Photography: Hu Baiwen

Caption: Facebook is a painting on the face of traditional Chinese opera actors, which is used for makeup modeling art during stage performances.Different faces, the situation is different.”Sheng” “Dan” facial makeup is simple, with slightly grease powder, called “Jun dressed”, “plain noodles” and “cleansing”.The “Jingxing” and “Ugly” facial paintings are more complicated, especially net, which are re -applied oil colors. The patterns are complicated, so they are called “Face”.The Facebook in the opera mainly refers to the net facial painting.”Ugly”, because of its role as a drama, a small piece of white powder on the bridge of the nose, commonly known as a small flower face.


Tip: The column of “One Figure@Hunan” was initiated by the Rednet Lake Hunan Cultural Forum Edition, editor -in -chief of senior female photographer Hu Baiwen, groups and photographers at all levels of photographer associations, and the full media support of the Red Net Forum.Lightweight showing the development and changes in Hunan, and the rapid transmission occurred in a wonderful moment when it happened to Hunan.