing. In addition, the color of the bag is full of strong national style.

2016 spring and summer new trendy women’s bag jelly handbags simple patent leather European and American fashionable shoulder messenger big bag


If the previous bag has a national style, then this one has European and American style. The entire bag is made of a relatively bright patent leather material, so it reflects the dazzling light under the light of the light, and it will be eye -catching on the road! In addition, the design style of the bag is relatively simple, so it will be convenient to wear clothes.


Korean order temperament is concise and versatile metal edge double -shoulder bag retro clip female bag shoulder shoulder messenger bag

This bag is already beautiful in color, and the retro style plus this color system makes the entire bag look very temperament. In addition, the entire version is very grassy, ​​and the clip is closed, and the metal texture looks very atmospheric. The canvas woven rope wide shoulder strap looks generous and simple.

Cumbinge bag female holding a bag mini -cross -shoulder small bag leather 2016 new small square bag coin mobile phone bag


This is a bag that also looks very temperamental, but the style is more professional, and it is more suitable for women to carry when working. Needless to say, although it is rectangular, it feels more serious, but this does not make the bag look dull. The bag lock design makes the texture look better.

Woodpecker Women’s Bag Fashion Ladies Shoulder Bags Cousin Bags Bags Bag Korean Edition Trend Clamp Sound Bags Summer New Summer

If the style of other types of bags is biased towards girlish style, then this bag is more preferred to mature women. Whether it is smooth tailoring or the simple and atmospheric style of the bag, it all reflects the simple and stylish temperament of the bag. In addition, the capacity of the bag is much larger than the previous models. It is very suitable for everyone to go out and back. It is a good choice regardless of work or shopping.

Micie/Meixi leather motorcycle bag mini mini header cowhide shoulder shoulder mesengers bag female small bag hand bag

This bag, its zipper looks like a little monster’s face, the funny selling cute bag is done. The lychee leather on the surface makes this bag not as delicate as other bags. It is very soft and wear -resistant. You don’t have to feel painful. You can always carry it. It is also effortless to match.