There are many baking processes in Wuyi Rock Tea. Among them, two types of electric roasting are used in traditional charcoal roasting and using modern roasted tea machines and electric roasting cages. The most traditional and best representing Wuyi Rock Tea production process and reflecting the fragrance of Wuyi rock tea rock bone is the charcoal roasting process. Regarding the method of rock tea roasting, traditional charcoal roasting and modern electricity roasting have always been a topic of argument in the tea industry.

论武夷岩茶炭焙 Vs 电焙,谁更得人心?

A Jun thinks:

Tea roasted from charcoal has a special charcoal flavor, which is the crystallization of the wisdom of the predecessors. Its traditional craftsmanship is left to the valuable wealth of future generations. Moreover, the carbon roasting process is the correct expression of the “rock bone flower” of Wuyi Rock Tea.

B Jun thinks:

The roasting fire of rock tea mainly requires temperature. In ancient times, there was no electricity. It could only be roasted with charcoal. In fact, there was not much difference between the two. Blindly or deliberately pursuing charcoal roasting will only promote the bad wind of some merchants who deliberately advertise the “charcoal roasting XX tea”.


Where is the difference between the two

Who is more popular?

1. What is carbon roasted?

论武夷岩茶炭焙 Vs 电焙,谁更得人心?

“Charcoal Baking” as the name suggests

It is to use the upper charcoal to continue to roast tea for thermal energy.

Wuyi Rock Tea Baked Tea has a history of three hundred. This kind of baking method is unique, and the bakers are superb skills. Liang Zhangzhen, the Governor of the Liangjiang of the Qing Dynasty (1775-1849), sighed in the “Guitian Lock”, “Wuyi Baking Method, Real A World”.

The traditional Wuyi tea charcoal roasting method is used for baking wet tea cables, commonly called “water roasted”, and used for roasting tea, commonly called “replenishing fire”, “eating fire”, “stewed fire” Wait. The fire skills of “walking fire” should be high, which is almost close to the bright fire, so that the tea cable quickly disperses part of the water, and then it is dry to prevent the water from becoming red. The next day the female worker picked the tea stalk and then roasted, and then packed the box. After the spring tea “went down the mountain”, picked it to the tea line, sieved, reconciled and “replenished fire”, “eat fire”, “stewed fire” and so on Refined procedures.

论武夷岩茶炭焙 Vs 电焙,谁更得人心?

Carbon roasted is the highest technology of roasting tea. The operation process includes fire, combustion, gray, temperature control, etc. Its technical time consumption is laborious, and it needs professional and rich practical experience. It is very high technical requirements, but charcoal roasting can form a unique tea soup taste charm of Wuyi Rock Tea. Unforgettable, drink again.

论武夷岩茶炭焙 Vs 电焙,谁更得人心?

In the roasting fire, according to the degree of tea roasting, it can be divided into three categories: light fire, medium fire, and high fire. The so -called roasting level refers to the interconnection effect on the length and temperature of the baking time. Its fire work is high and low, and it mainly depends on the taste of tea. Generally speaking, the temperature is 60 degrees to 90 degrees, suitable for roasting fragrance -type flavor rock tea, the temperature is 80 degrees -130 degrees, which is suitable for roasting traditional thick -fragrant rock tea. The temperature is more than 120 degrees of tea. High water roasting carbon fragrant rock tea.

论武夷岩茶炭焙 Vs 电焙,谁更得人心?

With the development of science and technology in recent years and the progress of tea making machinery, the production of Wuyi Rock Tea has also been introduced some advanced tea processing machinery, but Wuyi Rock Tea is always hand -made, using traditional charcoal roasting methods. Rock tea is refined.

When there was about ten meters away from the Huichunyan Tea Factory from Wuyishan City, the tea fragrance had already come.

Zhang Huichun, the family member of Huichunyan Tea Factory, took us to the charcoal roasting room on the first floor. The rich tea fragrance in the charcoal roasted room was accompanied by the warmth. The traditional production process of Wuyi Rock Tea is still inherited.

Zhang Huichun has been in contact with charcoal roasting in 1990. By 1996, he has been roasting tea in Wuyi Rock tea for nearly 20 years. He told us that their factory will roasted a lot of tea every day. The carbon roasting process The middle places must be “refined”, and experienced charcoal roasted masters are particularly critical.

Choose tea to choose good charcoal, preferably lychee charcoal. Break all after the charcoal roasting, and cover the charcoal ash. This “cover ash” is extremely critical. First of all, you must cover all the bright fires of charcoal and cannot appear on a trace of light; In the end, the thickness of the gray must be based on the experience of the charcoal roasting master. It is too thick and the temperature is too low to reach the temperature of the roasting tea. It is too thin and the temperature is high, causing the tea to burn.

The technology of charcoal roasting is completely accumulated by experience. The old roasted tea master can know the temperature on the roasting cage. At a glance, you can know the degree of tea roasting. The charcoal ash is well-covered. After the ash is covered, a certain amount of tea is placed in a bamboo roasted baking. The whole process ranges from 2-10 hours. It depends on the needs.

论武夷岩茶炭焙 Vs 电焙,谁更得人心?

2. What is electric baking?

Two kinds of roasted utensils used in rock tea and electricity roasting: electric roast box and electric baking cage.

Both are electric heating devices, which uses electric heating wires to heat and bake.

It can be fixed -time, and there is no need to bake, and the work is easier.

