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When I strolled the “red sleeve trick”, I was hit by my husband.

Red sleeves, when you hear the name, you know it is not a serious place.

It is Yan’s most famous fireworks.

The most famous part of it is that it not only runs women, but also male.

Therefore, when I was holding a enchanting little puppet, and when I was holding a charming girl, I met the staircase on the second floor, Chi Li, and the narrow road, and I didn’t know if I should hide my crime or beat him first.


To say that my marriage with Chi Liyu, in one sentence: We have no chance, all because of my laziness.

I am the three princesses of the royal family, and I was born in Jinzhi Yuye.

He was General Dayan.

Moreover, he was in Linbei all year round, and he rarely returned to Yan’s capital. He settled in Yandu after he became married with me. The rumors of the entire Dayan at the time were eight words: the fierce god was evil, and his face was like Zhong Kui.

Therefore, when my emperor brother “fighting for the country late, the 28th year is not yet married, it is time to help him worry about his lifelong events” and ask all the emperor girl, who wants to marry, my crowd Sisters and sisters took three steps back.

I stayed with me because I drank too much the night before, and stood back without a half -shot.

So, my brother of the dog emperor was gratifying and patted my shoulder and said, “Three children, I know, I haven’t hurt you from a young age. Don’t worry, I will give you five street dowry!”

When I reacted, I was married to Chi Liyu.

My dog ​​emperor did not wake up for no night dreams, and I married me into the General Mansion the next day.

I got married with him for a month, and the drama about us has circulated dozens of versions in Yan.

After marriage and love series, the female princess series, the domineering general series, the more too much is that my second sister was blindly spread, saying that we were unmarried first, and the evidence was my dog ​​emperor marrying me. Then there must be other hidden feelings.

I cut it hard by me, and then stopped.

The fact is that we have seen one month and we have met.

On the night of my marriage, he picked my hijab, and I looked up at his eyebrows and said to him: “The princess does not want to marry you.”

He returned to me: “Coincidentally, Chen didn’t want to marry His Royal Highness.”

Then he started to sleep in the study, and we all started.

After marriage, he didn’t care about me, I don’t know.

Because I was busy looking for my emperor to settle accounts at the time, and I didn’t have time to take care of him.

In the end, my emperor lost my dowry on ten streets.

I hugged my small vault and became a happy “little widow”. I had to drink tea and horses with my little sisters. I don’t have to be held my ears at any time to pay attention to the image.

He’s, I didn’t care about it, anyway, people didn’t lose anyway.

We lived under the roof for nearly a year, and we did not meet.

Until this moment, I was invited by my second sister to mix with the red sleeves, and I met the red sleeves with Chi Liyu.

I guess that he should have the same reaction to me.

Right now, I think I am still good first.

Can’t lose in momentum!

It was my consideration that I rated him and looked up at him. When the expression of “Mother Yasha collects debt” was about to cause trouble, but suddenly found that after he glanced at me, the waves were shocked from me. I passed by, and went downstairs!

He … didn’t recognize me!

What the hell!

I didn’t know if I was fortunate or should I lose my temper.

Thinking about it, he didn’t know what I looked like before marrying me. The number of fingers he had seen a year after marriage was as much as five fingers.

At this moment, I also melted a strong makeup.

He couldn’t recognize me, it would be normal.

Xiaoyu around me was indifferent. After Chi Liyu had passed, he gave me a sentence: “Princess, that seems to be your horse master.”

The sound is loud, you can hear it every eight feet.


The red sleeves in your family are afraid I don’t want to open it!

Fortunately, Chi Li Yu has a good habit of not looking back.

But my throat was howling, and it was not good to continue to mix with the red sleeves.

After all, the princess visited the small pavilion, and it was boring.

I had to kick the little puppet of my feet fiercely, and I was angry at the red sleeves.

As soon as I went out, I saw that Chi Liyu’s carriage was in front of the door, and Chi Liyu, who was still holding the enchanting girl just now, leaned against the carriage.

Seeing me, I stood straight up, “His Royal Highness.”

I want to cover my face and let it go weakly. Heart: We just recruited from the red sleeves, and we all lost moral heights, and anyone said who.

Of course, I was naive. After I took his carriage back to the general’s house, Chi Li Yu spoke to me, and the first sentence I said was: “His Royal Highness, you should.”


Hugh Fu is also simple, a paper document.

