In the cold winter, it is recommended to wear this “stand -up collar down jacket”, and follow the tide people, which is thin and warm.

In winter, down jackets have become the first choice for many people to go out. This coat that is warm, fashionable, and versatile, I believe no one can refuse. There are many styles of down jackets. Among them, the style of the big hair collar is the most favored. In addition, there are also lapels and round necks.


But if you talk about what style of down jackets have the most windproof effect, Lily feels that this “stand -collar down jacket” must not be missed! In the cold season, choose this style of down jacket to wear, but even the scarf is saved. Why not?


So, what are the advantages of this stand -collar down jacket? ▼


The down jacket designed by the stand -up collar is to make a very capable, sharp and spiritual effect, and can also visually modify the face shape. The most important thing is that its wind -proof and cold effect is relatively better than other styles. No matter what style you want to match, it can be easy.

Well, today Lily will tell you about this stand -up collar down jacket. Let ’s take a look at the matching about it. I do n’t know how to wear a girl.


Is a person with short necks suitable for standing collar down jackets?


Perhaps everyone has such a question. Is a person with short necks suitable for wearing a collar down jacket? Normally, girls with short necks, choosing too high -collar clothes to wear, are not suitable, that will only make your shortcomings unlimited!

But if you also want to wear this stand -collar down jacket, it is not impossible, but when you wear it, you cannot pull all the collar up, and you can show your thin effect visually. In addition, you can also open it directly, using stacking, V -neck sweater+half -neck, so that you can hold the temperature well.

How does the stand -up down jacket look good?


For this stand -up collar down jacket, how do you look good? The following Lily sorted out two kinds of stand -up collar down jackets with different lengths, short and long models, followed in and see together!

Short -end collar down jacket matching articles


Short -end collar down jackets are more suitable for small girls than long models. This style of the length of the hip length is easy to wear, and it can lengthen the proportional line of the lower body. Clean and versatile without losing gentle white, matched with sweet pink, everything is just right. The version of the pants is not too loose, and you don’t have to worry about it, it will look fat. The fabric of the corduroy is warm and comfortable. This whole set of color schemes are very clean and tender, so good -looking.

In winter, it is recommended to wear more down -collar -style down jackets, and the upper body is full of warmth. The color of pearl white, the versatile is also gentle. Moreover, its length is also very suitable for small children. Simply wear a twist sweater. The lower body is selected with a long half -body skirt. The fabric of the skirt is thicker. You do n’t need to worry about it when you wear a pair of leggings.

The effect of a straight -tube, the effect of thin hidden meat on the body is really good. The shoes under your feet can choose dark colors, or light colors.


This set of stand -collar down jackets are really suitable for cold winter. The color of sugar gourds is warm and sunny. The silhouette version of the short stand -up collar down jacket is very thin to wear, and it has excellent modification for the figure. The material on the surface of the down jacket is matte leather and looks full of texture.

The caramel color is high -neck, and the mid -length corduroy skirt wears the lower body is well echoed and high -level. A checkered V -neck sweater was overlapped outside the upper body, which added a bit of retro atmosphere to the entire shape.


This pink and tender color can really be cured at a glance. What do you think? The style is very simple and generous short stand -up collar down jacket, and 150 small people are decisive. Light pink like marshmallow, such a style of down jackets are not bloated at all, very light and warm.

The most important thing is that under the lining of this pink color, the skin color becomes fair and moving, and the age is not lost without losing the girl. The lower body can be simple with a pair of denim straight pants, plus a pair of sports shoes, casual and comfortable.

Long vertical down -collar down jacket matching articles

Although the short down jacket is more tall and more profitable, it is not as warm as long. The reason why many girls dare not easily try long down jackets is nothing more than worrying about wearing it, right? In fact, as long as the right length is selected, the small man can easily hold it.

Like this black long stand -up collar down jacket, the length is just over the knee. Generally, this length does not look short. The loose version of the straight body, the upper body is thin and the effect is really good. Simply use a bottoming T -shirt and a gray data sports pants. Young casual and comfortable dress is created.

In recent days, the south has entered the “quick freezing” low -temperature mode. This cold air really caught off guard. The day before, I was wearing short -sleeved slippers, and the next day I was frozen and called “哆”. When you go out, the long down jacket is not too much. It is recommended to choose the person who is just over the knee. Such a length can easily control even the small man.


The design of the stand -up collar is easy to protect your neck from being hit by cold wind, and even the scarf is saved. Gentle, low -key and versatile rice white, not as dull as black, this color is more suitable for winter. With a gray sweater+black leggings, white socks wrapped in pants, it is really warm and thin.

In winter, don’t always wear black down jackets, like this clean white down jacket that will not be dull and not stuffy. Choose the stand -up style, and to protect the cold and keep warm. In addition, the version and thickness are very good, which is thin and bloated. A bright -colored sweater+casual straight pants inside, very comfortable and youthful vitality.


Well, this is here today’s sharing of Lily, thank you for your reading. This winter, it is recommended to wear more down -collar down jackets, which is more warm and cold. Learn the top of the tide to match like this, warm and thin.

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