My house bought a second -hand school house at the end of last year. In order to live in in September, the child started to decorate after the Spring Festival. I still pay the loan every month, and the decoration budget is also stretched. As a result, the family entered the thief at night last Monday. Fortunately, the family was sleeping true at the time. When I heard the sound, I woke up and immediately turned on the bedroom light. After a moment I heard the outside door, I dared to come out to check. Immediately, the anti -theft door at home was not destroyed. It was said that it was unlocked by technology. The police reminded them of the low level of security of their door locks. It is recommended to replace it. The girl was so frightened that she went to the lock without coming to work the next day. After hearing this incident, I also pondered that the saves and thousands of provinces, and the money of anti -theft door could not be saved.

买房换房 防盗门的钱可真不能省(附品牌门店底价)

I did my homework online. Today I came to the store to see a few brands with good reputation.

买房换房 防盗门的钱可真不能省(附品牌门店底价)

The first is the wind of advertising.

买房换房 防盗门的钱可真不能省(附品牌门店底价)

What do you say? First of all, it ’s mainly because when I picked it on the Internet, I felt that there were more styles on the day. It was high in the same as the same anti -theft door.

买房换房 防盗门的钱可真不能省(附品牌门店底价)

Is it quite elegant to look at it?

This light -colored model is more in line with the aesthetics of young owners.

买房换房 防盗门的钱可真不能省(附品牌门店底价)

However, similar models are enhanced galvanized plates, and the cheapest price is about 4600. Generally, people seem to not use it.

This special price is 3680, which is equipped with the price of ordinary C -class lock core. This is the legendary “smart lock”, and it takes 3100 to buy alone.

Does it look at the particularly high -tech, and the intelligent lock of the C -Class lock core has taken care of the convenience under the conditions of ensuring security. You can set a 6-8-bit password and can enter 72 fingerprints. It is very convenient to enter and exit after setting up at a time.

Feel the core technology of the anti -theft door, and the main anti -theft depends on this. After all, there should be few thieves holding the steel plate with a chainsaw. The main people still rely on unlocking technology.

买房换房 防盗门的钱可真不能省(附品牌门店底价)

There are three externally plus two ring locks in the middle

There is also a enhanced lock on the top and bottom of the anti -theft door.

There are also several parental version of the anti -theft door in the store. The main difference is that 1. The steel plate is not galvanized. 2. The filling is polyfrication foam, and the previous several uses aviation aluminum foil.

买房换房 防盗门的钱可真不能省(附品牌门店底价)

This special price is 2100 yuan, which is standard for B -level lock core, which upgrades to C -level lock core and plus 280 yuan. The price advantage is quite obvious.

When I came out of the day, I went to the next Mandan President’s anti -theft door again

The quality, workmanship and safety of Panpan are reputation, that is, it is a bit the same to look at the style.

If there is no high requirements for the style, this anti -theft door is recommended, the group purchase price is only more than 2480! And the standard is the C -Class lock core!

Panpan usually has no discount in the store. This can be said to be the most valuable at present.