The princess did not care about the Princess in the round house for a year, but the general first opened the “His Royal Highness, please Huvf”

However, the consequences are more serious. After I got married for a year, I would Lifu, not to mention that my emperor was not good at explaining. It was heard that I had a bad reputation, and I lost my royal decentness.

I can’t agree.


Three days later, I was a little disturbed. In order to avoid him entangled me, I called me for a resort. I simply avoided him.

how to say.

I am actually a bit virtual.

Chi Liyu can be called Dayan’s God of War.

The words of Yan Du sent him “Fierce God” are not groundless.

Six years ago, Dayan, who borded to Lingbei, attacked Dayan, and General Yu Shu, who was stationed in the north at the time, turned against Dawei.

Try to change the dynasty.

At that time, my father was in the reign, and my father was so scared that he almost urinated his crotch.

The tone of Yandu’s army to suppress and reflect on himself.

As a result, my father and the emperor had not reflected the results. The mobilized Yandu army had not yet arrived in Linbei. The Linbei army came out of the north army to leave Yu Yu for out of thin air. With a thunder means, he first killed General Yu Shu. Later, in less than half a year, the Dawei army rubbed on the ground.

Only twenty -three years old, it became famous in World War I.

And about his face like Zhong Yan, it is a matter of benevolence.

It was also the fame of his 23 -year -old battle. It is said that he was a striker that he personally played himself and was injured.

Dawei’s dogs, beating people to face.

Therefore, there are four long scars on his face so far, two on the left and right, especially well.

The people of Yan knew that the man was ugly and unhappy when he saw the horrible scar. I think it is actually okay. If the four scars are ignored, the face is barely right.

However, my maid Ruyu has different views on this: “Three princesses, you talk about who can ignore the four scars on his face when he sees the general?”

It seems that it really can’t.

After all, the four scars plus the stitched pins at the time, the face was like four crickets growing, it was still a fertilizer and extended version.

Except for those eyebrows, there is really nowhere to be lower.


Chi Liyu seemed to be iron -hearted to make trouble with me.

After I avoided him for three days, he came directly to my room.

He said: “It is not happy to be with His Royal Highness and his ministers, and the ministers are not comfortable with His Royal Highness. Why continue to torture each other.”

In fact, it is very happy. He has the joy of rich “little widow”.

I looked at him and kneeled in front of me, “Happy.”

He should have thought about the words that forced me for three days. He took a deep breath and was trying to convince me. I looked at a light brown mole in his eyebrows. As soon as his head was pumped, he ignored the crickets on his face … No, the scar, pinched his chin and kissed him.

He didn’t expect me to have this in one fell swoop and stunned.

When he was stunned, in fact, I was a little stunned, and my wave seemed to be a bit too much.

But now that they are drawn, they must be drawn to the end.

Sushu, I opened my lips and covered his mouth with my hands, and then whispered in his ear: “Chi Li Yu, you think about it, this princess has no Huv here, only a widowed puppet.”


He called me after a while: “His Royal Highness …”

I then interrupted him: “For one year, I did not introduce myself for myself. It was my negligence. The princess was Yan Feier. This year’s twenty and fourth this year, the general can call me Feier.”

What he wanted to say, I intercepted his words again, “If you ask me, why did you go to the red sleeve trick three days ago? Husband, this is your wrong, but I went to you. , Still running to the land of fireworks. Do I want to be faceless? “

He was stiff.

I laughed.

Huh, three days later, I finally hit him with a rake, comfortable. Regarding Huofu’s matter, after my brain was pumped, it was gone.

But my “little widow” was a good day, as if I had gone back.

After being kissed by my kiss, Chi Liyu seemed to open the door to the new world.

I didn’t find him before, he did not come to me.

Now it has become, he appeared at the door of my room all day, and he didn’t even deal with official duties.


Do you think he discovered my beauty because of my “kiss” and then fell in love with me?

Don’t be naive.

This is full of nausea and disgusting.

In this moment, he came to the guise of “husband and wife, love for dinner” with me, but did the “sloppy” sucking noodles that the big man would do with his big man, but sucked the noodle soup on my face!

I reached out and touched the soup on my face, looked down, a good guy, my palms were red.

His noodles are spicy!

The corner of my mouth almost couldn’t hold back.

I have cleanliness!

Ru Yu trembled and stunned my hand, quickly wiped the soup in my hand, and wiped my face three times.

And he still buried his head and buried his head into the bowl together.

I looked at it, and I could only see a light brown mole at the end of his eyebrows.

