Do not show back summer! In this season of back, for girls with acne on the back, beautiful back products must start! Today, I introduced the 7 backs of anti -acne and beautiful back products to the girls, so that we can reveal the beautiful back more confidently!


祛1.DHC acne removal and printing whitening and beautiful body spray

This is a body spray that realizes anti -acne and whitening. The anti -acne and anti -rough components contained in it can prevent excess sebum secretion and pore blockage, and regulate acne skin. To prevent repeated attacks of acne, condition the skin that is not easy to grow, and guide the healthy and beautiful muscles that are not afraid of external irritation.


Added whitening ingredients with excellent continuous and stable effects-vitamin C inducers. Can inhibit melanin generation and effectively dilute acne marks that appear due to pigmentation. In addition, it can also play a whitening effect on the color spots caused by ultraviolet rays to guide the healthy and beautiful muscles of transparency. The cool and smooth sense of use, while converging pores, adjust the skin texture, and maintain a refreshing sense of moisturizing. No spice · no pigment.

2.orbis Omi Si Clean Acne Muscle Spray


Potassium -containing potassium glyphosate can effectively prevent back dryness and oil on the back. It can also condition the back and chest skin that is prone to sweating and excessive sebum secretion. Essence of mulberry skin and glycolic acid can promote the update of old waste horny metabolism of acne scars, allowing the skin to restore the skin smooth and delicate. Add the essence of Handben’s plant to condition dry and oil, while conditioning the skin, suitable for chest and back care, easily spray it to take care of the oily parts.

I3. Japan Pelican for Back

FORBACK Beauty Back soap is designed for easy to produce oil, acne, large pores, folliculitis and other skin design. Because of its simple usage, excellent effect, and affordable price. Therefore, it has a high popularity in Japan. Recommended by COSME, the main ingredients are medicinal activated carbon (helping the dirt impurities of dirt in the depths of the pores), kaolin (clean pores, controlling oil secretion), papaya protease (with powerful bacteric bacteriostatic effects, cleaning while controlling inflammation while controlling inflammation while cleaning the inflammation while cleaning. ), Polcerian glycerin (moisturizing bright skin).



I believe that many sisters have the trouble of carrying acne. This Manxiu Reto -back acne spray contains three effective ingredients that can inhibit bacteria, prevent acne, dredge pores, and effectively relieve redness and swelling. The spray design is more convenient, and it can be easily sprayed to the back!

S5. ETTUSAIS Audu Said Cardamom Shuhuo Living Back shower gel

The fresh foam is plump and soft, effectively reducing the friction of the skin, while it can effectively clean the excess oil and dirt, and prevent acne on the chest and back. Enhance the skin’s stratum corneum resistance, and the skin is refreshing and smooth after use. The faint pleasant fragrance effectively relieves emotions, allows physical and mental pressure to relax and reduce it, and it can also promote sleep.

抗6. SANA anti -acne shower gel

This is a fresh shower gel that can eliminate and prevent body acne. Contains salicylic acid with anti -acne ingredients, effectively and gently prevent the production of acne on the back, front chest, and shoulders without causing dry skin and irritation. The rich and delicate foam is easy to clean and completely clean, leaving only clean and fresh. Special addy chlorophyll skin water can be used to effectively clear the acne back.


R7. Japan PURU back acne whitening and moisturizing body film

Not only the face, but also the body must be beautiful. This one is a special beauty and humidity sticker in the body, which is not only a part of the back, neck, feet, and body. It is rich in collagen moisturizing ingredients and can moisturize and moisturize for a long time. Increase elasticity and gloss! No spice, colorless, and mineral oil, so that the skin is burdensome!


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