A few days ago, the Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security issued a notice that starting from June 1, 2020, the “one helmet and one area” security guard will be launched across the country! The traffic police department will adhere to the combination of education and punishment, and urge motorcycles, electric bicycle cyclists to regulate wearing safety helmets and car drivers and passengers to regulate the use of seat belts.

This notification, my country’s vast electric vehicles and people must wear safety helmets.

1. Why do you want to wear a safety helmet?

At present, my country’s electric vehicle has nearly 300 million vehicles, and those who are between the age of 15 and 75 are basically electric vehicles drivers. This is estimated to be nearly 1 billion.

Electric vehicles have become the most important means of transportation of Chinese people. Almost every family is necessary, everyone can ride. Due to the large number and high frequency of use, while facilitating people’s daily travel, various accidents caused by electric vehicles have also increased year by year, which has brought great threats to people’s life safety.

Because the electric vehicle is small, light, fast, fast, unstable, and there are no protection measures, once an accident occurs, rider will be severely harmed. Especially when a collision with motor vehicles, there were serious injuries to death.

According to statistics, in the five years from 2013 to 2017, a total of 56,200 road traffic accidents caused by electric vehicles caused by electric vehicles, causing 8431 deaths, 63,500 injuries, and 111 million yuan in direct property. In recent years, the number of violations of electric vehicle traffic and the number of accidents and deaths have increased year by year.


In order to ensure everyone’s safety and reduce the injury rate of electric vehicle accidents, my country has ordered some cities to require drivers of electric vehicles to wear safety helmets.


In 2019, Zhejiang strongly promoted the driver of electric vehicles to wear safety helmets, involving the number of deaths in electric vehicle traffic accidents by 11.47%year -on -year. The Traffic Management Bureau clearly reduces the risk of traffic accident death by 60%to 70%. Therefore, the consequences of wearing a helmet and an accident without a helmet are definitely different.

For your own safety and the happiness of the family, everyone must pay attention to, act, and you must bring a helmet when driving and riding an electric car.

2. How is it required to wear a safety helmet?

The Traffic Management Bureau requires that the driving electric bicycle must be worn correctly in the front row of the vehicle or the back row. This shows that not only the driver of the electric vehicle, but the ride in the back must also wear a safety helmet.

What if you don’t wear a helmet?

In the “Notice”, it is only said that the electric bicycle rider should not wear safety helmets to help develop safety habits in accordance with the law. The specific treatment method has not been clearly announced.

Article 51 of the “Road Traffic Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China” stipulates that motorcycle drivers and people shall wear safety helmets in accordance with regulations.

Article 90 stipulates that if the road traffic safety laws and regulations violate road traffic regulations shall be warned or fined or less than 20 yuan or less.

Now, electric vehicles and motorcycles have been equal. If you do not wear safety helmets, it will be fined more than 20 yuan and more than 200 yuan.

After checking it on the Internet, the price of a helmet is generally tens of yuan, which is more than 100 yuan, so buy a helmet, otherwise, it is a helmet once, it is not worth it, we calculate this account ourselves.


3. How to wear a helmet correctly?


For rider, there is a security guarantee with a helmet. When an accident occurs, it is also the last line of defense of life safety.

Since there were no mandatory electric vehicle drivers and passengers wearing helmets, there is no special electric vehicle helmet standard. But you can wear the motorcycle helmet. The helmet has different styles according to the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn, and winter.


How to wear safe helmets correctly? Mainly divided into the following five steps.

01. Make a good head circumference or test the helmet to determine the helmet size. When wearing, you need to drive the back mediation device to the maximum.


02. Wearing a helmet horizontally, do not lean forward or back. After the helmet, the front of the helmet will block the sight, and the security of the back position cannot be protected. The front of the helmet will cause the helmet to protect the security of the forehead position.

03. Tighten the regulator until the helmet does not shake and feel comfortable.




04. Adjust the height of the black split buckle on both sides of the helmet, so that the position of the ears is exactly the middle of the two woven straps.

05. Adjust the position of the chin socket and deduct the length. There is a finger gap at the following jaw to wear a safe and appropriate method of wearing.


In this way, the safety helmet is worn, and you can ride on the road.

May a small helmet bring us the greatest security.

(The pictures are from the Internet)