I used to like one person before, and there was a mole at the end of the eyebrow, and even the position was exactly the same. That life was very handsome, which made people unforgettable.

And the man was smart since he was young, and became famous.

However, He Hui must hurt, and he died early at the age of nineteen.

It was the corpse that I converged for him and buried.

Since then, I have never liked anyone, which is one of the reasons why my emperor was married to Chi Liyu.

In his words: “Anyway, you can’t like anyone in your life, and who will be with anyone, it is better to help your brother.”

After all, there is a precedent for the generals of the generals in Linbei. My emperor’s brother is afraid of the dead ghost. He is afraid that he will just sit on the dragon chair, and someone will conspire him. Therefore, less than half a year after the throne was ascended, he was transferred to Yan’s capital, and he had to marry his sister and Chi Liyu.

At this moment, I sucked three at the atmosphere, and then I resisted the impulse to put Chi Liyu’s head into the bowl. I also had to warn myself: The impulse is the devil, and the impulse is easy to lose the happiness of being a “little widow”.

If he goes down again, I can’t help my brother!

And when he finally sucked the bowl of noodles, he looked up at my face tolerance, and suddenly showed a batch of criticism: “Feier, your expression is so spicy for your husband?”

I sucked three at the atmosphere again, and finally barely squeezed out and returned to him: “How can my family, Junzhi Lan Yushu, see people love.”

This time he twitched his mouth.

He was disgusting in the morning. I didn’t count my waves, and changed a bowl of noodles in the afternoon.

After three days, I wanted to lift the table when I saw it.

The chef of the General’s House, who dared to do it for him again, would chop anyone.

Without noodles, he couldn’t continue to splash me soup.

But I’m still naive.

There is no noodle, and there are other ways to disgust me!

In this moment, last time he was still like a big -footed man. This time, he performed me directly what was a big man!

Really buckle your feet!

Right now it is summer. He wore a thickened and velvet military boots and practiced a morning sword in the yard.

And when he liberated his feet from the military boots, how strong the taste was, I only knew I was sitting next to him.

With a chopsticks, the braised pork was not stuffed into my mouth, so I was almost missing some of the people.

Ru Yu finally couldn’t bear to pinch his nose remind him: “General, do you go to bathe before eating?”

His face was just right, and his hands turned his head with his hands and turned to look at me, asking, “Feier, are you disliked me?”

Seeing his appearance, I still want to smell it with my feet!

No, no, I just want to kill you!

I don’t even have the courage to suck deeply.

It was at this time that the housekeeper at the door came to report that my second sister came.

My second sister, who broke into my princess, followed the unmanned state. As soon as the housekeeper’s words fell, she showed her head at the door.

Immediately, he was smoked and held the door frame to stabilize the body.

Looking at the situation inside, a good -looking face wrinkled into a noodle, and then he retreated quickly.

I turned to see Chi Liyu, and finally saw a hint of embarrassment from his face. I rubbed my eyebrows, “General, go to bathe if you play enough!”

He finally broke free from disgusting my obsession, and bathed at a speed faster than my second sister.

I walked to the yard outside the door, my second sister looked at my eyes, it was a wonderful.

I couldn’t bear the urge to cut her again, “What is going on?”

My second sister “Hey” laughed twice: “Nothing and nothing, the emperor let me care about you and see how you lived after your marriage.”

The sound of “tasteful” was bitten by her.

I finally didn’t hold back, and I cut her again, threatening her: “If you dare to say what you see today, don’t blame the younger sister to pull the knife.”

My second sister widened my eyes: “Just if you have a cleanliness, you can have a knife to cut people’s temperament. He is so blame to this point. You don’t even cut his head. It seems that it is true love!”

Me: “Shut up, roll, I am not interested in being a real widow!”

My second sister left, and Chi Li Yu was bathing.


I think about it, it is not a way to go on like this. I have to discuss with him well, and it is necessary to have a monster, otherwise I don’t mind being a real widow!

The next night I hadn’t figured out how to speak to him, he started a new round of demon.

When I was about to sleep, he appeared at the door of my room holding his quilt, and he was a little ashamed: “Feier, I think to cultivate feelings, I have to start with the same bed together.”








I looked up at him and half of his head, and there was no ripple and ambiguous ideas in my heart. According to this monster movement during this time, the same beds in the mouth of this mouth will definitely not bring any non -colored waste.

He turned the mountain road eighteen bends and wanted to ask me to retreat!

I was tired for a while, and I wanted to be a happy “little widow” so difficult.