3. What is charcoal roasted tea? What is the difference between charcoal roasted tea and electric roasted tea?

The technical essence of charcoal roasting tea is: see tea roasting tea. Different varieties of tea, tea growing in different environments, tea with different quality of tea … Different time in roasted tea, different temperatures, and different times of tea. And these must rely on experience. Only in the process of making tea continuously, and constant precipitation can we master the mystery.

论武夷岩茶炭焙 Vs 电焙,谁更得人心?

The traditional charcoal roasting tea is made in the bamboo cage behind the carbon cage and placed on the soil roasting furnace of the carbon burnt and covered with the gray. At the same time, some substances that are beneficial to the human body in tea are decomposed and adhered to the surface when reaching a certain temperature, which is conducive to being absorbed by the human body during brewing.

The difference between charcoal roasted tea and electric roasted tea:

The fragrance of fire is different. The charcoal roasted tea has charcoal flavor, and the tea roasted tea is only flavor of fire and no charcoal flavor.

论武夷岩茶炭焙 Vs 电焙,谁更得人心?

② The durability of the fire power is different. The charcoal charcoal flavor of charcoal is more durable and more resistant to storage. Footfire tea can be retained for more than three or five years. The fire work of electric rock tea can generally only keep it for more than ten months, and the fire skills disappear faster. Of course, if you buy green tea, it may not be practical.

③ Fire functional foot permeability is different. The firework of charcoal roasted can achieve sufficient and transparentness. The blue taste is easy to remove and the taste is easy to transform. The fire skills of electric roasting are generally easy to form surface fire. Fire power is easy to retreat. The taste is often blue. There is no baking. Essence

论武夷岩茶炭焙 Vs 电焙,谁更得人心?

The carbon roasted tea made by traditional tea is easily absorbed by the human body during brewing, and it is inconvenient to operate. It must be turned over during the baking process, and the efficiency is low. Therefore, some merchants will roast tea through the roasting tea machine, electric bakery and other equipment, which is electric roast tea. So tea friends should have a certain ability to identify, so how to distinguish charcoal roasting tea and electric roasted tea?

4. How to distinguish charcoal roasted tea and electric roasting tea?

① Dry tea:

Electric roasted tea leaves are easy to coordinate, and the shape of the color is reddish brown and black; the carbon roasted tea is green and refreshing.

论武夷岩茶炭焙 Vs 电焙,谁更得人心?

Soup color: The tea soup of electric roasted tea soup is more turbid, and the color is red and dull; the charcoal roasted tea soup will be very bright, like a layer of tea oil, the color is golden butter. Of course, there will be a layer of tea oil in some electric roasted tea, but it is slightly dull and feels impermeable.

Taste: The internal flavor of the electric roast tea is blunt, the flavor of the burnt is strong, the taste is unwilling, it is very fragrant when brewing, and the taste of the charcoal tea is very attractive. It will leave fragrance, and it will not be disperse for a long time.

Tea bottom: The bottom of the electric roasting tea will be less elastic, the charcoal roasted tea is good, the bottom of the tea is tough, the pulling is less easy to break, the charcoal roasted tea leaves, after soaking it, if the soft representative of the charcoal roasting technology is good.

5. The advantages and disadvantages of charcoal roasting and electric baking


1. After the charcoal is burned, the carbonated ingredients will be produced. After the carbonic acid enters the tea, it can soften the tea soup and enhance the taste.

2. The super adsorption capacity of charcoal can reduce the water of tea and achieve storage conditions.

3. There is a unique “charcoal flavor”, which forms the traditional flavor of Wuyi Rock Tea.

论武夷岩茶炭焙 Vs 电焙,谁更得人心?

1. To better adapt to the modern production model of batch production.

论武夷岩茶炭焙 Vs 电焙,谁更得人心?

2. The temperature control is the most accurate, and the roasted tea quality is stable.

论武夷岩茶炭焙 Vs 电焙,谁更得人心?

3. Simple operation, large capacity, high efficiency.

4. No professional operation technology.

论武夷岩茶炭焙 Vs 电焙,谁更得人心?


1. Strong professionalism, technical difficulty.

2. High fuel cost.

论武夷岩茶炭焙 Vs 电焙,谁更得人心?

3. Long production cycle.

4. Poor stability.

论武夷岩茶炭焙 Vs 电焙,谁更得人心?

1. Only fire merit, no charcoal and flavor, which is not conducive to forming the flavor characteristics of rock tea.

2. Poor plasticity.

As the saying goes, “charcoal roasting” and “non -charcoal roasting” each have their own love, and the taste of tea guests is different. In fact, there is no need to divide the charcoal roasting and electric bakery. As shown in the comparison form above, the two have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Ancient French charcoal roasting is a valuable wealth left by our ancestors. We should adhere to and inheritance, and electric baking is more adaptable to modern mechanized production. For example, we know that walking is conducive to exercise, but when the road is far away, we will still choose to use modern transportation.

Electric roasted tea is very fragrant when brewing, and it is light and tasteless when drinking. The fire work of electric rock tea can generally only be retained for more than ten months, and the low fire skills will disappear faster.

The charcoal roasted tea is not fragrant when smelling, and the aroma of tea will be left in the mouth. The durability of its water fragrance is also very different. The charcoal tea charcoal aroma of charcoal rock is durable, and it is resistant to storage. The charcoal incense of foot fire rock tea can be retained for more than three or five years.

For those who love tea, of course, tea products are more worthy.

We also recommend that when choosing tea, we can understand it and give priority to the traditional charcoal roasting process!

论武夷岩茶炭焙 Vs 电焙,谁更得人心?