The SC series rack construction elevator is driven by motor to drive gears. Rolling up and down on the rack to improve a lifting equipment in the hanging cage. The equipment is equipped with anti -falling safety devices, overloaded devices and many mechanical chain security devices. Effectively ensure the safety of the cargo. The guide rail is attached to the building with the wall rack, which can rise with the rise of the building. This product has absorbed advanced technologies at home and abroad. The design is novel, the structure is reasonable, the operation is simple, the installation, disassembly, and maintenance are convenient. Its safety design and configuration fully meet national standards. It can also be used in warehouses, docks, etc. to be used vertically

Three major security devices

The equipment is equipped with anti -falling safety devices, overload devices and many mechanical chain security devices to ensure property security.

Motor transmission mechanism

The equipment uses a well -known manufacturer’s motor reducer, which starts and brakes smoothly, runs smoothly, has low noise and durable.


The convenient range of use


It is suitable for transportation of high -rise buildings such as bridges and buildings to facilitate installation and disassembly maintenance.


The components of the company’s transmission institutions use products with well -known domestic and foreign products. The motor and reducer are low, stable, stable, and durable. In addition, each motor of each transmission mechanism of the company is equipped with dual protection of motor brackets and motor straps, which effectively guarantees the smoothness of the motor and reducer (especially at the moment of opening and braking). Due to the smooth operation of the motor and a reducer, the service life of motors, reducers, gears, gears, etc. is prolonged.

Transmission board

The transmission boards are finely processed by large CNC equipment, which is convenient for maintenance and replacement in the future motor transmission components. The company’s transmission board uses an international 816mm thick -galvanized steel plate. In harsh environments Life life.

Hanging cage

The empty size of the hanging cage is 3000x1500x2180mm, large space, high intensity is our characteristics, the hanging beam is the core part of the hanging cage skeleton, including the main force parts (referring to the top of the hanging cage and the bottom of the cage) all adopted by) Q355B material effectively guarantees the solidity of the whole machine. The beam of the hanging cage uses a steel plate bending process with a width of 23 cm. At present, the widest in the same industry beam is only 14 cm. The advantage is that the strength is high, the carrying capacity is strong, and the service life is long.

Safe cutter

The anti -pendant adopts a well -known national brand product. The anti -pendant is an extremely important safety device on the construction lifting machine of the gear shift. It can limit the speed of the hanging cage and effectively prevent and eliminate the occurrence of a hanging accident. (Anti -pendant plate applicable 30 or 40 anti -pendants)

Electrical box


The company uses the electrical appliances of the multi -functional safety monitoring system for on -site safety monitoring of high -rise buildings and various construction machinery. The electrical box is equipped with a remote control. The advantage is to save cables. The electrical box can be placed directly next to the device. The remote control remote control operation is suitable for the remote control. Visual videos can choose to choose from. box. Stainless steel shape, exquisite occupation of small land and other characteristics, mainly suitable


This rack is made of 60#steel (mostly 50#steel is used in ordinary racks). It has a high degree of wear resistance and strong carrying capacity. The service life is more than 2 times that of ordinary racks. In addition, the standardized processing process enables the graphics to make high accuracy and accurate positioning, ensuring the stability of the machine’s operation.

Standard section painting uses a fully automatic static spraying process;

Processing advantage

①: The quadrilateral frames of the standard section are welded with Q355B steel plate flushing bending. After the column round tube is made of Q355B, and the use of a fully automatic pipe tube, a fully automatic CNC pipe machine processing, the standard festival is installed through CO2 through CO2 The gas protection welding is made of welding at one time. The deformation is small, the welding quality structure, good replacement, and straight guide rails make the whole machine vibrate lightly and less noise.


②: The surface of the standard section adopts the rust removal of shot shot, after the static powder is sprayed, and another 220 degrees high -temperature baking for 1 hour. After 1 hour of high temperature baking, it becomes a finished product. Anti -rust, another galvanized process standard, greatly extended the service life of the entire machine.


Processing advantage