I knew that that day I should not have invited my second sister to visit the red sleeve.

I closed my eyes briefly and finally put him in.

He was also peaceful, throwing the quilt on my bed, and began to take off his shoes to go to bed. I almost pinched my nose. Fortunately, he did not do the last operation of the last time tonight, otherwise I am not sure if he would be knocked out by my stick tonight.

One hour later, in his snoring sound, I understood what the idea did this be fighting tonight.

After so many nights in a row, he was exhausted by him.

The brain is probably bad.

This night, I suddenly remembered the joke of my second sister last time: “It’s true love, having a child to play.”

My heart: With the fact that the husband and wife are, see how he still comes to force me!

So, my mind was pumped again. When he was disgusting again, I took two pots of wine and said: “Fujun, say that we have not drank the harmony of our wine a year ago. superior.”

There was a trace of surprise in his eyes, and Jimo didn’t expect that I was disgusting by him for so long, and even had a leisurely drink.

He had no affection, and he drank with me very quickly.

When I was alcohol, I looked at the light brown mole at the end of his eyebrows, and it was a bit stunned.

Xu has never seen the sound of the person I like for a long time. Looking at Chi Liyu’s similarities with that person, I suddenly messed up.

The fingertips gently drawn the end of Chi Liyu.

Of course, his fingers just touched his eyebrows. He was still drinking blends just now. He immediately looked up and looked at him.

By the way, it was stuttered: “His Highness … His Royal Highness, what are you doing?”

I was laughed at him: “Drinking Hejiu wine, husband, what do you think I want to do?”

As soon as I said this, he didn’t even drink alcohol. He grabbed his placket, and the little daughter -in -law had even thickened the little daughter -in -law.

I watched his cheap look of a rake, and suddenly there was no nostalgic emotion.

Like a woolen, the person I like, no matter what time I like, is not afraid of danger. When will it be like him, I ca n’t wait to knock on the gongs and drums to tell others what the virtue is rotten in my bones.

But I didn’t care about him leisurely, waiting for him to rush over.

After a moment, he looked like a panic, and at the same time he began to appear unusual red on his face.

Yes, yes, I got medicine in the wine!

I watched him so much and vowed in my heart that if he dare to put his fingers into his throat and vomit and spit out the wine, then disgusting me, I will be a real widow today!

He didn’t vomit and disgusting me, but when he had a good time, it was my turn to panic.

He pulled a dagger directly from his sleeve and stretched his thighs fiercely.


I grabbed his hand in thunder, pumped the dagger in his hand, and became angry. “The general just doesn’t look at me?”

He shook his head and worked hard to keep his head sober: “Why do His Royal Highness pay his life in the hands of me like me.”

I bullied him to him, “the princess is happy.”

Huh, no one can stop the princess from being a rich and happy “little widow”.

He said again: “I … very ugly, still sloppy, a bunch of bad habits.”

I nodded: “I have seen it, but I can’t see my face when I destroy the lights, it doesn’t matter.”

Chi Liyu: “…”

I don’t know if he was persuaded by me, or the medicinal nature, he couldn’t hold it anymore, anyway, he finally shut up.

I smiled, and then overwhelmed him on the bed next to him. Although he was ugly, his figure was really good.

I looked at the hard abdominal muscles and the thoracic muscles with clear lines.

It was when I looked at it, he reached out and held my hand and held my hand on his abdominal muscles.

The eyebrows were full of peach, and the voice asked dumbly: “Is Feier who is satisfied with what he sees?”

I swallowed my spit, wondering if I also drank medicine with medicine just now, otherwise I was so hot and my heartbeat was so fast at this moment.

The whole body blood was clamoring: sleeping him.

I am a princess from my heart, so I stretched out the evil hand in accordance with his thoughts.


I woke up again, the next day.

Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t happen to Chi Liyu. That ugly thing, I knew that I couldn’t seduce me with my face, I fooled me with abdominal muscles.

When I touched his abdominal muscles, while he was lost, he fainted me with a knife.

I touched my back neck that was still faintly painful, and asked Ruyu: “What about the general?”

If Yu’s face is hard to say, I suddenly blessed to the soul: “Did he go to the red sleeves again last night?”

Xu was my voice too loud, such as the jade neck shrinking.

I jumped my eyebrows: “What? I was caught?!”

“Three princesses, last night …”

If Yu still wants to say something, I slapped her face with a slap: “Shut up, the people in the criminal department are really bold, and the princess’s horse will not be able to catch the criminal department even if they are princess. Go to the Ministry of Criminal. “

After a fragrance, I rushed to the Ministry of Criminal Affairs.

The Ministry of Criminals Shang Shu greeted me at the door.

He smiled towards me, and wanted to salute, and the ceremony was not done. I decisively drawn a knife from my waist and stood on his neck: “The princess should not explain any explanation, now, immediately, immediately hand over the horse. The sword has no eyes. “

Unexpectedly, the old man of the Ministry of Criminal Affairs was a hard -bone, and he had to explain to me with a knife.

The knife in my hand was slightly forceful, and a scar appeared on his neck.

It was when I was going to kill the killer, my second sister appeared out of thin air and squeezed my wrist. “Three children, uniquely, if you killed the book of the Ministry of Criminal Affairs, not only couldn’t keep the general, but he couldn’t even hold himself.”

I was forcibly dragged away by my second sister.

In her princess’s palace, she poured me a cup of tea, and she said, “The emperor has found it clearly that it is Yu Weiting.”

I squeezed the fingertips of the tea cup suddenly whitening.

After choking for a while, I calmed down, and returned to my second sister: “Second sister, don’t be kidding, how could General the Chief Army be Yu Weiting, and the emperor specifies was wrong.”

Yu Weiting, I have never mentioned this name for six years.

Since I buried him in my own hand.

He was the only son of General Yu Shu. After General Yu Shu and Dawei rebelled at that time, the entire Yu family was slashed by the door.

My second sister looked at me with a word: “Three children, the 200,000 male soldiers in Yu Shu’s hands that year, how powerful Yu Li was able to kill Yu Shu in a single shot. Unless it was Yu Shu never prepared him, unless him, unless him, unless him, unless him, unless him It is the closest to Yu Shu. “

I stubbornly said: “Impossible, I am not right.”

“All his identities are fake, and age is naturally false, you are clearly clear …”

She didn’t say anymore later.

Yes, I know.

When my emperor decided to marry me to Chi Liyu, I knew the day when his identity would be demolished.

I have been escaping, because I have been unwilling to face reality, or I have been struggling in vain.

My emperor’s will transfer Chi Liyu to the capital of Yan from Linbei because he learned that Chi Liyu might be Yu Weiting.

And he was afraid that he would bring back people for no reason, which would make Chi Liyu’s suspicion rebel, and he used his marriage as an excuse.

I really did n’t know that Chi Liyu was Yu Weiting, but my second sister was curious to kill the cat. After the emperor announced that he had transferred him back to Yan’s capital, he must pull me on the way to his return to Yan’s capital. Go to see it first, and see how ugly the face in the mouth of the big Yan people is like Zhong Kui.

So, when I saw those eyebrows clearly, the whole person was stunned.

Even though the face was destroyed due to the knife injury, I recognized those eyebrows.

Chi Liyu is Yu Weiting.

I checked it with all my contacts, and my emperor planned to adjust him back to Yandu.

Then when my emperor asked who was willing to marry, I married.

I want to come, my emperor also wants me to marry.

After all, only when I marry can he confirm whether Chi Liyu is Yu Weiting.

Whoever knows Yan, I like Yu Weiting. Since the age of twelve, I have been behind Yu Weiting, and at the age of fifteen. At the age of eighteen, the Yu family rebelled. I took the world to the world and took people to Linbei to find Yu Weiting.

However, he only had time to pull out Yu Weiting’s rotten body from the arbitrarily burial post.

For this reason, I almost got the name from the genealogy by my father.

In the end, all the sisters helped me plead for me. Qi Qi kneeling for three days, and my father’s emperor gave up.


My emperor should guess, as long as I saw Chi Liyu, he could know whether he was Yu Weiting.

He expected that as long as I recognize Yu Weiting, he will think of how to protect him, or see Yu Weiting again for a lifetime.

But he was wrong. I was no longer the three princess who was impulsive and brainless at the age of eighteen.

In order to protect him, I chose to ignore him.

But after all, it is not kept.

This matter was still investigated by my emperor’s brother to Lingbei for investigation.

My second sister and Yu Weiting were also friends. After the people sent by my emperor to investigate the capital, they returned to Yan’s capital.

I am also responsible for robbing people.

It’s just that he just hit Chi Liyu.

In the end, people handled my second sister.

But from the moment my emperor’s people returned to Yan, no matter what we did, it was too late.

His identity is just a matter of time.


My second sister looked at me for a long time: “He asked me to bring you to you, and General Yu Shu’s rebellion is a fact, there is nothing to defend. As a chaos, he should die in the north of that year. Xu Nian, but I want to guard the sin for the sin for the sin. Let you do not struggle for him anymore. “

Speaking, my second sister handed a paper letter.

But it was the book written by Chi Liyu to me.

I remembered that the night before, in the middle of the night, he thought that I was asleep, got up, sat in the dark for a long time, sighed long, and whispered: “Phil, don’t leave for me again for me. My father was rotten in the swamp at the moment of rebellion. I was no longer the glory in your heart. I can stay with you for a year. It’s. “

Chi Liyu was so smart, how could he not know the plan of my emperor.

I wanted to come to him for all kinds of time to find me, and I also knew that my emperor’s brother had returned to Yan’s capital, and I didn’t want to affect me. Or when he went to the red sleeves to block me, it was to stop me from robbery and killing.

Now, since he can’t force me to rest, he simply rests his wife and clears the boundaries with me.

That person, since we met each other, we all looked at me.

I suddenly remembered those years we first met.

I met him with a hero to save beauty.

At the age of twelve, my second sister was a name of Yan.

I played a good knife, my second sister was playing with a cheap hand, and we often waved together.

Due to her owed, she often wanted to teach others to be a person, and the two of us who were almost a little bit of bad habit offending were offended.

Finally, a son was owed by my second sister to scold the dog’s blood in the mouth of my second sister because of touching the little girl’s buttocks. After trying to resist and was beaten by me, I decided to risk the beheading. A big one: Find someone to beat me and my second sister.

When my second sister was surrounded by a small alley in Yandu, Yu Weiting took someone to pass by and just saved us.

Then, after seeing him, he was mistaken for a lifetime by his face.

Since then entangled him.

At that time, he was already the children of the parents’ mouth when they were scolding their children.

No matter what it is, Liu Yi is the best among his peers.

After being entangled by me, Yan Du’s thoughts of all peers at the time were only one: the good reincarnation, who has been spared by the sky, let you be so good to compare us. Now provoked three princesses, retribution!

However, Yu Weiting obviously was not affected by the sound of these secrets.

I like my preference.

Because I had a cleanliness, I went to play with him when I encountered a rainy day, and he would prepare my boots in advance. I watched the rainfall on the shoes uncomfortable.

At the age of fifteen, I said, marrying Yu Weiting. He responded to me: Marrying a wife marry Yan Feier.

At the age of seventeen, Linbei began to be restless, and he went to Linbei with his father. Before leaving, he promised to me: “When I come back, marry you.”

At the age of eighteen, I “collect the corpse” for him, and I engraved on his tombstone: without the dead, Yan Feier.

Today, I really want to respond to the words of this tombstone.

In the afternoon, I went to the palace.

My emperor refused to see me.

I knelt at the gate of the palace for half a month, and the results of the Three Divisions came out, and my emperor finally met me.

He presented the detailed results of General Yu Shu’s rebellion in front of me.

Six years ago, the frontier was in a hurry and the military rations were short. General Yu Shu applied for military food with the court, but the military grain sent by the court was moldy.

Fighting, the soldiers ate moldy rice, but the palace of Yandu was brocade.

General Yu Shu was cold.

In his words: Dayan has given up Linbei, and I keep a goal.

There was another gangster in the army. Da Wei sent people to negotiate with Yu Shu, opened the gate, and named him king.

He simply voted for Da Wei. What happened to him in this world?

As a result, as soon as the gate opened, the army of Dawei did it.

When Yu Weiting opened at the gate, he knew that his father had voted sincerely.

He went to his father, but his father was obsessed. In the end, he first killed his father, then stabilized his army, and hit Dawei.

The injury on his face was not done by Dawei’s soldiers, but he did it himself.

Uncle, he has faced his ancestors.

The general planned to wait for the court to take over Lingbei, and he was about to commit suicide.

But the battle became famous.

My father was afraid that he would be chaotic again and did not dare to withdraw him, so he simply gave him the army in the north.

He stayed for five years.

Until my emperor transferred him back to Yan’s capital.


My emperor said: “San’er, he dares to uncle, one day, he dares to be the monarch. He can’t take a unknown to bet on the peace of this world.”

My emperor said: “The issue of military grain has been found out. The people who sent military food that year had corrupted military food and used moldy rice to charges. Heaven to him like this, will he be because of chills, just like his father, regardless of the life of hundreds of thousands of people in the north. The so -called father must have his son. “



My emperor also said: “Three children, it is not such an algorithm. He later saved the life of hundreds of thousands of people in Linbei. Who will the tens of thousands of people ask for life? “

My emperor finally said: “Three children, you remember clearly, you are the three princesses of Dayan first, then Yan Feier, and finally Yu Weiting’s undead!”

I sat on the ground with my buttocks, and the despair in my heart passed a wave.

I can’t save him anymore.

Seven days later, I went to see him.

The criminal department did not punish him, and he had no injuries on him.

Sitting in jail quietly.

The yellowish prisoner’s clothes could not cover his glory.

Seeing me, smiling indifferently: “Three princesses.”

I wanted to speak, but I was taken away by something, and I couldn’t speak.

After a long time, I asked, “Why do you recognize? As long as you don’t recognize …”

He interrupted me: “Three princesses, there are traces of history, and sinners are always sinners. My Yu family owes tens of thousands of people to the north to justice. I should use my life.”

I know what he meant, he never thought about resistance, or was fortunate to be arrested.

Finally, I don’t have to survive anymore.

However, he used his life to return the justice to the tens of thousands of people who had died in Lingbei-

I asked, “What about me?”

He was silent for a long time, “Feier, you just died six years ago.”


【Yu Weiting】

When I was ordered to return to Yandu, I knew that my life was ending.

I couldn’t hide it for five years.

In fact, I have not intended to conceal it from the beginning.

Such a big sin, so many people’s debts, the sin of the Yu family, is so important that it is unforgivable.

In front of my uncle, I scolded my father: “You are confused, how can you make such a big mistake.”

He said, “Wrong, that will be wrong!”

I can’t let him be wrong. The life of tens of thousands of people in Dayan cannot be buried because of a wrong choice under his anger.

So, I killed him and seized his troops.

Blocking Dawei.

In order to conceal me, my vice general replaced me with a dead soldier.

Since then, I have become him, Chi Li Yu.

Uncle, such a crime, has no face to be faceless. But it was Yu Weiting not to be recognized by others, so I started to destroy my face by myself.

I lived in Linbei for five years with Chi Li Yu and stayed in the north for five years.

But there is no windy wall in the world.

From the beginning, someone was passing my identity, but at that time, I was restless, and I had been loyal to it. Da Wei also did not dare to commit crimes because I was afraid that I was afraid to investigate my identity.

Five years later, Dawei basically stopped committing crimes, and it was peaceful.

Coupled with the death of the Emperor, the new emperor’s ascendant, and some ministers who tried to please the new emperor, they re -raised this topic again.

I didn’t complain, but I felt relieved.

In the past five years, I often dreamed of, and the northern northern innocent people who died because of the mistakes made by my father.

What they did wrong, they trusted my father so much, but were killed by my father.

In five years, I lived in guilt every day.

When I returned to Yandu, I planned to confess directly.

If it weren’t for the new emperor, he would marry the three princesses to me.

Yan Feier, the last time I saw her still five years ago, she came to the north to find me.

I cheated her with a corpse and made her think that I died with my father.

Therefore, when the emperor said that when he married her, I remembered that before I went to the north, I promised her to marry her.

She said that I wouldn’t marry me. Five years after I “died”, she was really not married.

Suddenly, I didn’t want to die, I wanted to change to her for the rest of my life.

That was the girl I liked when I got to know each other.

She thought we met my hero to save the beauty, but in fact, we met her hero to save the beauty.

I do n’t know how to hide it, and I am too jealous.

Therefore, at the age of twelve years old, he won an arrow competition because of the first place. Afterwards, the companions who participated in the competition were jealous, and they were slammed on the ground.

When my gray face was beaten into a pig’s head, Yan Feier passed by with the second princess.

The reputation of the two sisters was famous for their reputation. They heard them reported their own houses, and the group of people who beat me had already kneeling.

Holding his head, Yan Feier took a meal, and the second princess scolded.

After the two princesses scolded them, they didn’t forget to look at my face, and damaged me: “Are you because he was too ugly?”


Yan Feier kicked the second princess: “Second sister, you will be killed by your mouth sooner or later! Hurry up, Master said that he is late today, tell the father emperor!”

After talking about the second princess, turned to me and said to me again, “Don’t mind, my second sister is poisonous but heart is good.”

Then, the two did not ask for a good deed and left.

Since then, I have always paid attention to Yan Feier.

There will be a hero who will save my beauty because I pay attention to her.

At the time, Yan Du thought that she was entangled with me, but it was not. I was entangled with her.

Such a good girl, I want to treasure it early, so as not to be discovered by others first.


Our new wedding night, she said, “The princess actually doesn’t want to marry you.”

I realized it suddenly, yes, what she liked was the handsome and beautiful Yu Weiting.

And now I am an ugly monster and sin.

How can it be worthy of her.

I originally wanted to send someone to Linbei to remove the thought of the truth that year.

I still felt crazy, just to accompany Yan Feier for the rest of my life in order to change my life. At least hundreds of people who may know the truth that year.

So many lives.

Why do you want to die for me.

Nearly a year after marriage, I was asking myself what I opened in whimsical.

Ask himself, and can’t help but pay attention to her.

Seeing that she was still living in Yan’s capital, drinking with a group of fox friends and dogs and horses, she would lean back and back. Driven in her heart, fortunately, fortunately, she is still the three happy princesses. I have no depression because of my death.

Until the person who investigated my identity came back from Linbei, I thought the time I stole another year with her finally ended.

But at this time, I discovered that Yan Feier’s phrase “this princess really doesn’t want to marry you” may not be a true word.

Because she and the second princess went to the new emperor to send to Lingbei to investigate the truth.

But it’s late.

My Yu family has been carrying so many life debts, and I can’t add one more life debt to me.

I went to the red sleeves to stop the two princesses’ robbers.

The second princess had poisoned for so many years, and finally spoke people.

She said: “I just don’t want to watch the walking dead of Feier’s dead body. In the five years after you ‘dead’, she was drunk every day. After you came back, she started to have a little people. I never believe that you will rebel. “

Then I knew that she was almost eliminated by the emperor from the genealogy for me for me.

It was also known that during the year when I became married with Yan Feier, the sisters robbed the five batches of people who sent the new emperor to investigate.

Otherwise, my identity should be revealed more than half a year ago.

The two princesses eventually took those who investigated my identity and took away her princess’s house.

But I just want to clarify the relationship with Feier.

If I have to die and die as a chaotic thief, then I will not be involved in her.

She has a very serious cleanliness, and is the most indifferent to others.

So, I was a demon, and I just hoped that she could take a furiously to Huifu before I was imprisoned.

But obviously, I failed.

Even if I performed a wild husband, I showed myself that I couldn’t stand it myself, and she still had tenderness in her eyebrows.

At this moment, she stood in front of me and asked me sadly, “What about me?”

I want to say, Yan Feier, sorry, I knew that I would become like this now. The moment I tune my return to Yan Capital, I committed suicide. I would never give you hope and let you desperate again.

I want to say that Yan Feier is not good. I shouldn’t be fascinated by me. I was greedy to be able to accompany you for the rest of my life, and I knew that I had endless ways to get married with you.

I want to say …

But in the end, I just said: “Fille, you just died six years ago.”


【Yan Feier】

In the third month of Yu Weiting’s prison, my emperor gave birth to the prince, and my emperor was happy and ordered to amnesty to the world and change all the original death prisoners to imprisonment for life.

For another two years, my emperor gave birth to a princess. My emperor brother was too happy. He drank more wine at the family banquet. During the banquet, he walked in front of me.


Put out of the sleeve, pull out a gold medal and a soldier, stuffed it in my hand, and said drunk: “San’er, the emperor is happy today, and give you a gift alone. Take your ugly Dongxi rolling rolling. Go to Linbei, don’t get a face in the sky, shake in front of the emperor.

I have time to react in the future, and he said again: “But, if the dog’s stuff of Dawei passes through the north side of the line, I will peel your skin. As identity, Dayan’s soldiers and horses. He Yu Weiting is just your accessories, your horses. “

I was so happy that I looked at my emperor.

My emperor rushed like a flies, waved his hand, “Rolling, I love daughter today, I don’t want to see people crying.”

I hurried out of the palace and went straight to the prison of the Ministry of Criminal Affairs.

Therefore, I don’t know. After I left, my second sister asked him: “Isn’t it to be a Mingjun who is never selfish? Why, hit my own face!”

My emperor glanced at her: “Feier has only one identity now, but I still have two identities. At the same time as the monarch of a country, I am also the brother of Feier.”

When I knew, I had brought Yu Weiting to Linbei.

I only knew the letter from my second sister.

(Original title: “Princess she just wants to be a happy little widow”)

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